Friday, February 22, 2013

J.Crew Rewiews (Medalion Skirt & Silk Crepe Tee)

After two and a half months of not buying anything, last week's STYLE40 promo finally got me to place an order with J.Crew.  I was not on any shopping ban, it was just that nothing was tempting me enough to pull the trigger.  I was not even checking the website, so I am sure there were better deals and popbacks during my time of abstinence, but I decided to try on the Silk Pleated Skirt In Mini Medalion and the Collection Silk Crepe Tee in navy. 

The skirt was one of the very few items that got my attention in the January rollout. In general, this is one of the silhouettes that I like to wear in the warmer months, fuller, shorter skirt with slightly slouchy t-shirt. 

Silk pleated skirt in mini medallion
I ordered the skirt in size 6, which is one size up from my pencil skirt size, so I can wear it a little lower on my hips. I think the length is acceptable and not too short. 

The color is pretty and from what we have seen in Fall 2013 preview, it should still be 'in' for the next season. The print is pretty and somewhat reminiscent of menswear, like ties or old fashioned pocket squares. It is a rather thin silk that has hardly any weight. That might be a good thing, as it drapes well and does not create too much volume, but it also feels a bit cheap and definitely not worth the full price. It has a poly lining, which does not bother me, but it creates a lot of static. 

In one size up, the skirt sits about 2-3  inches down the natural waist. There is no pockets :(
The skirt looks good with navy and blue, I also liked it with pink and of course you can wear it with white/ivory and black..

The color is a little different shade than my burgundy Tippy, but it still looks good together, imo. 

Overall, even with 40% off the sale price, I am still not sure if the skirt is worth the money. It is cute but not really striking and you can probably get something similar for less. I will most likely return it, although I will keep it for a week or two to decide.


silk crepe tee
Collection silk crepe tee

I wanted to get the Collection silk crepe tee from the time it made a debut on J.Crew website last year. Well, I always wanted the ivory one, but could never catch it at the price that was acceptable to me. A while ago I actually ordered it at full price to know my size and determined that it runs TTS. The $188 was more than I was willing to pay and the little pocket bothered me a little bit. But overall, I think it is one of J.Crew better staples, the silk is substantial and it drapes well.

The shade of navy is very pretty. Not so dark that it looks almost black, but not blue either. The shape is a little boxy and it may be short for some, but I actually like it this way. The boxy shape makes it more casual and t-shirt like and the shorter length is better for wearing with skirts. It is still OK with pants one me, but I have a relatively short torso for someone 5'6.

The tee is still not cheap (around $100) but I think it is worth it, as it is a very nice basic, if you need something like this. The reason I was interested in the navy version was because I had two skirts to wear it with in mind. One was the Gallerista skirt, that I often wear quite casual, but wanted to have a dressier option. Another skirt that I love but it was always missing a perfect top, is my Silk Indigo skirt from few years ago. I like how the tee looks with both of them and that sealed the deal for me.

I also tried it with my Madewell Rouge Dot skirt and Foulard print capris that are other slightly orphaned items in my closet and it worked with them quite well. 

I think this tee fills a small gap in my wardrobe and will pair well with a few of my favorite items. I still would like to get an ivory one but the navy might be more practical. The only thing I am a little concerned with is a dry cleaning. I hate dry cleaning items, especially in the summer because it is so expensive and I never get around to it so this limits the item versatility. I did recently machine washed my Blythe polka dot blouse and it came out perfectly, but somehow I am more hesitant about the silk crepe. I am not sure if this is justified.

Have you tried washing this type of silk crepe? Or is it too difficult to iron it afterwards? I would love some advice here.

What do you think of the skirt and the tee?
Do you think I should keep any of them?

Did you buy anything with STYLE40?
Please share, it would be no fun without you!!!


  1. hi AJC! Like the navy tee. WHile I like the skirt and am looking for a similar silhouette this spring/summer, I don't think this one fits the bill and I am glad to know not to even bother trying it! THANKS!!!

  2. The skirt is fine but you are right, it's not so remarkable. You've put nice outfits together with it, it seems very fresh and springy.

