Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Snowcat chinos, Nicky top and Jules in silk twill stripe

Here are some more of J.Crew new arrivals that I tried on before my vacation:

cropped chino in snowcat

Bennett cropped chino in snowcat

capris size 6, run small
I liked the print and the fit and I think they are an alternative to uber expensive black and white photo flower print . Of course, they are not as unusual and distinctive but that may be an advantage. I thought they are cafe capris but they are Bennett chinos. They are more fitted that cafe capris. I was always a 4 in cafe capri but I grabbed a 6 in these (because I could not find a 4) and they were perfect, I would not want them any smaller. I also took a 6 in regular Bennett chinos (see them HERE), so the fit is consistent for Bennetts.

They also fitted in better in the rear and even if I tried them mostly for the blog, I am now tempted by them.

Nicky top in 
Nicky top in herringbone

top size 6 TTS
This is also similar to other camis, like Naomi but I liked the print. It would layer nicely under cardigans and blazers but it was nothing special imo. I took my regular size 6 in this one. The shoulder are pretty narrow and you can wear a regular bra but a racerback would probably be better. Herringbone pattern gives it some texture and makes it more interesting, plus it adds a menswear touch to otherwise feminine shape.


Jacket size Medium, TTS
I have reviewed this peplum jacket previously (see it HERE in silver) but I just wanted to show you another color it come in.

I still think this is interesting and I am not sure which color I like better. What do you think?

Jules dress in
 stripe silk twill
Jules dress in stripe silk twill
dress size 6
This dress is short!  Shorter than some other Jules versions. Snowcat version was longer, for example. I felt indecent in it and I would not dare to bend.  The silk was substantial, almost a bit stiff and with slight sheen to it. The sleeves were barely full length so I imagine they will be bracelet length on some of you.  The shape is similar to other versions of Jules, but with no pockets. I wish they would make it 4 inches longer.
That's all folks! 
Do you like any of the items reviewed?

Are you bored with the sameness of the J.Crew designs recently?

Please share, it would be no fun without you!!!

Monday, July 30, 2012

Week of Polka Dots!

As we are looking at the J.Crew new fall arrivals I have to remember what I already have. And I definitely have enough polka dots. The week before my vacation I decided to wear polka everyday. Do you ever do that? Set up weekly themes for yourself? I do because it helps me to get dressed in the morning. It is a little silly I know. But then, why not?

Last years polka dot blouse with scout chinos, elephant necklace and Boden espadrilles.


All Madewell, silk skirt and tee shirt, plus Kate Spade bag and J.Crew pom pom ballets.
This was a very easy breezy outfit. It was 100F but I felt OK in this skirt. Well, almost. This was the day when I went to see the fall arrivals and I forgot to turn my A/C in the car on Full Auto, so it never got cold enough, I was dying. My husband could not understand how I did not notice that the A/C was not on. But I was so preoccupied with the new arrivals...


I worked from home and I went to drop off a casserole at the church so I asked my daughter for a few nicer pictures. A little better background don;t you think?


This is an old dress from Banana Republic. For some time I could not figure out how to wear it without looking like I stepped out from the fifties. Then I realized that black accessories did the trick for me. They toughened it up a bit making it more my style. It has pockets, knee length, it is 100% silk with cotton lining and it has dots! This dress is one of the reasons I never contemplated big shot dress. I figured I already have a big shot dress that I don;t wear enough.  

This was taken right after work but the there wasn't enough light so the pictures are a little hazy.  


At some point I was trying to sell this jaquard dot skirt on JCA exchange but it had no takers so I decided to wear it, I was too lazy to list it on ebay. This is one of a very few pencil were I took size 2. My tee shirt is from Loft (old) and aren't those pink Valentinas great? They go with everything. 

This is my casual Friday outfit, J.Crew chambray polka dot perfect shirt, worn over Jenny dress that I bought last year for under $20. It is a cut easy knit dress, it has pockets and good length and one of a very few dresses in which I am wearing size 4. I am also wearing Pierra ballet flats that are one of the most comfortable shoes I own.

That's all folks!

Are you all polka dotted out at this point?

Do you ever have a theme for your outfits?


I will be back withs some vacation photos. I survived the camping trip and I actually enjoyed it a lot.
Every morning I went for coffee to the little store at the campground.  I sat on the deck in the Adirondack chair and I read all you comments and most blogs I keep up with.  It was always a treat. I did not have enough time to reply to all and in general I tried to stay away from my phone but thank you for stopping by and reading!


