Thursday, October 3, 2013


Hello everybody!

Again, I have been very busy, plus I had some problems with my loptop, so I haven't been posting recently, but I wanted to show you a new graphic t-shirt that I got from J.Crew recently. I don;t see it online, so it is probably coming in the next rollout.

In my opinion it is a very nice rendition of a graphic tee and I was happy to grab it. I miss the great t-shirts that J.Crew used to make and I haven't seen anything that I really liked recently. What I like about this one is that it is a fun make-you-smile print but not too twee or over the top. Keeping the color neutral tones it down but I do like the touch of gold. Of course this is just my personal taste and some may say the birds are the epitome of twee, but I like them. The cut is nice, I took a Small. I tried a Medium thinking that maye it is supposed to be loose fitting but it was just boxy and shapeless. In small it still has a little slouch but it is not clingy. I also like the neckline, the 3/4 sleeves and the hemline. The fabric drapes nicely. It was priced at $45 which of course is a lot for a simple t-shirt and I am sure it will go on sale. I got it with the 25% off, still not cheap but I decided I really liked it and I wanted to wear it right away.

And I did! Last weekend, when I went apple picking with my daughter. Actually we both wore almost matching outfits, although it was not planned. So we both had our new graphic t-shirts in gray, skinny jeans. No I did not wear my pink Valentinas, lol. Her moose shirt and from abercrombie ( I know, we are at that stage, she is 10, sigh).

We had a blast! This weekend we are planning to visit a giant corn maze.

What are you up to?

What do you think about the birds t-shirt?

Monday, September 9, 2013

Keyholes (in Silk and Viscose)

I thought the silk keyhole top was a nice alternative to a spaghetti strap camis. It seemed bra friendly and providing a little more coverage while still having a sexy vibe to it. I was hoping it would work for going out but still be appropriate for my casual office and it should look good with a blazer.

Well, I guess it wasn't meant to be after all. I think it would be OK if it was 2 inches longer and not so swingy. I am wearing size 4 and I think maybe a 6 would have been better? Maybe a little bit longer but probably still not enough. And it would most likely have too much volume at the hem. The armholes are cut quite high it this top, usually the J.Crew camis have the opposite problem, but not this one.

I like the fabric and it is not see through, definitely a plus. The neckline is very pretty and not too low on me, even with regular bra. It has bra keeps so you don't need a racerback or strapless. The color is not really blue, definitely more of a dark teal. I like the color and it is quite flattering with my skin tone but it has limited pairing options imo. Ideally this type of top would go with dark or black jeans but the teal does not look good with either imo. Light wash denim would probably be better, like they have it on the model. White works of course but I could not think of any other color.

The back length is fine and it drapes well. The fabric covered small buttons in the back are difficult to do up and you cannot really get it on without having them undone or you risk getting your make-up all over the neckline.


I do like the neckline a lot, so much in fact that tried it in another item, the keyhole dress in square dot. Since I did not buy it I don't have pictures but I liked the fit. Size 6 was perfect on me. It is just a little bit high waisted on me but not too much, it did not bother me. If you are shorter (I'm 5'6) or smaller than a C cup you probably will not have that issue at all. The dress fell right above my knee, definitely office appropriate. The print was flattering and it gave it casual air, making it a nice day dress. It could be made more businesslike with a navy blazer. Too bad it is viscose but it felt quite nice against the skin and I think I would like to get it once the price is right. That is, if I am still interested at that point. Often, by the time my 'watch' item makes it to the deep sale, I have already moved on to the other likes. I am fickle, I know J


Since we are on a subject of viscose I also tried this blouse in black:
Again, no pictures this time but I really liked the fit of it, especially with toothpick jeans. It had a nice casual vibe. Size 4 was perfect on me, so size down or take your smaller size. I see that the black and ivory are currently sold out in most sizes but they had plenty of them in store. I do wish it was silk because I did not care for the feel of the fabric, it was heavy, cold and not very soft. Still, it seemed to drape well but I am just not sure if I would be comfortable in it.
What do you think?
Did you try the silk keyhole top?
Is viscose a deal breaker for you??
Also, see the keyhole silk top on Gigi HERE.

