Monday, August 26, 2013

Not So Neutral (Tie Waist Dress and Orange Slangbacks from Emerson Made)

As you may remember, I am a fan of Emerson Made. I have ordered from them in the past and blogged about it here and here. This dress has caught my eye in the spring but it was too expensive and I was worrying about having to wear the strapless bra.

I have to tell you, loosing few pounds and finding out that I can do strapless after all, has been a liberating experience, my summer tops options has widened rapidly. And then the dress went on sale to a very reasonable price point.

Well, guess what? I veered off my commitment to simple neutrals and went ahead and placed and order for an orange dress and matching shoes. Sometimes you just have to buy what you love…

Tie waist dress, size 6

I love this dress. It is still simple but different from anything I have and perfect for summer. The silk feels luxurious against the skin. The color is very nice muted orange and I like the way colorblocking is done here.

The back is slightly longer than the front.

Removing the tie gives you a little different look, I like it both ways. I don't have a picture but the neckline looks good with the top hook (or two) undone.


I went for monochromatic look with the matching slangbacks and orange-tone leather purse.

Slangbacks, size 39

These slangbacks were a steal at $48. The leather is super soft and they are very comfortable. I love how they look almost like heels but they are really more like flats. I wear 8 in ballet flats and 8.5 in JCrew heels and I ordered size 39 in these and the fit is perfect. I usually take 39 in Euro sized shoes.
Since I was placing this order I also bought the silk pockets blush blouse, but I will review it in another post.


What do you think?

Have you ordered anything from Emerson Made sale?
How do you like the dress and the shoes?


  1. I love your outfit! The dress is beautiful and I must say those shoes are very comfortable, I have them in black suede. She has some beautiful designs and I can't wait to see her fall line. Thanks for reviewing her line!

    1. Thank you mini! Agree about the shoes, I liked them so much that I just ordered green ones as well.

  2. I love this! I so love orange, but it doesn't love me up by my face sadly! well done! and every time I think I have a plan, well, I realize that plans are for breaking...

  3. Those sleek lines are stunning on you. See- not just black, white and neutrals. You look great in strong colors.

    1. You know Knityarns, you are right, I do like strong colors and don't do well with pastels..

  4. I also do not like orange next to my face, so I like how the white is on top. Yes, plans have a way of un-sticking themselves from me...

  5. A fresh slice of citrus orange is lovely for late summer and you might be able to winterize it too, with a nice thick sweater over top. I bought the pink pharaoh sandals and the layering dress last year, those are the only items I've purchased but would probably buy from them again. The sandals could have been a bit better quality but the layering dress is really nice and I have worn it a lot.

  6. You look retro & modern! Very pretty :)

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