Friday, July 27, 2012

Jacket and sweaters

Do you like peplum jackets? I do, but the peplum has to fall in the right place. Personally, I like it a little lower and not very puffy. I like the way it is done in this little jacket:

Size Medium, TTS
This jacket also comes in navy but I like the silver version better. But that may be because it is more summery color and when I was trying it on it was 100F outside.

I don't mind the two way zipper
This jacket is unlined (except for peplum) and it feels more like a sweater. I thought that would actually be more practical for my lifestyle. I tend not to wear many of my lined jackets too much because they feel too stiff. I like the fit and the peplum was not adding bulk. I thought it looked good with jeans and I think it will work with skirt as well.

does not stick out too much
$148, style 11654

78% cotton, 21% Rayon, 1% nylon

The houndstooth sweatshirt.

Size Medium, runs big
I did not like this sweatshirt. It was boxy and old ladyish, imo. Medium was big, but I think Small would be too short. It did feelcomfortable. I forgot to take a picture of a tag and I don't remember a price, sorry.


What I did like was this cashmere sweater. The colors were gorgeous, fitting wth my fall color story and flattering. 

Size Small
I could not find a Medium, but I actually thing Small was a correct fit. Not too close, too short or too tight in the sleeves. I loved the neckline. It was plush an thick.

I would love to buy it and I think I would wear it a lot. But it is pricey.
$228. I will wait.
That's all folks!

What do you think?

Please share, it would be no fun without you!!!

I have a review of a new purple tweed skirt coming up plus gallery of polka dots outfits.

I am on vacation this week. I am not sure if I have access to the Internet but I will eagerly anticipate your comments and I will try to respond to you but my replies may be delayed


Thursday, July 26, 2012


Interesting colorblock shift
I spotted this colorblock shift in the window display.  I don't have any details but it looks interesting. Sorry for the bad pictures. The dress was navy with rust sleeves and pink lining or cuffs, not sure which.

Blazer and capris in pink herringbone
This is a blazer I mentioned in my Monday's post when I reviewed the matching capris.


Here are the dresses I actually managed to try on:

Zigzag sequin dress
Zigzag sequin dress
Size Medium, runs big

This dress looked intriguing on the mannequin, so I wanted to give it a try. I am not big on sequins but I thought this could be a nice dress for a Holiday party. I grabbed a Medium but it was big and baggy, especially in the hips. I would need a small. I could have asked for another size but this dress had another, bigger problem. It was very itchy. It really should have been lined, it felt like a torture device and I could not wait to get it off. Too bad because it might have been an interesting dress. 

Not even on sale
I hate to say it but I am afraid the zigzag pullover that many of you liked might have the same problem.


Allie dress
Allie dress

I did not think this dress would work for me but it was hanging next to the fitting room, so I took it with me as well.

Size 6, TTS to small
The color is very pretty and the shape is flattering to my surprise. Size 6 was a rather close fit and I would like to try an 8, for a comparison. My guess is that the 6 looks better, but the 8 would feel better. The waist was in a correct place and while the dress is on a shorter side, it was longer that I anticipated from the website and catalog pictures. There was plenty of room in the hips but it looks intentional. Pick the size to fit your chest.

nice fit

The seaming at the chest is not visible in my the pictures but it works! It makes the dress look nicely tailored. It is 100% wool and, I if you don;t mind shorter length, it is a very nice dress. Maybe the hem can be let down a little?  I did not check. Other colors are also interesting, especially roccoco red and festival blue.

The last dress I tried is Jules dress is snowcat.

Size 8, TTS
This is another iteration of mod shift. I like the shape but it is nothing new.  The 8 was quite loose and maybe 6 would be a better fit. Again, this is a shorter dress, so you have to be comfortable with the length. I did like the pattern a lot, I thought it was very flattering. The dress was $188 and it is 100% rayon (boo!). If you prefer silk, the striped Jules is a better option. They also had them in solid green, in a fabric that looked like wool.

$188. Too bad it is not silk.

That's all folks!

Do you plan on buying a dress this fall? 
Do you like any of the dresses I reviewed?

Please share, it would be no fun without you!!!

I'll have reviews of some cashmere, new peplum jacket and more tomorrow! 