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Red Taboo and Blue Sunflowers

Sometimes it is the little details that make the outfit. I went through a period when I was buying and wearing a lot of statement necklaces and costume jewelry. I have accumulated quite a collection. But recently, along with going back to neutrals and simple streamlined silhouettes, I find myself going back to more subtle and delicate jewelry. So the recent email I got from J.Crew about the 'outfit changing necklace' did not tempt me at all.

No, not for me.

I usually like to just wear a simple gold necklace and I have quite a few but I for some time I had this round gold disk on a delicate chain in mind. However, when I had it priced at the local fine jewelry store I realized that the prices of gold are so high right now and I did not want to spend a lot of money. So what is a budget-minded, gold-disc-obsessed gal to do? Shop Etsy!

After a little poking around, I found exactly what I needed from a lovely Canadian seller, Himi from Blue Sunflowers. This is not a sponsored post btw, I am just very pleased with my purchase, so I wanted to share it. It does feel great to support a small, independent artisan, as opposed to big name retailer. My experience has always been great with Etsy sellers, great quality for the price and a more unique product.
You can pick the chain length, put your name or anything that is 4-7 characters on it and even add a little heart. My necklace arrived in about two weeks (it would be much faster if you are in Canada because of customs), nicely packaged. It did not disappoint and I am very happy with it.

I am wearing 17" chain. For wearing with a cami like this one it could actually be a one inch longer but it is perfect to wear with button down shirts. The disk is 16mm in diameter. It was $39 and you can find it HERE.

Another purchase I am absolutely thrilled with is Yve Saint Laurent Rouge Volupte lipstick. I was skeptical because it is very pricey but I LOVE it. It is the best lipstick I ever tried, glides on smoothly, stays on for a long time (and I tend to eat my lipsticks right off) and it is highly pigmented. It is glossy but it works perfect blotted as a stain. I am wearing a Red Taboo (#18) shade.

YSL Rouge Volupte Red Taboo

Not so long ago I was a non lipstick wearer but I am hooked and now I cannot go without it.

What do you think?

Have you bought jewelry on Etsy?

Are you a lipstick wearer? Have you tried Rouge Volupte?

Friday, August 30, 2013

J.Crew Eaton Boy Trousers Review

I was curious about Eaton Boy Trousers and they got good reviews from JCA community so I wanted to check them out. I am always on a lookout for the perfect fitting pair of trousers in basic colors.

Most of my try-outs end in failures because majority of bottoms are cut for more curves than I am blessed with. But the 'boy cut' sounded promising. I loved the walnut color so I ordered them in both walnut and black. I only took pictures of the walnut ones. Black ones actually look better irl but I would not be able to show you any details, it is hard to photograph black, especially in the late afternoon light. I apologize for the quality of pictures but I hope you can get the idea of the fit.
So the walnut color is not disappointing, it is beautiful and I guess walnut is a great description this time. They are NOT lined. Usually, I cannot wear unlined wool pants, like wool café capris, I find them scratchy and not draping well. However, these I could wear! The wool is not scratchy, it feels soft and I could start wearing them now as opposed to waiting for the weather to cool down. This gives them more versatility since they are cropped, which in my world, limits their use in the winter. The length is good but I wish they were more tapered towards the bottom, maybe they could be tailored. Also, if you'd like them longer, there is about 1.5 inches in the hem to lot out.
I have ordered them in size 2, which is the same size I recently took in cotton café capris, pencil skirts and Andie chinos so I would say they fit TTS. They are definitely mid rise as you can see in the pictures.
Well, the fit in from is good imo. They have pockets but I would leave them closed for a more streamlined look. I like the hook and tab closure and the pintucks.
Now, the back view is not that great on me, lol. This is probably due to my, hmm, limitations and they may look better on most. Actually, I think it looks a little better irl, due to the twisted position but they do bunch up in the upper tigh area. I have the same problem in café capris, so if you don't it will probably not be an issue.
I think I have confirmed once more that the J.Crew pants are not the best fit on me, my favorite are still Theory trousers but even Banana Republic fits me much better, not sure why I keep trying. As for the Eatons they are also very expensive for what they are imo, even with the 25% discount I got. I still quite like them, maybe because I mostly get the front view, but I have to consider others see the back too, right?
What do you think of Eatons?
Yay or nay? Keep? Return? On Sale?
Please share, it would be no fun without you!!!

