Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Spring Catalogs - Talbots March 2013

I have mentioned in my Monday's post that I have been browsing through the pile of the spring catalogs over this weekend. One of the catalogs that I get regularly is from Talbots. I have only bought few things from them but the items I own made it to my favorites, including my luggage leather skirt, camel/brown striped dress, black pointe dress and my yellow and pink slingbacks.

Talbots catalogs are not as aspirational as J.Crew and their styling is very wearable. You could show up in any of the outfits at the office without anybody questioning your sanity. And their wear-to-work items have appropriate hemlines and no cleavage. They have full skirts and lower heels. The models hair is groomed and they are smiling. Actually when you look at how the outfits are worn, this is the way most J.Crew bloggers wore their J.Crew.  Maybe that's why we don;t lust after them, they don't have enough novelty.

I tried to give Talbots a shot couple of years ago but the clothes most of the time don;t fit me well, I think because they are cut for more curvy figure. Their colors are Crayola variety outside of neutrals and most of their clothes have a retro vibe that is not really my style. But there are always some gems if you browse through it and the sales are excellent.

However, where I think Talbots excels is with shoes and accessories:

I like the colorblock pumps in black and white. And the heel is only 2.5 inches high.

Their ballet flats are cheaper than J.Crew and about the same quality. Check out the ones in primrose pink.

More heels under 3". The pumps are 2.5" and the slingbacks are 2". Didn't we all ask for it? I find Talbots shoes more comfortable than J.Crew.

I said I wanted to try some sparkly silver pumps...

The handbags are also very nice:

How about this bag instead of Michael Kors Hamilton? Only about $111 with the 25% off...

Another version of this bag is quite fetching in black and white with cognac colored straps. The whole outfit on the left is something that I could wear any day.

I wish I needed a red bag...

The scarves I think are a great deal, especially on promo. They are 34" square 100% silk twill and they have some pretty patterns available.

Like I said, for me, there is usually something off with the clothes, but I did find some pretties.

A short sleeved silk blouse seems to drape nicely and the price is reasonable with promo.

I love this dress but it is rayon/viscose blend :(

This pencil skirt reminds me of J.Crew short sleeve lace print sweatshirt.

They also offer some longer full skirts (25") that are not my style but some may like them. You may check out the whole catalog HERE. The current website promotion is BOGO 50% off on tops but if you get the catalog you can get 25% anything and free shipping until March 16th with your customer number from the back of the catalog.

I did place an order for two items and I will review them when I get them.

What do you think of the recent Talbots Catalog?

Please share, it would be no fun without you!!!


  1. HI AjC,

    haven;t seen this recent catalogue, but agree about shoes, except the flats - for some reason, they just don't fit me. I have three pair of Talbots pumps and they continue to get saved from the bin as they are so comfy!

    I do find their clothes cut funny however, more old-fashioned or something and not as flattering as other brands. I have one Talbots skirt and a little jacket from a couple of years ago, and a fancy long skirt, but that is it! I have the same luggage leather skirt! I love it (it is too tight right now, but am working on that!) and it will always be in style and is good quality.

  2. Hi ajc, what pretty, think spring picks. We are getting a few more Talbot's stores up here (I suppose to compete with the newly arrived Ann Taylor etc.) Their clothes, even P, don't fit me but I must pop in and check out the other bits on your recommendation. The tomato red version of that navy mac is in the window of my local store, and front and centre on their site, looks sharp.

    Personally, I think catalogs should focus on the clothes, helps not to be OTT and distracting.

  3. Hi AJC, How did you know that the customer code on your catalogue would get you a discount? I just tried mine, and it's not working. Thanks.

    1. In my catalog there was an insert with promotion description and on the cover it said 25% off and free shipping. It was specifically march catalog . If it does not work , you can call customer service they are very nice and helpful.