I am on vacation this week. I am not sure if I have access to the Internet but I will eagerly anticipate your comments and I will try to respond to you but my replies may be delayed


Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Hooking up with J.Crew

Unreleased blouse and pencil skirt

Would you wear a blouse and a skirt in the same print? It used to be a big no-no but recently has come into fashion and J.Crew has been styling their skirts with tops in the same print to look like a dress. Remember the heart print shirt with Jardin skirt? And how about Talitha blouse in Royal Paisley with pencil skirt in the same print. I remember they got as fooled, because we thought those were dresses from the initial preview pictures. 

I had the same reaction when I saw this mannequin at the concept store. I thought: 'Oh, that's a new dress'. But under closer inspection it turned out to be a bow blouse with a skirt. Those were not available for sale so they will be coming in fall rollouts. I had the designers in store to check for a fabric content for me and they had to undo the mannequin but they told me it is 100% silk. I was relieved because I was very afraid they will turned out to be rayon and ruin the whole idea for me and many others. 

I kind of like the idea of a 'hook up'. Especially if they are dome in the same fabric. It does look like a dress but you may also wear it separately, sort of three looks in one (or in two).

Actually, I already own some pieces from J.Crew that I have worn together this way:

Ink dot skirt and tunic top

I have shown you my silk indigo skirt before but quite recently I bought a cami from another JCA.

Silk indigo skirt and cami
That's all folks!

Do you like the upcoming skirt and blouse? 
Would you wear it together?

Please share, it would be no fun without you !!!

I will review dresses tomorrow, icluding zigzag sequin dress, Allie dress and more. Plus pictures of a very interesting new dress from store display!

I am on vacation this week. I am not sure if I have access to the Internet but I will eagerly anticipate your comments and I will try to respond to you but my replies may be delayed


Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Camels, zebras and liberty

I have more J.Crew Fall 2012 reviews today.

This is listed in the catalog under Liberty perfect shirts in assorted florals.

Size 6 in carnation
What can I say, I love those shirts.  These are in 100% cotton, which I like better than the cotton/silk blend, more substantial but still with a good drape. They fit TTS and I took size 6 in both. They have a nice feminine fit with no gaping. I really like J.Crew button fronts better than from any other retailer, it may just be my body type but still, this isone thing J.Crew does well imo.

I love the print of the floral shirt, it makes me smile. If only it wasn't so expensive, I would have bought it immediately.

Now, this paisley print is not for everybody.
Also in 6
This is a bold print and may be too much for many. I think it is too much for me. I am afraid this print would wear me. I do like it a lot, but I think I would prefer it in curtains.

This is a bold print!
It is nicely matched in front, good job J.Crew! I am a sucker for print matching and centering but no complains here.

So the first skirt goes on my wish list, for when/if it goes on sale,  the second one I will admire on others, with more guts and bolder personalities :)


Size 8
I loved this cami the moment I saw it on the mannequin. I love camel and black and I thought it woudl be perfect with black trousers and pencil skirts and a nice transitional piece for when is still hot outside but the calendar says fall.

I grabbed an 8 which I took in many summer tops but I think a 6 would fit me better. It photographs very well, but irl the camel was washing me out and did not look as flattering.  I do love it in the pictures so I would have to try it again, maybe in a 6 this time. Even with jeans it looks great. Btw, the jeans are J.Crew matchsticks in size 27, I just grabbed them to have a neutral bottom for trying on all the tops. I don't like the fit btw. They bunch up awfully in the legs and do nothing for my butt, but then I never liked J.Crew jeans, so this comes as no surprise.

100% wool, lining 100% polyester

The jury is still out on this cami. How versatile it would really be? It does read fall-ish but if it is not hot anymore and if you wear a cardigan or jacket you would loose the colorblock effect, leaving only the camel portion visible.  Hmmm.

I really, really like the idea of it... But you cannot wear ideas, can you?

If you got tired of leopard and you are afraid of snakes maybe you'd like a zebra?

Zebras are one of the more stylish animals, aren't they? They are the It girls, the ones not afraid of stacking bracelets and super high heels.  Lol.  I have to say I liked this blouse a lot. The combination of brown and white/ecru with a navy trim was very flattering. The shape was easy to wear and cool looking, especially with pants. It has a blousy, loose fit but it is not sloppy. I took size 6 again so I would say it is TTS with loose fit. 

$128, 100% silk
I like this blouse and if/once it drops in price I will definitely consider it.

Thats all folks!

More reviews coming up soon!
What do you think of this bunch?

Please share, it would be no fun without you!!!

I will have a new display pictures and some 'hookups' to share with you tomorrow.

I am on vacation this week. I am not sure if I have access to the internet but I will eagerly anticipate your comments and I will try to respond to you but my replies may be delayed