Wednesday, October 24, 2012


I always liked Liberty prints and I have a weakness for J.Crew perfect button fronts.  Combine the two and you have something I have hard time resisting.  Since those shirts are expensive, I would usually only get one in the season and then watch for sales. From my experience, if you are patient, most of them would eventually be discounted to very affordable prices.

Here are some from my collection:


Sweet Romance 2010

D'Anjo 2012
Last year I really liked the shirt in Margaret Annie print but is sold out quickly and I could not get it as a pop backin my size.

Liberty perfect shirt in Margaret Annie
Liberty perfect shirt in Margaret Annie

When I saw that is was offered again this year I ordered my size with 20% discount coupon.
But it was not to be.

The fit was as expected. I took my regular size 6 and it was the correct size.

But the problem was with the print itself. It the website pictures (and even in the pictures above), theprint has a lot of blue in it with some red and yellow sprinkled all over. But when I took the shirt out of the package it was crayola bright and the dominant color was green. It really looked like wildflower meadow in full bloom and it was just too cheerful for me.

I also tried a Liberty print inWiltshire and I actually purchased it at some point.

Liberty perfect shirt in wiltshire
Again, the fit was good in size 6 and the fabric was nice. But the colors where not going with my complection well. I usually don't do well with light purples and lilacs and this was not exception. It seemed to wash me out and made me look a little sick so I returned it.

Currently there are still couple of prints that I am watching. I will not buy them at full price but if they get seriously discounted I will pounce. If not I will just do without them.

Liberty perfect shirt in assorted florals
Liberty perfect shirt in claire-aude

That's all folks!

Do you like/own Liberty prints?
What are your favorites this year?

Please share, it would be no fun without you!!!


  1. I have 2- one tiny pinkish flowers on a cream ground, and one of pretty blues and greens, both bought on sale, mostly because I love Liberty prints, and have forever. But, I rarely wear them and should know better than to buy them, bc perfect shirts just don't really flatter me. I love the look on other people, and think they look great on you!

  2. I love that blue and white one with the big print but it seems like they never go on sale. I have the one in the print called Leo Scarlet. I see what you mean about the Margaret Annie print, the colors aren't the best on you. You've chosen well with the ones you kept.

  3. I love Liberty prints but I tend not to wear that style of shirt, so any I've had I've let go of.
    I do love love the navy paisley print above however, that crisp blue on the white background is gorgeous. I'd like to have that for my spring/summer wardrobe. In my dream of this shirt I am wearing it with a full navy skirt.
    You have a great collection of these shirts!

  4. I recently eBayed my Honeyclover, Tulipmania and Floribunda prints. I like them in theory, but when I actually wore them, I always felt they were too busy and didn't hold a press.

    I prefer my my silk boyshirts like the navy strip, heartthrob and French hen, if I wear a patterned shirt.

  5. i love the perfect shirts but haven't yet explored liberty prints. i think for some reason that the print is too floral, and i can't figure out why i haven't taken the leap yet since i actually like prints! :) i really like the liberty print with the assorted florals.

    you have a wonderful collection!!

    phiphi's blog

  6. Oh, I love the liberty shirts, and I have almost all of the ones JC offered until last year -- up until last year, almost all of them would make it to sale, especially in the smaller sizes. The Margaret Annie seemed to be the turning point -- now very few make it to sale and JC keeps them at full price for almost forever! The three that I have bought at full price in the last year are the Margaret Annie (I am all for bright colors, and the variety makes it really easy to match), and the current floral, in aqua and navy. From the website it's hard to tell how pretty this floral pattern actually is -- the navy's floral is a buttercream, almost a light yellow, and the aqua floral has grey detailing that adds a lot. I actually never thought I would pay $150 for a cotton button down, and I surprised myself by being happy to keep these...

  7. OOOO, you have a great collection of Liberty Shirts! I have a few too, and I really like these beauties. I think they're super cute and unique prints.

  8. Oh AJC - I had to send back the Margaret Annie for the same reason - I was so sad to do so!

    I LOVE the 2011 print, but didn't get it. I swear to god that my grandmother made a dress in this pattern with a lovely boucle cape with the same material in the lining (YES, she was a goddess and died too young to teach me a darn thing!) but unfortunately, all the pictures are in black and white. I have to go check now!

    You look so great in these shots. You have such great posture! I mean that as a compliment!

  9. Nice collection and my favourite is the blue one with the herringbone skirt. I've never ordered one because when you paid taxes and shipping it came to just under 200 dollars. But never say never because the D'Anjo went on sale yesterday and I ordered it.
    I didn't have a chance to comment yesterday and I thought you looked very cool.

  10. You have a nice assortment of Liberty shirts. I am a fairly recent convert to these and have become slightly obsessed because I love that the prints bring something different underneath a sweater or jacket. I know what you mean about the busy Margaret Annie, but there is such an assortment of colors in it that it's easy to bring one out with a well-chosen blazer. After the D'anjo went to sale I just ordered it - after looking at your pics for inspiration, of course. But I think you're 2011 one is really pretty and the colors are much better than the current Wiltshire one, which looks a little dull to me in comparison. Thanks for sharing your pics and reviews with us!

  11. I bought the Indian Red one this year, similar to the Navy Paisley you are watching...
    I bought it in my usual size and found it really tight across the shoulders. Since it was my first Liberty I thought maybe they were cut differently? I ended up going up a size and really should take it in through the body... So far I've been wearing a sweater over it, so it's not been a problem. Wondering if you ever think they fit snugger?

    You have a beautiful collection!

    I collect Liberty fabric for quilting and have most of the ones you are wearing!