Friday, August 30, 2013

J.Crew Eaton Boy Trousers Review

I was curious about Eaton Boy Trousers and they got good reviews from JCA community so I wanted to check them out. I am always on a lookout for the perfect fitting pair of trousers in basic colors.

Most of my try-outs end in failures because majority of bottoms are cut for more curves than I am blessed with. But the 'boy cut' sounded promising. I loved the walnut color so I ordered them in both walnut and black. I only took pictures of the walnut ones. Black ones actually look better irl but I would not be able to show you any details, it is hard to photograph black, especially in the late afternoon light. I apologize for the quality of pictures but I hope you can get the idea of the fit.
So the walnut color is not disappointing, it is beautiful and I guess walnut is a great description this time. They are NOT lined. Usually, I cannot wear unlined wool pants, like wool café capris, I find them scratchy and not draping well. However, these I could wear! The wool is not scratchy, it feels soft and I could start wearing them now as opposed to waiting for the weather to cool down. This gives them more versatility since they are cropped, which in my world, limits their use in the winter. The length is good but I wish they were more tapered towards the bottom, maybe they could be tailored. Also, if you'd like them longer, there is about 1.5 inches in the hem to lot out.
I have ordered them in size 2, which is the same size I recently took in cotton café capris, pencil skirts and Andie chinos so I would say they fit TTS. They are definitely mid rise as you can see in the pictures.
Well, the fit in from is good imo. They have pockets but I would leave them closed for a more streamlined look. I like the hook and tab closure and the pintucks.
Now, the back view is not that great on me, lol. This is probably due to my, hmm, limitations and they may look better on most. Actually, I think it looks a little better irl, due to the twisted position but they do bunch up in the upper tigh area. I have the same problem in café capris, so if you don't it will probably not be an issue.
I think I have confirmed once more that the J.Crew pants are not the best fit on me, my favorite are still Theory trousers but even Banana Republic fits me much better, not sure why I keep trying. As for the Eatons they are also very expensive for what they are imo, even with the 25% discount I got. I still quite like them, maybe because I mostly get the front view, but I have to consider others see the back too, right?
What do you think of Eatons?
Yay or nay? Keep? Return? On Sale?
Please share, it would be no fun without you!!!


  1. Hey AJC - I don't mind how the trousers fit down at the ankle, or your lack of bottom! ;-) I would have said I wished they were lined, but having two pairs of j crew wool capris with poly linings that swish, swish, swish all winter - perhaps that isn't a bad thing? Have you tried the Loft pants that promise to help us "straighties"? I am really curious about those.

    Overall, I like this but I don't think you love them and so I would give them a pass and wait for the ones!

  2. LIke, but don't love. May be it is as you suggested, the lack of tapering at the bottom. BTW- I really love the Emerson blouse outfit- I just read that post today. Was at the mall today, some nice things to look at, but nothing that caught my eye.

  3. Hi AJC I've read your blog for a while but just opened up a blogger account so haven't commented before. Thanks for all of your helpful reviews. I, like you, have proportionally slender hips/ bottom half (although I do have a bit more "junk in the trunk" than you, as they say:)). I actually usually do well with J Crew for that reason as I think many of their pants have a straighter cut than other retailers (although you are more slender than me so you may find it harder to find the right fit). As Wendy suggested, I actually also do have good luck with skirts and pants from Loft. Many of their pants come in a "straight" cut too which I think helps. HTH!

  4. Sorry to say but I do not like these on you at all. You have a fabulous figure and this pair of pants looks frumpy and very "mom jeans" style on you. Send them back ASAP and get something that will do you justice.

    1. I want to add that I don't think these look good on the model either. Something is off with the length, the rise, the pockets, I can't put my finger on it but proportion is out of balance.

    2. I agree with XOXO. They do look kind of frumpy on the model. Sometimes trousers can be tricky.

  5. Hi! I have the same issue with J.Crew pants. And I had not thought of trying Theory. I am also a size 2 in j.crew pants, would that be a size 4 in Theory pants?


  6. I'd go for a darker colour and wear them with 3 inch heels. They are nicely made, IMO.

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