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Emerson Made Silk Pockets Blouse Review

I have mentioned to you that I have recently placed an order with Emerson made. I have already reviewed the tie waist dress and orange slangbacks here. The dress and shoes were definitely an extras for me and not something I needed but I decided to buy them because I really loved both and the price was right. Well, we can always find thousands of ways to justify an impulse purchase but, on the other hand, I never regretted buying things I truly liked.

This blush blouse however, was in another category. This was something that I wanted to have in my closet and I have in the past considered the collection blouse from J.Crew (not sure about the name, I remember Dani had one) and recently the pleated chiffon blouse. With the Emerson Made version I knew the fabric is going to be superior and the quality great, so at the sale price ($98) the value should be good.
I have ordered size M and it fits well. Emerson tops run short imo, but they have long sleeves. I do have proportionally short arms, so the sleeves may not be so long on you. I am 5'6 but probably have arms of somebody who is 5'4, lol.
The fabric feels great against the skin. It is the type of silk that is matte on the outside and satiny inside. It has some heft to it and I is NOT see through.
I love this blouse and it works great tucked in or untucked. It may be a little short if you like longer tops, but I like it because it is easier to wear untucked and it does not create bulk under my bottoms when tucked in.
I am also wearing J.Crew midrise toothpicks in carbon wash, Ann Taylor belt, J.Crew Valentina pumps, Kate Spade purse and Rayban Aviator sunglasses.
That's all folks!
What do you think of Emerson's pocket blouse?
Is it worth the sale price?

Monday, August 26, 2013

J.Crew Oversize Merino Pocket V-Neck

Oversize merino pocket sweater

I have bought the Oversize Merino Pocket sweater last year and I have been very happy with it. You can see my review here. When I saw the latest version in light camel color I thought this will be exactly what I need: longer, warmer sweater to wear over skinny jeans in a color I love and that will go with everything.

I ordered it in size Small since I expected it will be oversized. That was a good call, because even in Small the sweater is huge.

I am NOT loving it. It is just hanging there, sort of shapelessly and it looks bulky.

The color is nice. I am not sure if it will pill, hopefully not. It is substantial and warm. I would like it be a little longer.

I like that it is oversized but it does not hung nicely imo and pockets add volume to the hips in unflattering way. I compared it to the last year version and it is at least an inch wider on each side. That's about 5 inches in diameter! The rest of the measurements seem the same.

I don't think this is the one for me.


What do you think?

Should I try XSmall or just give up on it?

Not So Neutral (Tie Waist Dress and Orange Slangbacks from Emerson Made)

As you may remember, I am a fan of Emerson Made. I have ordered from them in the past and blogged about it here and here. This dress has caught my eye in the spring but it was too expensive and I was worrying about having to wear the strapless bra.

I have to tell you, loosing few pounds and finding out that I can do strapless after all, has been a liberating experience, my summer tops options has widened rapidly. And then the dress went on sale to a very reasonable price point.

Well, guess what? I veered off my commitment to simple neutrals and went ahead and placed and order for an orange dress and matching shoes. Sometimes you just have to buy what you love…

Tie waist dress, size 6

I love this dress. It is still simple but different from anything I have and perfect for summer. The silk feels luxurious against the skin. The color is very nice muted orange and I like the way colorblocking is done here.

The back is slightly longer than the front.

Removing the tie gives you a little different look, I like it both ways. I don't have a picture but the neckline looks good with the top hook (or two) undone.


I went for monochromatic look with the matching slangbacks and orange-tone leather purse.

Slangbacks, size 39

These slangbacks were a steal at $48. The leather is super soft and they are very comfortable. I love how they look almost like heels but they are really more like flats. I wear 8 in ballet flats and 8.5 in JCrew heels and I ordered size 39 in these and the fit is perfect. I usually take 39 in Euro sized shoes.
Since I was placing this order I also bought the silk pockets blush blouse, but I will review it in another post.


What do you think?

Have you ordered anything from Emerson Made sale?
How do you like the dress and the shoes?

