Friday, June 29, 2012

Should I Buy This Dress??? Advice Needed!!!

Yesterday, I saw some new arrivals from Banana Republic online that I wanted to check in store. They were running 40% off sale items and I have $30 in rewards cards, so I thought I will check if there is something of interest. I also visited Madewell and I will have posts about both store visits next week (some really nice finds, so please check it out).

Then I stopped by at J.Crew, just to visit my white Lucille dress and check how she is doing.

Lucille was doing just fine, hanging out with her friend in the sale section, but I lost interest in her (I am very fickle) when I spotted a bunch of Lilah dresses in my sizes.

Lilah Dress

I know DaniBP and Shopwithm both own a dress and like it so I have to give it a try. It is currently $129.99 minus 30% off.

size 8 and fitted at top

The eyelet detail on this dress is beautiful and it feels luxurious. The dress is lined in cotton and it fits me well. It is tiny bit high waisted but this doesn't bother me. The bodice is fitted but it has enough scoop not to be too demure. No armhole gaping. It has pockets and concealed back zip. It looks like a special occasion dress, but I think it can be dressed down with accessories and shoes. It would look good with a cardigan and I could wear it to work this way.

Back zip, pockets and lined in cotton

But I am still afraid it seems too precious and I would probably only wear it couple of times this year. I definitely do not need it, this is just a collector in me, because of how pretty the fabric is, it feels like a heirloom.

Now, Audrey had a very good point yesterday when she said the the question is "would I rather wear this, or ______ (something-else-comparable-that-is-already-in-my-closet)". Lets ponder over this for a moment.  I have two other white dresses in my closet. One is the white Attache and the other one is crinkle chiffon, flapper style number, that I bought 2 years ago. Well, the Attache has a different purpose, I would only wear it to work, so yes, I would rather wear this dress when going out. 

But the crinkle chiffon is another story. I LOVE this dress but somehow I did not find the occasion to wear it yet, so it has been sitting in my closet for two years. But I just thought of styling it with a black blazer or chambray shirt and I think I am going to wear it tomorrow. I have a date with my husband and we are planning to see the new Woody Allen movie and go out for diner and drinks after. I could wear the Lilah dress as well but I would rather wear the crinkle chiffon. Hmmm...

I think I should pass on the Lilah dress, I definitely do not need it. I have it on hold, so I have until this evening to decide, as I am not going to make it to the mall tomorrow and they are closed on Sundays. Do you think I wold regret not buying it? Please advice!!!

Also see the shopwithm review HERE.

Perfect shirt in anchors and horseshoes

I am not big on anchors and mixing them with horseshoes seems a little random, but the shirt is rather cute. For some reason and I mad about red this summer, as I discovered that I can wear the shades J.Crew has been producing recently.

Size 6
It fits like most J.Crew button fronts and I do like the fit. It was gaping a tiny bit in a 6, but probably still wearable. I would get an 8 for more comfort, but it does not look as nice.

Like I said, the shade is gorgeous and the print is subtle. The fabric is not as soft as some J.crew shirts and it is thin and slightly see through, if you wear a printed bra for example, but it is OK with nude or red bra, or a cami, of course. Still, it is a cute shirt, especially if you are craving the color, like me.

I like it with Porcelain Paisley skirt

Btw, Porcelain Paisley skirt is on sale and at $69.99 ($99 with 30% off) it is a steal, imo. I love this skirt!


Summerweight chino short

Shorts size 6
Since I have this red obsession, I also tried the chino shorts in belvedere red. They are cute. I sized up to 6 and there was no room to spare, so I'd say go with your bigger size. They are thinner than regular chino shorts, which  I don't care for, as I like my shorts to be sturdy. I think they would be cute with many tops and great for vacation photos.  They were still regular price, so I would wait for sale, unless you need them right away.

Personally, I would prefer the regular 7" chino shorts in modern red.

That's all folks!

What do you think of Lilah dress? Should I get it or is it a pass?

What are your plans for this weekend?
Please share, it would be no fun without you!!!


  1. It's so pretty and I love the length of it but even I am calling a halt to any more white dresses/skirts, as I have that look covered, I think you've maybe come to that realisation too?

  2. Oh, it's like autumn here, so bundling up and going for a curry. Yeah hope you all enjoy the sun!

  3. Ah - the conundrum...

    I think you look smashing in it - but... if you still haven't worn the other one....

  4. The dress fits perfectly, which is probably a big part of the temptation but I'd pass. I agree with your thought that it might be too precious. It's too romantic, which doesn't seem to be your style.

