Thursday, February 14, 2013

Guess my Valentine's Day Outfit

Hope everyone is having lovely day today!

This Valentine's day I am spending solo but I still like to treat myself to wearing something festive. Why not?
So let's play a little game. Can you guess which outfit I decided to wear for Valentine's Day?  This is for wearing in the office, not for going out. My office is business casual, no jeans allowed but no suits necessary either. And which outfit would you pick?

1. A chance to use my jaquard pencil skirt from few seasons ago. Quick note for WMM: cobblestone goes with pink! All J.Crew, except for shoes from Sofft.

2. Inspired by J.Crew Fall 2013 pattern mixing. There is no J.Crew in this outfit, btw. Boden boots, Janeville skirt, Brora sweater and scarf from L&T  This looks good without the scarf too, if  I wanted to take it off.


3. Brocade skirt again but toned down more with J.Crew cashmere v-neck and Ann Taylor tee.

 4. Red Brora sweater with J.crew Blush Tweed skirt, Boden boots and scarf from Talbots. Fine without the scarf as well, if I wanted to remove it.

5. Subtle pinks.  All J.Crew except for the necklace (from BR). Cobblestone sweater again (told you it goes with everything). Both pants and striped t-shirts have pink tones in them. This comes out very washed out in photographs, so I am showing you a closeup below. 


That's all folks!

Can you guess what I am wearing today?

Are you going out or dressing up regardless? Red pajamas do count!

Please share, it would be no fun without you!!!

Happy Valentine's Day!!!


  1. Okay I'm going to guess the red sweater with blush tweed skirt, but those are all great outfits!
    Happy Valentine's Day. Big hugs to you!!

  2. I couldn't begin to guess, but my favorites are the first and last outfit. You have such a wonderful eye for color!

  3. Everyone in the US seems to do this for every holiday, it's such fun, over her no one thinks along these lines. I love number 5 so I'm picking that one.

  4. I love the first outfit for Valentine's Day, but have to say you look absoltuely terrific in outfit #5 and I would hurry up and wear it to the office as soon as possible thereafter :) I did dress for Valentine's today in a circa 2004 Ann Taylor pink and gold lace overlay dress, with a navy cropped cashmere cardigan on top to tone down for the office.

  5. I think it is striped Brora Sweater outfit!

    I like them all! And yay for pink and cobblestone! You know, i always loved this skirt, but never got it! Probably just as well!

  6. I am not good at guessing, or anything involving luck but I will guess outfit #1. I hope you're having a wonderful day. Sometimes it is nice to have a quiet Valentine's so there are no expectations to manage. I wore purple today but it was the last, long day of our workshop this week and I was the only woman in the room so no reason to encourage amorous thoughts. I'm so happy tomorrow is Friday and I'll be celebrating that in itself!

  7. Oh this is tough to pick one but I'll go with #4. Have a wonderful night and hopefully your daughter will share a couple treats with you.

  8. Hope you had a great Valentine's Day! I was solo too but it is packing day and the reward is Miami so I don't feel like crying ;-).
    I love outfit number 1 above all but the 4 is the one that reads more Valentine's day to me. It was fun to see at school how everyone had interpreted the Valentine's theme in a personal way (it was Valentine's breakfast for the girls and the parents got to stay one hour)

  9. Hi everyone! I have to say, I had hard time deciding. I really wanted to wear outfit no1 but the skirt seemed a bit too much for the office. I love the look of no5 but thought I could easily wear it some other day. No 2 is fun but I can also wear it anyday. So in the end I wend with no4, mostly because it just seemed most Valentine's Day and I probably would not wear this way any other day.
    In the elevator I almost giggled because I was standing next to two other women in red sweaters but I did not mind at all.

  10. Too late to vote, but I love all those skirts on you. Great colors.

  11. They are all lovely but since I love #4 and #5 best I'll say one of them. I know I'm cheating by picking two ...

    1. You got it tiffany rose! I wore #5 but cannot wait to wear #5 next week.

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