Sunday, October 28, 2012

Before the storm

Hope everybody is staying safe! We are awaiting hurricane Sandy and schools are cancelled for Monday and Tuesday. I still hope it is not going to be very bad. Last year around the same time we lost power for a week and we got more snow than in the whole winter after that. We still bought the Halloween costumes, even if the school parade is already rescheduled for Friday.

I am the cross-your-fingers, never-watch-the-weather-channel fool and I am usually in denial  in face of natural disasters and do not really stock on anything. Maybe that's foolish of me but so far we have managed somehow. We do have flashlights, candles and enough food and water for a few days. We also have many board games. There are plenty of huge trees in my neighborhood, so I pray they just stay were they are.

How about you? If you live on the East Coast, are you preparing for Sandy? 
So far the weekend have been fun. On Saturday I went out to a party at friends' house.  We had a blast and the food was unbelievable, I am still smiling blissfully just thinking about it. I was wise this time and only had two glasses of wine and still drank plenty of water. Let me tell you, I was congratulating myself this morning ;)

I decided to wear my Club Monaco Regan top. It was a hit! I was debating whether to buy it but in the end I decided that it was exactly what I needed. I am glad I did.

I am also wearing J.Crew necklace and shoes, J Brand black cigarette jeans and Kate Spade purse.

It is very hard to photograph black but I think you can see leather detail in the picture above. It was already getting dark when I picked up my babysitter, so the pictures are a little soft. Let's say it gives them that cinematic quality ;)

Today we had pumpkin carving on our block. I am always so grateful for one of my neighbours who is always organizing those events. I don't think I would have managed it on my own. Kids had so much fun and I think the pumpkins came out fantastic. Best part was hot pumpkin spiced apple cider, so yummy! 

our pumpkin in upper right corner
That's all folks!

Here is hoping I will not lose power and can stay in touch!

How was your weekend?
Do you stock up and prepare for the storm and other natural disasters or are you generally care free (aka foolish) like me?

Stay safe!


  1. ajc, I hope that you, your family and everyone stays safe and that the storm isn't as bad as they forecast. We will get some of it here in Canada but not as bad as the U.S.

    My husband said he saw people buying cases of water at the grocery store today. They say there could be power outages around here so we should probably do the same. We've been lucky to rarely have any big storms (only lost power for one day once) so we haven't prepared yet. I'll check the weather in the morning.

  2. I am a preparer! I don't know how much of this storm we will get, but I am ready if we do. Please stay safe! I hope they are overdoing the warnings, but I'm afraid they aren't.

  3. I am a preparer, too! I am actually quite concerned, as we also have extremely old, extremely large trees on our property. I'm with you Cate- I hope they are overdoing the warnings, because it seems so ominous. I hope all the JCA's( and everyone else) stays safe at home, and cross your fingers that we all have power and gas and water!

  4. I'm on the other coast, hoping we don't get winds to mix with the dry heat we've had for weeks.

    You look cute and it's good to hear you had a fun day. Stay safe and sound.

  5. I was just thinking about this, we never have more than two days of food in the house, no cans , no freezer.
    When the zombies come, I'm done for.

  6. Stay Safe AJC - we are just getting organized today - we are a day to a day and a half behind you. Hope it is dissipated by the time it arrives here. I am like Tabs - not tons of food lying around. Tabs - what you need to do is live with a 17 year old boy. We have a whole zombie plan. Every family should have one. I may have to blog on this!

  7. Meh, I am with you. All the crazies running out to buy generators and 23 gallon jugs of water are overreacting. Pretty sure we can survive a few days without power, if necessary! Yes, it is super boring, having suffered through several week long outages as a kid... but oh well. For some reason, the threat of winds up to 60 mph and flooding (what they are ominously predicting on TV and radio stations in my neck of the woods) just doesn't sound so bad that panicking is called for.

    All that said, I hope you stay safe!!! And I love your all black outfit. Very chic.

  8. Hope you are Ok in the storm, AJC, as it looks like the NJ area is where landfall will be and the winds are now 90MPH! Long Island is going to be bad. Can't believe the subways, Wall St, tunnels are all closed! So be safe-- glad your schools are closed too. I am high on my hill overlooking the very angry ocean at high tide, even here in Maine.

  9. ajc, i hope you and your family are okay and that sandy is just hype. fingers crossed that it is the case!

    you look comfy but elegant. perfect combo!

    phiphi's blog

  10. I'm in NJ too -- Pass. Cty. So far we're OK and with power and hoping it stays that way. Very scary storm.

    BE safe!

  11. Good morning ,
    This is the first time that I don't want to see you in the fitting room. My very best wishes to you and I hope this over soon.
    Love the pumpkins .

  12. I hope you and your family are doing ok, ajc! You are in my thoughts and prayers!

    Love your outfit, and I'm so glad you decided to get the Club Monaco tee. It really does look fantastic on you!

    The pumpkins are all very cute! We carved ours last night and then roasted up the seeds. Yummy!

  13. Good luck and stay safe too! My parents live in the Canadian east coast and I was planning to visit on my 5 days off this week, now I'm not sure if I can make it out there or not. Drat!


  14. Hi guys, just wanted to let you know that we survived with no damage.
    I have to admit, the wind was really scary especially with big trees around my house.
    But all is good and quiet now, thank you for your kind words!
    I hope all of you are also fine and not affected and my thoughts are with those who are, stay safe!