Friday, July 27, 2012

Jacket and sweaters

Do you like peplum jackets? I do, but the peplum has to fall in the right place. Personally, I like it a little lower and not very puffy. I like the way it is done in this little jacket:

Size Medium, TTS
This jacket also comes in navy but I like the silver version better. But that may be because it is more summery color and when I was trying it on it was 100F outside.

I don't mind the two way zipper
This jacket is unlined (except for peplum) and it feels more like a sweater. I thought that would actually be more practical for my lifestyle. I tend not to wear many of my lined jackets too much because they feel too stiff. I like the fit and the peplum was not adding bulk. I thought it looked good with jeans and I think it will work with skirt as well.

does not stick out too much
$148, style 11654

78% cotton, 21% Rayon, 1% nylon

The houndstooth sweatshirt.

Size Medium, runs big
I did not like this sweatshirt. It was boxy and old ladyish, imo. Medium was big, but I think Small would be too short. It did feelcomfortable. I forgot to take a picture of a tag and I don't remember a price, sorry.


What I did like was this cashmere sweater. The colors were gorgeous, fitting wth my fall color story and flattering. 

Size Small
I could not find a Medium, but I actually thing Small was a correct fit. Not too close, too short or too tight in the sleeves. I loved the neckline. It was plush an thick.

I would love to buy it and I think I would wear it a lot. But it is pricey.
$228. I will wait.
That's all folks!

What do you think?

Please share, it would be no fun without you!!!

I have a review of a new purple tweed skirt coming up plus gallery of polka dots outfits.

I am on vacation this week. I am not sure if I have access to the Internet but I will eagerly anticipate your comments and I will try to respond to you but my replies may be delayed



  1. I love that cashmere sweater, I think boatnecks and funnel necks are going to be big this fall. I wish it had a lower price point though. I bought a 60's style funnel neck at Boden but it's too long so I'm hoping to find something else.

  2. I like that little jacket. I could use a little silver jacket and I think I might try that one...

    I agree with you on the Houndstooth sweatshirt...

    I like the cashmere t - will be anxious to see other colours!

  3. I want that striped sweater, but that's too much $. I hope it drops in price. I agree with you on the houndstooth sweatshirt. My grandmother would have rocked it. I don't usually care for peplum on me but this jacket looks really good on you. I would try it on if it came to the store.

  4. I like the jacket, but I agree- the sweater rules. That shade of camel is so flattering, and the cut is perfect for you. I love houndstooth, but ironically, my grandmother (who was exceedingly stylish) wore a similar sweater forever. Bracelet fitted sleeves and a button back would have made that much cuter. I hope the terrible storms last night did not ruin your camping. Thanks for the reviews!

  5. Is the jacket from JCrew? I've been considering getting one. Overall I really like the look of a peplum. I agree; it does have to fall just right. That one looks great on you.

  6. I think the silver peplum jacket is really cute - looking forward to checking it out in store! The cashmere sweater is also really nice. Thanks for the reviews!

  7. I like the knit peplum jacket, but I agree with you, I'd love it if it was more fitted!

  8. The silver peplum is lovely! I like that the skirt isn't too frilly- it has a nice restraint. But still fun, and would look awesome with pencil skirts!

  9. Oooooh, I think I'm in love with that silver peplum jacket! I can't wait to see that in person. Paired with the silver metallic viv flats--YES!

  10. I am not a fan of peplum, find it a style too tricky for me to wear. The cashmere sweater is very nice indeed, perfect palette for fall.

  11. HI,
    You're probably knee deep in laundry right now. I hope you had a peaceful vacation . Haven't camped for a few years but I remember being exhausted at the end . I liked the peplum jacket and loved the cashmere sweater. The funnel neck is very flattering on you.

  12. thank you so much for these reviews - that you did this on holiday too!! i am in awe!

    i love that peplum blazer.. it is really cute on you too!! xox P

  13. Peplum Jacket:
    cute but pricey
    and I'm not sure if it was mentioned on your blog or another, why are they putting these new clothes out without steaming? Everything is just so cute, colorful and just draws the shopper in, why not have the garments look their best? Given the prices...
    Given the $148 of the Peplum Jacket which is really a dressy sweatshirt I should not have to steam it when I get home. Not buying @ that price anyway