Monday, September 9, 2013

Keyholes (in Silk and Viscose)

I thought the silk keyhole top was a nice alternative to a spaghetti strap camis. It seemed bra friendly and providing a little more coverage while still having a sexy vibe to it. I was hoping it would work for going out but still be appropriate for my casual office and it should look good with a blazer.

Well, I guess it wasn't meant to be after all. I think it would be OK if it was 2 inches longer and not so swingy. I am wearing size 4 and I think maybe a 6 would have been better? Maybe a little bit longer but probably still not enough. And it would most likely have too much volume at the hem. The armholes are cut quite high it this top, usually the J.Crew camis have the opposite problem, but not this one.

I like the fabric and it is not see through, definitely a plus. The neckline is very pretty and not too low on me, even with regular bra. It has bra keeps so you don't need a racerback or strapless. The color is not really blue, definitely more of a dark teal. I like the color and it is quite flattering with my skin tone but it has limited pairing options imo. Ideally this type of top would go with dark or black jeans but the teal does not look good with either imo. Light wash denim would probably be better, like they have it on the model. White works of course but I could not think of any other color.

The back length is fine and it drapes well. The fabric covered small buttons in the back are difficult to do up and you cannot really get it on without having them undone or you risk getting your make-up all over the neckline.


I do like the neckline a lot, so much in fact that tried it in another item, the keyhole dress in square dot. Since I did not buy it I don't have pictures but I liked the fit. Size 6 was perfect on me. It is just a little bit high waisted on me but not too much, it did not bother me. If you are shorter (I'm 5'6) or smaller than a C cup you probably will not have that issue at all. The dress fell right above my knee, definitely office appropriate. The print was flattering and it gave it casual air, making it a nice day dress. It could be made more businesslike with a navy blazer. Too bad it is viscose but it felt quite nice against the skin and I think I would like to get it once the price is right. That is, if I am still interested at that point. Often, by the time my 'watch' item makes it to the deep sale, I have already moved on to the other likes. I am fickle, I know J


Since we are on a subject of viscose I also tried this blouse in black:
Again, no pictures this time but I really liked the fit of it, especially with toothpick jeans. It had a nice casual vibe. Size 4 was perfect on me, so size down or take your smaller size. I see that the black and ivory are currently sold out in most sizes but they had plenty of them in store. I do wish it was silk because I did not care for the feel of the fabric, it was heavy, cold and not very soft. Still, it seemed to drape well but I am just not sure if I would be comfortable in it.
What do you think?
Did you try the silk keyhole top?
Is viscose a deal breaker for you??
Also, see the keyhole silk top on Gigi HERE.

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Red Taboo and Blue Sunflowers

Sometimes it is the little details that make the outfit. I went through a period when I was buying and wearing a lot of statement necklaces and costume jewelry. I have accumulated quite a collection. But recently, along with going back to neutrals and simple streamlined silhouettes, I find myself going back to more subtle and delicate jewelry. So the recent email I got from J.Crew about the 'outfit changing necklace' did not tempt me at all.

No, not for me.

I usually like to just wear a simple gold necklace and I have quite a few but I for some time I had this round gold disk on a delicate chain in mind. However, when I had it priced at the local fine jewelry store I realized that the prices of gold are so high right now and I did not want to spend a lot of money. So what is a budget-minded, gold-disc-obsessed gal to do? Shop Etsy!

After a little poking around, I found exactly what I needed from a lovely Canadian seller, Himi from Blue Sunflowers. This is not a sponsored post btw, I am just very pleased with my purchase, so I wanted to share it. It does feel great to support a small, independent artisan, as opposed to big name retailer. My experience has always been great with Etsy sellers, great quality for the price and a more unique product.
You can pick the chain length, put your name or anything that is 4-7 characters on it and even add a little heart. My necklace arrived in about two weeks (it would be much faster if you are in Canada because of customs), nicely packaged. It did not disappoint and I am very happy with it.

I am wearing 17" chain. For wearing with a cami like this one it could actually be a one inch longer but it is perfect to wear with button down shirts. The disk is 16mm in diameter. It was $39 and you can find it HERE.

Another purchase I am absolutely thrilled with is Yve Saint Laurent Rouge Volupte lipstick. I was skeptical because it is very pricey but I LOVE it. It is the best lipstick I ever tried, glides on smoothly, stays on for a long time (and I tend to eat my lipsticks right off) and it is highly pigmented. It is glossy but it works perfect blotted as a stain. I am wearing a Red Taboo (#18) shade.

YSL Rouge Volupte Red Taboo

Not so long ago I was a non lipstick wearer but I am hooked and now I cannot go without it.

What do you think?

Have you bought jewelry on Etsy?

Are you a lipstick wearer? Have you tried Rouge Volupte?