Sunday, June 3, 2012

Tessa Top in Safari Cat, Scout chino and Short Sleeve Sweatshirt

Last weekend I went shopping with my friend. She is not into J.Crew and is more of a Banana Republic gal, so we went to BR, Ann Taylor, Lord & Taylor and DSW. We were able to find a few summer tops for her, a couple pairs of shorts and a pair of shoes. The selection in those stores looked good, but nothing really caught my attention, except for one dress at Ann Taylor, which I will have a separate post about.

We had lunch together and we finished it with nice frozen margaritas. It was a lot of fun. I was not supposed to shop for myself, but after we parted, I decided to stop by J.Crew and try some things on. I did it mainly for this blog, as I feel totally shopped out at this moment.

This was in a different mall from the two I usually frequent and it was fun to be more anonymous and not have all the SAs greet me by my first name. 

I did not have much time and I was tired from already shopping for a few hours and a little giddy from my drink. I also felt like I have already tried everything in the store, but I managed to select a few things.

Tessa top in 
safari cat

I tried this top before in red (see it HERE) and I liked it a lot. I wanted to try the safari cat print mainly because it is on sale and I thought some of you may be considering it. Also see it HERE on Gigi.

I do like the fabric and the shape of this top. It is very nice for summer, and the colors of the safari cat are very flattering and easy to pair with any color. I would treat it as a neutral. Of course it maybe too much of an animal print for some of you, but I think the print is rather subtle, at least as far as animal prints go.

I took size 6 in this top and I had plenty of room. I have been sizing up to 8 in a lot of tops this year, so I would say this one runs big. Specifically, it is not as big in the hips but there is plenty of room in the chest.

I am obsessed with white recently and I have been trying white everything every chance I get. I don't know why, because I certainly have enough white in my closet for several summers ahead. But on Memorial weekend we went to the beach and I was wearing all white outfit and both my shirt and shorts got awfully stained and ruined by the sunscreen. After I checked it out on the Internet it seems to be common occurrence, but it was a first time it actually happened to me and I was really upset about it.  

I was not successful in getting the stains out, so please let me know if you know the trick. The stains were not visible until I put the clothes in the washer, apparently there is something in the water/detergent that activated them.

So anyway, this is my excuse for trying on more white. Hey, any reason is good, lol.

Chinos size 6
These were called broken-in-scout-chinos in store, so I am not sure if this is the same thing as plain scout chinos on the website, but I like how they fit. I tried on a 6 and they were good fit. This is size up from many of my other pants in J.Crew, but I like to size up in white pants.

I really liked the look and they were very comfortable. If I really needed a pair of white capris ( I don't, I don't ) I would be happy to buy them (better yet with some discount).

Short-sleeve sweatshirt
I was intrigued by this sweatshirt, but never had a chance to try it on. I was not sure if I would need a small or medium, so I took both to the fitting room.

Size Small

I thought Small was not slouchy enough and I prefer it bigger.

Size Medium
I did like the look of this sweatshirt a lot. I am not sure about the practicality, but I think you could also style it with a white button down, which I have plenty of.  I liked the weight and texture of this top. I would actually wear it just like this, with white capris and my elephant necklace. 

The difference between Small and Medium was minimal and it was still not very slouchy in size M and it did not ave too much room in the hips so I would say it runs rather small and I would recommend you go with your bigger size or size up, unless you are after fitted look.

Also, see it HERE on Ema.


That's all folks!

Do you like anything I reviewed today?

Do you know the trick on getting sunblock stains out of the white fabric???

Please share, it would be no fun without you!!!


  1. I love white, I really should wear nothing but between May and September, I feel so happy in that colour. My sunblock doesn't stain white, but that's interesting because hubs uses a different sunblock and I've noticed that on his white t shirts.

    1. I just read that the Goop hand cleaner can get those stains out, I am going to try.
      I also bought a new sunscreen without the avobenzone (sp?)which is supposedly stain inducing ingredient.

  2. I like the capris on you, on me the tapered leg makes my behind really big. I miss the older JCrew version of capris with a slightly flared leg. This season I will be sporting JBrand flared capris as an alternative. Second Tabitha on whites- such a crisp and happy color.

    1. Those scout chinos did not look too encouraging on the table but I was surprised how much I liked them. I know many people liked the older version of J.Crew capris but they were a disaster on me. I bet you will rock those JBrand flares, you have such a great figure Slastena.

  3. I bought the Tessa in the safari cat and as you know I have it in both the red and white. I love that top! I am planning a post on the safari print linen either today or tomorrow, I am pairing it with wool (looking ahead to fall).
    I really like white pants but forget it I'm too clumsy. I have nearly ruined a white linen dress i bought in France last summer with my sunscreen. In the end I removed the stain with "natural" powdered bleach I buy at the health store. I am allergic to most detergents and real bleach gives me terrible hives but this stuff works and took out the stains. You might find a similar product at Whole Foods?
    Also putting anything white in the dryer sets the stains for good so don't let those items anywhere near it!
    I really like the sweatshirt as well. It would be great over one of your button front shirts!

    1. Dani, I think the safari cat Tessa must be great on you. And you know what, I bet you can wear white pants. In many ways they are easier to get stains off because you don;t have to worry about color fading. If you like them, you should wear them.
      I will check the Whole Foods for the natural bleach, who knew there is such a thing, lol.

  4. That top looks great on you.

    I have been looking for white trou everywhere and no luck. (tried every white trou in town) Of course the ones I liked were way too expensive. Or see-through. I try not to pay too much for white things, too klutsy.

    1. After I tossed my shirt and shorts in the garbage I decided only cheap whits for me as well. Even without sunscreen stains they have to be tossed pretty quickly.

  5. That is helpful to know about sunscreens staining white clothes. Sorry it happened to you.

    Funny I'm all into white too this summer. Got some white linen tops, white shorts and some white legging jeans. The jeans I found at Gap and they're wonderful. Fits like a dream. But I saw the Scout chino at JC too and thought they were very nice. They look really good on you.

    1. I have to check the GAP, I have rewards card and with some discount they usually run i should be able to score a great price. Thanks for the tip Greta!

  6. I have ruined quite a few white beach clothes with sunscreen but it has highly improved since using sprays as opposed to creams. I should try the Tessa again, I tried it in red that is not my favorite color. I love the safari cat print, especially in the shorts.

    1. Safari cat would be great on you Ema! with giraffe necklace??

      I feel duped by Coppertone. Shoudn't they have a big warning on the product?? My husband commented on how great I looked in my all white outfit and I felt like I was so stylish insead of wearing some ratty t-shirt like I did in the past. Seems like the ratty tee was not such a bad idea after all :(

  7. I have ruined quite a few white beach clothes with sunscreen but it has highly improved since using sprays as opposed to creams. I should try the Tessa again, I tried it in red that is not my favorite color. I love the safari cat print, especially in the shorts.

  8. Too bad about the sunscreen . Oh gosh another thing that's going to happen ! I love the scout pants on you. I saw them in Vancouver but didn't try them on . Did you size up in comparison to the city capris ? Also the sweatshirt looks great on you.Thanks for the reviews.

    1. there go my beach all white outfits fantasy...

      Yes, I sized up. I wear 4 in cafe capris and 6 was too big, even in white.

  9. Ugh, I did not know about sunscreen causing stains on white clothing. I just ordered the Scout chinos and the Tiered Dot tank in white. I loved the catalog shot with the model dressed in white (June page 18) and wanted to recreate it. I didn't think to size up on the chinos.
    Thanks for another great batch of reviews.