Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Trompe l'oeil

This short sleeved patterned sweatshirt is not yet on J.Crew website, so I don;t know what the name of it would be when it is released, but the print looks like trompe l'oeil lace. I am sure this scrap of vintage lace was stumbled upon in some Italian antique shop and had J.Crew designers obsessed with it, until they recreated the pattern using the quill pen.

Lace-printed sweatshirt
Jokes aside,  I think this is a pretty top. It is boxy and on a shorter side but I think it works. I am wearing size Small, which is smaller of my non numerical sizes. Medium, which I often take, was way too shapeless.

This is also my attempt to pull of the midi length and I am quite satisfied with it. This is the best I can do I am afraid.

My old pleated skirt is from Express, made of wool and surprisingly good quality. It has that vintage ladylike feel but it is also super comfortable.

I was having trouble finding a necklace that would go with this shirt and I stubbornly insisted it needs one. I finally settled on this one because it also has that lacy quality to it and I liked a little red in this dominantly black/white/gray outfit.
Witch's shoes
My daughter thought the shoes would be perfect for Halloween, if I dressed up as a witch. Oh well, I love them. These are Noelle (sp?) booties from J.Crew that I bought last year.

I think the shirt also works dressed down with jeans and a cardigan but you can see that it is quite short and wearing a sweater is a little tricky because of the thickness of the fabric.

I am wearing my Gap sexy boyfriend crops (review here) and a Tippi cardigan from J.Crew. Messenger bag from Banana Republic and ballet flats by Sam Edelman.

The shirt was tagged at $65 but for some reason it rang up at $75. They have adjusted the price for me and I also used my 20% coupon bringing it to about $50. I brought it home to try it with what I have in my closet and I did not take the tags off yet because I am not sure if it is worth it. What do you think? Should I keep it?

That's all folks!

Do you like this new sweatshirt from J.Crew?

Please share, it would be no fun without you!!!

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Before the storm

Hope everybody is staying safe! We are awaiting hurricane Sandy and schools are cancelled for Monday and Tuesday. I still hope it is not going to be very bad. Last year around the same time we lost power for a week and we got more snow than in the whole winter after that. We still bought the Halloween costumes, even if the school parade is already rescheduled for Friday.

I am the cross-your-fingers, never-watch-the-weather-channel fool and I am usually in denial  in face of natural disasters and do not really stock on anything. Maybe that's foolish of me but so far we have managed somehow. We do have flashlights, candles and enough food and water for a few days. We also have many board games. There are plenty of huge trees in my neighborhood, so I pray they just stay were they are.

How about you? If you live on the East Coast, are you preparing for Sandy? 
So far the weekend have been fun. On Saturday I went out to a party at friends' house.  We had a blast and the food was unbelievable, I am still smiling blissfully just thinking about it. I was wise this time and only had two glasses of wine and still drank plenty of water. Let me tell you, I was congratulating myself this morning ;)

I decided to wear my Club Monaco Regan top. It was a hit! I was debating whether to buy it but in the end I decided that it was exactly what I needed. I am glad I did.

I am also wearing J.Crew necklace and shoes, J Brand black cigarette jeans and Kate Spade purse.

It is very hard to photograph black but I think you can see leather detail in the picture above. It was already getting dark when I picked up my babysitter, so the pictures are a little soft. Let's say it gives them that cinematic quality ;)

Today we had pumpkin carving on our block. I am always so grateful for one of my neighbours who is always organizing those events. I don't think I would have managed it on my own. Kids had so much fun and I think the pumpkins came out fantastic. Best part was hot pumpkin spiced apple cider, so yummy! 

our pumpkin in upper right corner
That's all folks!

Here is hoping I will not lose power and can stay in touch!

How was your weekend?
Do you stock up and prepare for the storm and other natural disasters or are you generally care free (aka foolish) like me?

Stay safe!

Friday, October 26, 2012

I wear full skirts, I wear high heels

Couple of years ago when Taylor Swift's song 'You belong to me' was on the air all the time my daughter asked me about the meaning of the lyrics. I tried to explain about this girl that wears sneakers and t-shirts is a better friend than the one in high heels and short skirts. My daughter pondered over this a little bit and then decided. 'Well, I want to be a good friend in high heels'. I could not help but high-five her with 'that's my girl!'.

I don't often wear full skirts but this is one of my favorites.

shoes Sofft, bag Kate Spade, scarf  L&T, sunglasses Ray-Ban

This camel tiered velvet skirt is by Odille, bought from Anthropologie, years ago. It is made from lovely cotton velvet and lined in acetate. It is luxuriously full and swingy and creates nice movement as you walk. I paired it with black v-neck cashmere sweater from Brora.

Those pictures were taken early in the morning and after I looked at them I decided to change the shoes. Because I am a short-shinner I have trouble pulling off flats and low heels (especially round toe ones) with skirts. I feel much better once my heels are higher. For me, the optimal heel height is about 2.75", enough to elongate my calves, but low enough to be comfortable. I think that's why I love the Valentinas so much.