    I like the tee with the indigo skirt, I often wear a navy silk sweater with mine too (and J.Crew's Glenbrae flat boots) so your outfit made me smile. I hadn't purchased anything J.Crew in a long while but I ordered the Emmaleigh pinstripe dress recently so we'll see how that one works out. Pretty boring but I need a few more suiting dresses and the Emmaleigh is a good one.

  3. The tee is definitely a keeper, I really like that and it will go with so much. Is the silk thin or thick? The skirt looks nice on you but I am not sure if it is a keeper. I liked it until I saw the photos with your Gallerista skirt and the other skirt, and those ones make me like the new one less. This may just be my lack of love for maroon/burgundy speaking, though. I love blues with neutrals and that's why I love your other two skirts.

    I ordered a few things from the recent promos. One is the Merino Sweater in Inky Floral Print. I am not sure if it is a keeper yet. I hit the promo just right and got it for $89 which is good since it's back up to $148 now. I don't think it's that versatile, though. I'm still thinking about it. Another thing I ordered is the Cashmere Pocket Sweater in Heather Flax. I haven't gotten it yet (not J. Crew's fault) but I don't have high hopes for it. I think the neckline looks like it will be tight, but I couldn't resist trying it out.

    1. Cashmere Pocket Sweater is here, and it's a keeper! I didn't think I'd like it, but it's roomy and cozy and I love the pockets.

  4. i like the tee a lot - and was actually eyeing the skirt. thankfully your review will make me shelf that thought. each purchase should wow us. thanks for this! i hope you kept the tee - would be really versatile.

    xox P

  5. That collection silk tee is a good one, I have it in ivory. It is very thick but I do not dare try to wash it, I'm sending mine to the cleaners much as I loathe to do so.
    You certainly can use yours in so many outfits! And I love the way you've styled the skirt as well, it's very pretty on you, I really like the silhouette.

  6. Thanks for the reviews. I really like the print on the skirt, much better than the dress version. The tee looks like it will be very versatile.

  7. Thank you for the reviews, ajc! Both items look lovely on you, and like others have said, I think the tee is definitely a keeper. I do like the print on the skirt, but if you are not 100% sure about it, then you should return it. Something that you do love will come along eventually to take its place. :)

  8. I haven't really looked at this tee irl, so I am not entirely sure about the fabric weight on it, but I would be careful about washing the silk crepe especially if it is the matte-finish type. While technically you can do it, I find that it often tends to come out with deeply embedded wrinkles even if you are very careful, which can be a pain to iron out. The fabric also tends to be somewhat stiff after washing as well. May be worth a try, but be aware there could be issues.

  9. I love the tee! I lucked into the ivory this fall, and just grabbed the navy on promo. Definitely dry clean. Wonderful under blazers and jackets.

  10. I agree with everyone else. I love the tee. And the blue is a pretty not to dark navy. Very versatile and flattering. I am always looking for the perfect ivory top, but find that that silk can be a little more see through and less forgiving in light colors, as it can shadow every lump and bump. The blue is a keeper. I like, but don't love the skirt, unless you will get substantial spring time use from it. Do you have any warm weather ideas for it?

  11. Hi AJC,
    Dani mentioned that the silk tee is thick and I think that's key because a lot of the companies have started to use thin silk .
    It has too much static. I love the blue on you and I think it's a keeper. Remember the preview you had last week on JC fall and it was dark. Well you'll have a top ready .
    The indigo skirt is stunning ...missed that one.

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  13. The gallerista skirt looks beautiful. It reminds me that I can wear the dress as a skirt. Thanks for the review on the crepe tee. I agree about the skirt. Ehn. I like the color, though.

  14. Loving that bottom skirt with your browns and boots - fabulous!(sorry I know its about the tee but I can't stop obsessing about the boots) I have been trying to stop myself buying more silk things - prefer cotton - as I find them cold though have loved my recent silk top from Banana. Silk is great for travel though, maybe I should embrace it more.

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  17. Hi ajc, I'm just popping in to see how you are doing. Hope all is well and you are just taking a break, just wanted to say hello and Happy Easter.

  18. AJC- Hope all is well. I was just contemplating running up to the mall, and I thought of you. Happy Easter!

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