Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Camels, zebras and liberty

I have more J.Crew Fall 2012 reviews today.

This is listed in the catalog under Liberty perfect shirts in assorted florals.

Size 6 in carnation
What can I say, I love those shirts.  These are in 100% cotton, which I like better than the cotton/silk blend, more substantial but still with a good drape. They fit TTS and I took size 6 in both. They have a nice feminine fit with no gaping. I really like J.Crew button fronts better than from any other retailer, it may just be my body type but still, this isone thing J.Crew does well imo.

I love the print of the floral shirt, it makes me smile. If only it wasn't so expensive, I would have bought it immediately.

Now, this paisley print is not for everybody.
Also in 6
This is a bold print and may be too much for many. I think it is too much for me. I am afraid this print would wear me. I do like it a lot, but I think I would prefer it in curtains.

This is a bold print!
It is nicely matched in front, good job J.Crew! I am a sucker for print matching and centering but no complains here.

So the first skirt goes on my wish list, for when/if it goes on sale,  the second one I will admire on others, with more guts and bolder personalities :)


Size 8
I loved this cami the moment I saw it on the mannequin. I love camel and black and I thought it woudl be perfect with black trousers and pencil skirts and a nice transitional piece for when is still hot outside but the calendar says fall.

I grabbed an 8 which I took in many summer tops but I think a 6 would fit me better. It photographs very well, but irl the camel was washing me out and did not look as flattering.  I do love it in the pictures so I would have to try it again, maybe in a 6 this time. Even with jeans it looks great. Btw, the jeans are J.Crew matchsticks in size 27, I just grabbed them to have a neutral bottom for trying on all the tops. I don't like the fit btw. They bunch up awfully in the legs and do nothing for my butt, but then I never liked J.Crew jeans, so this comes as no surprise.

100% wool, lining 100% polyester

The jury is still out on this cami. How versatile it would really be? It does read fall-ish but if it is not hot anymore and if you wear a cardigan or jacket you would loose the colorblock effect, leaving only the camel portion visible.  Hmmm.

I really, really like the idea of it... But you cannot wear ideas, can you?

If you got tired of leopard and you are afraid of snakes maybe you'd like a zebra?

Zebras are one of the more stylish animals, aren't they? They are the It girls, the ones not afraid of stacking bracelets and super high heels.  Lol.  I have to say I liked this blouse a lot. The combination of brown and white/ecru with a navy trim was very flattering. The shape was easy to wear and cool looking, especially with pants. It has a blousy, loose fit but it is not sloppy. I took size 6 again so I would say it is TTS with loose fit. 

$128, 100% silk
I like this blouse and if/once it drops in price I will definitely consider it.

Thats all folks!

More reviews coming up soon!
What do you think of this bunch?

Please share, it would be no fun without you!!!

I will have a new display pictures and some 'hookups' to share with you tomorrow.

I am on vacation this week. I am not sure if I have access to the internet but I will eagerly anticipate your comments and I will try to respond to you but my replies may be delayed



  1. I adore the liberty prints too - just wish they weren't so pricey!


  2. The Liberty shirts are great. So many this year!
    I really like that silk zebra top, I guess it is not on the website yet? I don't think I have room for anything like that but it's great.

  3. Thanks SO much for these reviews! I was really curious about the liberty prints. Like Tasia and Dani, I think that they're great prints!!!

  4. Thanks so much for your review and helping me make up my mind. I am planning to use my rewards on a Liberty print shirt & could not decide on the paisley and the first print. Since I don't have a bold personality, I know now what to get. Jcrew has really jacked up the price on these shirts. It used to be just $118 & now it's $150. I guess for the quality and the life span, it becomes relatively cheaper compared to their $118 rayon tie-tops. I could not afford these now without my rewards card.

  5. I love Liberty fabrics period! But actually the $150 price tag is very comparable to the cost of a Liberty of London shirt. The going rate for a woman's shirt is about £89.95, and the British pound is worth more in American dollars, at the moment 1 pound is worth $1.55, which means if you bought this shirt at Liberty of London (they have one right now just like one of the JCrew shirts - Green Pepper), it would cost about $138.00. As to that zebra shirt, ooo la like! And thanks AJC, I really appreciate the sneak peeks at what's to come. I'm in DC, the new Fall rollout won't be in stores till tomorrow.

  6. Thanks for the reviews. I love the cami, but wonder how much I'd actually wear it. The price is a bit too steep for me too.

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  8. Ohhh, I love the colorblock cami, I see myself wearing that one a lot but that style is not always flattering on me so I need to try on. This one might even be better for me than the peter pan collar Collection sweater because as you know I already ha e a peter pan collar sweater (but I don't know if I will be able to resist, I hope it will come out while I am in Europe and will soldout so I won't be tempted).
    Thank you for doing this, I hope your husband is not going to divorce you for spending all your free time before your vacation preparing these posts and that you are having a relaxing vacation, even without shower.

  9. Hiya,

    Can I report back that I received my first jcrew cafe Capri and no2 pencil skirt? Do note that I bought them after reading your advices on the sizing. :) I bought the cafe capri in fushia pink size 4. It was tight and my post-pregnancy tummy is sticking out! But after putting in my maidenform control wear, they fits me like a glove! What I love about them is they are not baggy and a bit stretchy. I love them! I'll be getting the blue and the green one very soon! Please let me know if you have other colors to recommend! :)
    As to the no2 pencil skirt, this is the red eyelet skirt in size 6. Another hit with me! The red is rather daring but with a subtle plain top, i can see how it will work into my wardrobe! Another love! Credits must go to your review and advices again!
    I also got the jcrew Lucille lace dress in yellow size 8. Very bright but I'm game to give it a try!
    I have other jcrew items coming my way. So far, I would say I'm loving all my purchases!
    Thank you again! :)))

  10. You are a hoot ! I can't believe you're out camping and we're still getting posts. Love the 1st liberty shirt and the zebra shirt.

  11. Thanks for trying out all these things for us. I usually love paisley prints but that bold paisley print seems to placed funny. I can't help but "see" an explosion in the belly area. ;)

    I'm laughing at your comment about not being able to wear ideas. I need to remember that more often.