  5. ajc I'm reading this and I'm actually wearing my white Lilah dress right now! I love love love it, it is so comfortable. This morning I did my arm exercises (in the dress), then went to the mall with my daughter and her friend, came home did laundry, hung it up outside, cleaned the bathrooms, washed the windows made lunch did the dishes, all while wearing the dress. I wear an apron in the house as you know. I've got more laundry and then my friend Christopher is coming over for a cocktail, then I'm thinking we may go out for dinner, and I am not changing out of this dress. I am wearing it with my new gold/multicolor dots Chie sandals from Ped shoes, my straw Brompton bag and some huge crystal flower earrings from J Crew (last year).
    I say buy it, it is great for everyday, I'm going to wash it in my machine and hang it outside to dry.
    Go get it! :)

  6. I agree with Dani. I have and love it . I put the nautical belt from Madewell and navy cardigan since our weather has been equal to Tabs.
    It light and airy and also pretty.

  7. I thought I wanted the Lilah dress and was watching for a popback online, but I've change my mind (I thought it was less dressy than it is). I don't think I'd ever reach for it. It's beautiful and looks nice on you, but unless it's really "you", I don't think you'll regret it if you don't buy it.

  8. This is a tough one. I love that Dani will wear it from day to evening including chores and laundry - would you? If you're only going wear it 2 times a year, do you really "need" it? Is buying it going to take budget dollars away from a new fall item you might want? I don't want to project my wardrobe thought process on to you, but I have plenty of dresses to wear sometimes and only want to spend money on things I'll wear often-which is easier said than done! If you have the budget and this is a category that you need filled in your wardrobe, go for it. It fits great and looks wonderful on you and has endless accessorizing potential. But IMHO and experience, a clothing deal isn't a deal if you never wear it.

  9. Oh AJC, I love this one on you! And I do think you could easily wear this easily out, for almost anything. (My guess is that there are very few of us who can pull off a Dani and wear this IN, while doing chores.)

    But here's a question for Dani, since she obviously wears the dress casually -- how does it wash? Do you really have to dry clean as it says on the website (it's cotton!) or is there a way to wash it at home? If it is truly dry clean only, that would limit its use. If it's home washable, I think you'd get a lot of use out of it...

    Out of curiosity, did you also try the porcelain paisley ella dress? That one is marked down to $140, not much more than this dress. I definitely think that has more limited use, but what a gorgeous dress that is -- I can't remember if you've posted a review of it or not, but it seems to look good on all the bloggers I've seen!

    1. audreys! I wash dresses lined in cotton in my machine and hang them to dry, works perfect. I do have a good machine (LG front loader) so that helps. I avoid dry cleaning as much as possible, the chemicals are pretty bad.
      This is why I hate hate poly linings in summer dresses, they just don't wash up, they have to be dry-cleaned. It vexes me I tell you! ;)

  10. I love this dress on you - so gorgeous and a great fit. Plus it would change so much if you paired it with bright belts and cards or statement necklaces.

  11. I think the dress looks lovely on you, but I think you should pass. If you have any doubts at all (which it sounds like you do) you probably won't wear it very much. Save the money and put it towards something you love without reservation!

  12. I haven't seen this dress IRL (can you believe it?) or at least it never caught my attention so I cannot comment on the fabric but I agree with Caitlin that if you have hesitations about how much use you will get out of it you should follow hat instinct. Personally I think it looks a bit old-ladish but it isn't my style to start with so you should't listen to me probably.

  13. The cut and fit look very much like the Hilary which I believe you have already. But, yes, this dress is fancier. I guess it depends on how many dresses you think you need.

  14. If you have to ask, you probably don't need it especially if you have something similar but nicer. I will add that the Lila dress isn't my cup of tea though. It's twee but matronly at the same time.

  15. I the fit of this around the torso & waist on you better than the white Lucille. Are you just buying because of a low price combined w/a belief that white dresses are hard to come by? If so and if you are not getting the feeling, it's a pass. I don't think it's juvenile or the hem too young. It doesn't look too sweet either. Just a matter if you think your personal style & lifestyle will have you wearing this dress a few times before summer ends. The lonely, white crinkly chiffon does *not* need a friend. lol

    Curious to find out what you decide.

  16. Love the dress on you! The question is.... will you regret not buying it later and forever stalk it on ebay?? :)

  17. Thank you!!! You ladies are the best, I knew I could count on you.
    Hearing from you helped me think about why I want this dress and why I should leave it at the store. Yes, I decided to pass. I realized that although it is beautiful dress and it fits me well it is not really my style. I am a fool, yes, but not romantic fool. And I really don;t need another white dress and since no way I can do chores in it (Dani, I love you. You totally cracked me up with the vision of you cleaning the bathrooms in your pristine white dress :)) I will probably only wear it once or twice. I decided to save my money for something else. Actually I don't have any money so even better not to spend it, ykwim?
    Thank you so much, as it really helped me to hear from you!!!