Monday, August 19, 2013

Andie chinos vs Café capris – Advice needed

 Hello everybody! I have promised you a review of the new Andie chinos from J.Crew in my last post. I was going to publish it over the weekend but I have been having problems a lot of problems with Blogger and 'errors on page'. My mac that I have been using for blogging has died and my when I tried to post from my PC it would not work, I think due to Internet Explorer or Windows 7 or both. I am also having problems with posting comments, so sorry about that and please bear with until I figure it out, I will eventually...

I have never been a big fun of the chino look as they tend to be generally unflattering on me. I associate them with those admirably sturdy gals that could not be bothered with makeup and would usually 'style' them with a pair of sneakers and t-shirt they got at the Cisco training class. But I was tempted by the pair of pants that promises the look and comfort of skinny jeans and be as office appropriate as a pair of trousers without the need to dry clean them. Hey, I thought, if they can do that, this might be the Holy Grail of the office bottoms.
So with that in mind, I have decided to try the Andie chino. Now, I did not have super high hopes because I have previously had the some hopes for a few recent iterations of café capris without much success. I mean, I do own few pairs of them and they are OK but nothing to rave about. They look OK in front but they do sag in the butt and upper thigh area. Well, this is mostly due to my lack of booty curves but a girl can dream (and hope for the miracle), right?

Andie, size 4 Tall

After asking for an advice from the JCA community, I decided to order them in my old size 4, as there seemed to be the consensus that they run smaller than café capris. I have actually confirmed that by asking for measurements and yes, size 4 in Andies seem to have similar measurements as Café Capri size 2 with the hips measurement proportionally narrower, which is usually good news for me.

Andie Chinos on the left (size 4 regular) and Café Capri (size 2, regular) on the right

My current café capri size is 2 and even that is not too tight, but I don't think I can size to a zero. Actually, I quite like them in this new size. They seem to be a little longer than my black version from 2 years ago and a little looser in calf, but maybe they will shrink? I do like the desert color, kind of dark camel shade, which looks very nice with black and white/ivory, but it is not so great with pretty much every other color. I can live withthat because these are my colors of choice anyway, although I did contemplate them in natural but decided that it may be too boring. Not that desert khaki is that exciting, lol.

Andie Chinos size 4R, Andie Size 4T, Café Capri 2R

After asking for an advice on Andies from the wonderful JCA community, I decided to order them in my old size 4, as there seemed to be the consensus that they run smaller than café capris. I have actually confirmed that by asking for measurements and yes, size 4 in Andies seem to have similar measurements as Café Capri size 2 with the hips measurement proportionally narrower, which is usually good news for me. The fabric on Andies is thicker and less refined than on Café capris, it feels much more utilitarian. The waistband is narrower and they close with a set of double tabs and buttons. Actually the tab closures are almost difficult to undo but maybe this is just me or lack of dexterity.

OK, so despite the claims of slim fit, they are not that tapered in the leg and no, they don't fit like skinny jeans. But they do fit closer in the tight and seem to enhance my usually, ahem, unconspicious rear view.

Andie Chinos size 4R, Andie Size 4T, Café Capri 2R

The Tall Andies are supposed to be 3 inches longer and have the same other measurements. Well, I can hardly see the difference in length so it cannot be full 3 inches but they bunch up a little more. I think I prefer the regular version.

Is it me or the full length veers too much into the hiking pants/Cisco t-shirt direction?
So which ones should I keep? In the pictures, surprisingly, I actually like the café capris the best. Maybe it is the color? Or the more refined fabric? And how about that rear view?


And here is the basic silk cami in black. I have quite a few of these but I have been buying them in Small and this one is an Extra Small and it does look so much better now. Btw, this might be tmi, but to my great delight I have discovered the perfect strapless bras and I have been wearing them non-stop this summer. I got four of them when they had them on sale. I like them so much that have been wearing them with regular tops! I never thought that would happen but it is just so much easier when you don't have to deal with the straps. Halleluiah!

I am curious what you think about Andie versus Café Capris and which ones should I keep.
I am a little confused myself, so please share…


Update: I listened to your advice and tried on Andies in size 2, in different color.

What do you think? I think they look much better now. Sorry for the picture quality but just wanted to make it quick.
Andie Chino in 2R