  4. Hey! thanks for the reminder. I often walk passed Talbots. I forget their accessories are really lovely. Funny thing is in my 20s and early 30s I wore Talbots suits all the time. I thought they gave me a more serious edge in the work place I needed to succeed. Once I "made it" I stopped shopping there feeling the clothes made me look dowdy in my 30s and 40s. I felt I would "save" Talbots for my 60s and 70s :)

  5. Been shopping at Talbots since my 20's and am on their advisory panel. I really like Talbots. I find their clothing to fit my slim 5'10" really well. I don't have any problems with fit on "most" of their tops and jackets. I haven't worn their shorts or pants in years:) I do love their accessories and bought a lot this winter. I love my beaded gray hat, scarf and glove set that I bought winter 2010/11. They are so warm and soft but the fancy beading and trims make them special.

  6. I find Talbots to generally be too big, which is a shame because their red-hanger clearance sales are really amazing opportunities to get well-made clothes for very low prices. In re: sparkly silver shoes, I acquired a pair a few months ago and they have quickly become prime favorites -- they are really a very useful neutral to have (I got these: and have been so pleased with them. They are more silvery than they look in the photo. Of course, fabric shoes pose their own problems, but the price is quite good for the shoe.)

  7. I like the clean look of that catalogue, some very wearable stuff. That blue coat is very nice!
    I'm looking forward to your reviews.

  8. I know that Talbots is closing stores- one at my favorite mall just closed. Years ago Talbots had quality that was unparalled. They had tightly edited collections of wonderfully made garments that bore their own inimitable stamp. Somewhere along the line they lost that cachet and began to churn out collections of indistinguishable clothing made of generally lesser fabrications. I used to shop Talbots constantly and then as time went on far less frequently. Some of the few pieces I have kept for years are from Talbots- cashmere, boiled wool and silk velvet, because they are timeless and well made. I do pop my head in from time to time, and feel that they are on the upswing. I just remember their glory days very fondly, and wish they were still producing the beautifully made luxury garments they used to.

  9. I've really been drawn to Talbots lately for a few reasons -- frequent promotions on full price items, a large selection of petite clothing, and lots of color. This winter, I managed to get some great deals during their New Year's sale. Picked up a wool skirt, cashmere scarf, silk shell, and cashmere cardigan, all for under $100. I still have dresses and jackets from years ago that I still wear because the fabric, cuts, and colors don't look dated/worn. Maybe that's part of the appeal for me -- I'm not trendy and Talbots doesn't feel like a trendy store. Their clothing does run a big large, but that's okay with me since I'm short, but carry a fair amount of weight on my lower half.

  10. I think their catalogs have become totally uninspiring, they go directly to the recycle bin. I agree shoes are well made and sometimes the styles are appealing, but I am not really looking at the clothes anymore (plus, I am often sized out, especially in dresses).

  11. I agree, Talbots makes some great shoes and accessories. I have quite a few in my own closet. I loved their Spring Collection from a few years ago that featured Julianne Moore. It had a Paris in the spring theme. Really lovely items.

  12. Although Talbots is known for reasonably priced good quality clothing, I find it's a bit too conservative for my tastes. Jackets are always too wide in the torso for me and they typically don't have a 'flair' of any sort that I might be looking for. (I need a wider lapel since I'm small busted.) I do have a silk black watch plaid full skirt that I bought during the Julianne Moore era, and although I don't wear it very often, I really like it. Andrea, you're right - that collection did have a fun Parisian feel to it. Haven't tried their shoes or accessories.

  13. Gosh, I'm impressed by Talbots, love those shoes, they look classic and fun at the same time. I must go into the store next time I pass it in Walnut Creek.

  14. I loved the nude patent Mable shoes, it looks like the inside and sole are synthetic, though -- can this be?

    1. I have looked at many Talbots shoes recently, and always find the packaging to be rather vague, especially as far as the lining goes. Like you, I need leather lining,so I have walked away from some cute shoes.

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  17. AJC, Do you mind telling me what you wear with your luggage leather skirt? I just picked one up on eBay, and I'm looking for ideas.