Joan & David (2.75") heels
I can and do wear flats with capris and trousers. They also work better with shorter skirts and dresses, but once the skirt is knee length or longer I cannot pull it off. I always knew it instinctively but once I read this helpful post, I realized there is a science behind it.
I love those kind of posts because this is how my mind works and I think proportions are crucial in putting together an outfit (along with color harmony). I am also one of those people really bothered by crooked or unbalanced pictures on the wall, I drive my husband crazy every time we hang something up.    

Everybody have a great weekend!  I have tons of errands to run, including getting a Halloween costume for my daughter. She wants to be the witch and since she was a witch last year, I thought she can use her last year's costume but apparently this is Absolutely Unheard Of. Even if we did not have Halloween last year because of the huge snowstorm. Oh well. We stuffed her 2011 costume and now we have this cute witch guarding our front door.

That's all Folks!

Do you like full skirts?
What is your ideal heel length?

What are you up to this weekend?

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Long and Short of Antique White

Do you remember the white Francie skirt from few seasons ago? I did not get it when J.Crew was offering it, because I thought white skirts are impractical, especially in the winter. Well, I have since converted, and in fact, I was obsessed with the idea of white wool skirt worn with a dark colored sweater. So when the No2 Double Serge Wool showed up in antique white, after deliberating a little, I decided to use the 20% off coupon code and order it without even waiting for further reduction, so I can wear it through out the whole season.

I have ordered it in regular and tall version in my regular size 4. The fit is as expected, see below for tall to regular comparison. The wool is nice and soft and substantial. The color is ivory white with yellow undertones but you only see it if you put it against true white.

My first idea was to wear it with a gray sweater, matching tights and black accessories. I loved how this outfit turned out! There is no pop-of-color other than the lip and some sparkle from my necklace. The gray cashmere sweater is from Brora and it is one of those magically-non-pilling-wonders. I love how the shape is fitted and cropped, it works perfectly with the skirt.

I have mentioned before that I've ordered the skirt in tall and regular version and below is the comparison.

You know how we often complain that the skirts are sometimes too short? Well, these pictures confirm that I am a short shinner and the longer length is not my friend. The tall version hits my legs at unflattering point, rendering my calves shapeless and looking like duck feet. I was glad to be able to compare, but for now I will stick to the regular length. Both skirts have about two extra inches in the hem and non-mitered corners so you can let them down even more.


That's all folks!

Do you wear white in the winter?

Have you tried the Antique White pencil skirt or do you plan to get it?
Please share, it would be no fun without you!

My talented photographer

I tell you, this modeling business is tough, but somebody always makes me smile.
Thank you A!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012


I always liked Liberty prints and I have a weakness for J.Crew perfect button fronts.  Combine the two and you have something I have hard time resisting.  Since those shirts are expensive, I would usually only get one in the season and then watch for sales. From my experience, if you are patient, most of them would eventually be discounted to very affordable prices.

Here are some from my collection:


Sweet Romance 2010

D'Anjo 2012
Last year I really liked the shirt in Margaret Annie print but is sold out quickly and I could not get it as a pop backin my size.

Liberty perfect shirt in Margaret Annie
Liberty perfect shirt in Margaret Annie

When I saw that is was offered again this year I ordered my size with 20% discount coupon.
But it was not to be.

The fit was as expected. I took my regular size 6 and it was the correct size.

But the problem was with the print itself. It the website pictures (and even in the pictures above), theprint has a lot of blue in it with some red and yellow sprinkled all over. But when I took the shirt out of the package it was crayola bright and the dominant color was green. It really looked like wildflower meadow in full bloom and it was just too cheerful for me.

I also tried a Liberty print inWiltshire and I actually purchased it at some point.

Liberty perfect shirt in wiltshire
Again, the fit was good in size 6 and the fabric was nice. But the colors where not going with my complection well. I usually don't do well with light purples and lilacs and this was not exception. It seemed to wash me out and made me look a little sick so I returned it.

Currently there are still couple of prints that I am watching. I will not buy them at full price but if they get seriously discounted I will pounce. If not I will just do without them.

Liberty perfect shirt in assorted florals
Liberty perfect shirt in claire-aude

That's all folks!

Do you like/own Liberty prints?
What are your favorites this year?

Please share, it would be no fun without you!!!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Faking it

The fall has finally settled in my corner of the world and the leaves are starting to turn. I love this time of the year and it makes me crave all the autumnal, warm color combinations..

I have bought this faux fur vest two years ago but never got around to wearing it too much.  I was determined to start using it more this year. Previously, I have worn it with jeans, but I decided it will also work with a dress. This is Linda wrap sweater dress from Diane Von Furstenberg (also worn here and in fact it looked very similar, after I took off the vest and scarf). I love DVF wrap dresses and my favorite thing about this one is that although it is a print (which is easier to wear in wrap style if you body is not model quality) it is neutral and not very memorable.

All the element of this outifit are old, fur vest and boots by Boden, bag by Banana Republic, scarf by Barbour, sunglasses by Ray Ban, gloves by Lord and Tailor. Nothing by J.crew this time.

Do you wear faux fur?

Please share, it would be no fun without you!!!

Friday, October 19, 2012

Styling Blythe

I have previously tried the Blythe blouse in polka dots (see review here) and I liked it a lot. But since I already own a few polka dot silk blouses, I had hard time justifying the price. Then, due to J.Crew pricing whoopsie, I was able to snatch it for $22 before any shopathome/jcrew cc rebates. At this price, I was comfortable with adding it to my closet. I know that you should not buy anything just because of the price, but I feel like this was OK, since I loved the blouse from the beginning. What do you think? Did you get it?

Anyway,  I was excited to receive it on Monday and I wore it immediately on the next day. I take it as a good sign. I think it is very versatile and it looks good with about anything, trousers, jeans and skirts.  

I wanted to try it with all neutral outfit. I am tired of the constant pop-of-color on everybody (myself included). But when I paired it first with gray and then with black shoes I decided it was just too boring (or too corporate), so I swapped them for pink Valentinas. This would look better if my hair cooperated for the picture, but it was a windy day.

I wore my stretch denim jacket (review here) for my commute because it is now chilly in the mornings. With the jacket the shirt looks much better untucked. I also swapped the shoes later for a pair of silver Sperrys. The necklace I am wearing was the first statement necklace I bought. I liked how the size of the beads echoes the polka dots and the color if the ribbon happens to be a perfect match.

My trousers are J.Crew 1035 superfine cotton. I love them and I also have them in navy and beechwood (see review here).

I think the blouse works well in all neutral outfit but I also wanted to try it with my yellow cords.

These are GAP sexy boyfriend cords (review here). I really liked them with Blythe and it was also a super comfortable outfit. I am also wearing a J.Crew necklace and little Gabby purse, that you cannot really see (other than strap), but it is exactly the color of the cords. I thought it was better than black. I stole the belt from my husband's closet, shhhh, don't tell.

Overall, I am thrilled with my purchase and I think I will wear it a lot. I can see it with almost any color bottom and I love that it looks fine untucked. I got a size 6, which is my regular size and it is quite roomy but not too big. I am wearing a perfect fit tank in white underneath. I don't mind wearing a tank under a long sleeve shirt but I think you could wear it without a tank with a nude bra. 

That's all folks!
Did you get the polka dot Blythe? How do you wear it?

Please share, it would be no fun without you!!!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

J.Crew New Online Arrivals Pics and Links

J.Crew Holiday 2012 line debuted on the website today. Is there anything that caught your attention?

Here are the links to some of the items I already reviewed:

No. 2 pencil skirt in double-serge wool

Review here
Emma top in dot

Review here
not online (yet?)
Review here

Review coming up

Loomknit sweatshirt in stripe

Review here

Frenchie sweater
Frenchie sweater

Review here
Lustre lace mockneck tee

Review here
Polka-dot sequin top

Review here

No. 2 pencil skirt in corkscrew tweed

Review here

Lady jacket in corkscrew tweed

Review here

not (yet?) online
Review here
Chiffon dot top

Review here

OK, after seeing the catalog yesterday I have rather low expectations, so when I started browsing I was actually pleasantly surprised. It is not so bad, I thought. But when I thought of picking some items I like for this post, I wasn't finding much. Here are my quick picks. There is nothing I am drooling over:

I have always liked the Liberty Shirts (sans the price):
Liberty perfect shirt in assorted florals
 Liberty perfect shirt in claire-aude

Love the shape of the coat but I am pretty sure I will get bored with pink. Still, it looks lovely but too expensive for me.

Collection shawl-collar coat
The Hothouse print is questionable for me. I think this dress has a shape like the black and white tweed dress, which worked very nice for me, so I am tempted to try it. On the other hand, I am not sure if I like the print itself or is it matronly.  What do you think?

And where can you wear it outside of special events (which I don;t have any coming up)? And even then, I would probably want something more modern. Still, I want to see it IRL.
Hothouse floral dress
The skirt looks like a possibility too. It could be dressed down but again, but I am not sure if I like the print itself and I don;t usually wear green, although I don't know why.

Collection skirt in hothouse floral

The peplum dress may be hot mess if the fit is off but it may be a winner too. I want to try it in black, I don;t think I can pull off both peplum AND red.
 Peplum dress in stretch wool
And finally, No2 pencil skirt in Antique White, I thought it would be cool for winter with a black or charcoat sweater.

That's all folks!
What are your favorites from this rollout?

Please share, it would be no fun without you!!!