Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Madewell t-shirts and the 'Wizard of Oz' moment

After my last positive experience with Madewell (posted about it HERE) , I decided to go there to look for a t-shirt that would go with my new J.Crew No. 2 pencil skirt in raj paisley .  Review of the skirt HERE.

Size Medium $65 100% cotton
Denim tee was good match in color but otherwise very blah.

The v-neck tee was good fit in the chest area but sloppy in the middle.

Size Medium
I like the fit of this tee, slightly slouchy and comouflaging some imperfections.

LOVE the color!

This dotted tee is the same weight as Merci striped tee, nice and thick, welcome change from all those tissue tees.

Indigo Ink Dot Tee

This one was also good but I don't like the high neckline for the summer:

This jean camp shirt has a nice medium wash. It is boxy but looked good tucked in.

Denim Campsite tee size Medium

It is OK untucked

Fnally, I decided to buy the teal blue t-shirt. It was $19.99. It goes well with the skirt but it is even better with white capris:

Like it with white pants

Capris (old) from Ann Taylor
I bought those capris two year ago at Ann Taylor and they are my go to pair in the summer. They have medium rise with sailor style buttons. The legs are not too narrow which makes them very comfortable for everyday wear. They are thick cotton and not see through which is essential with white pants. 

Lucca Sandals from last year
I bought those Lucca sandals last year, they are comfortable and I like the heel. I wish they were leather lined.  The color is pretty. They look better with pants or capris because they are quite chunky and may cut off your feet in unflattering way. 

This year version HERE

Then I had one of those 'Wizard of Oz' moments. You know, when Dorothy discovers that all this time she could have gone back home using the powers of her red shoes.  I realized that I already have the perfect top to wear with the paisley pencil skirt. It was in my closet all this time.  
Very old jean tee from GAP

It is short and fitted, perfect with a pencil skirt
That's All Folks!

Do you like any of the Madewell t-shirts?

Do you sometimes search for the perfect item only to realize that you already have one in your closet?

Please share, it would be no fun without you!!!


  1. Too funny - happens to me all the time! I love the skirt! A
    I also own the Luc as in the same colour (bought them in taupe too on sale) and agree - wish they were leather lined!

    Like the tee at the end!

  2. first of all i love that pencil skirt!

    and how wonderful to find just what you needed in your closet already. yay!

    i have not tried anything from madewell although i like what i see.

    1. Thanks Janet, this skirt is very Americana in a good RL way I think. And yes it is great to find exactly what you need in your closet. I should probably look there first, lol.

  3. I hear you about having the perfect piece to complete an outfit right in the closet, but overlooking it! I need to try that denim tee. Thanks SO much for these reviews, as always!!!

    1. You welcome Rynetta! The denim tee currently shows sold out but they have popbacks too.

  4. That is a really cute denim shirt and it looks like it could also be worn as a jacket over a tank.

    The skirt looks great with the shirt and a bit more subtle than it did in the review photos, more like the perfect shirt. I like that tee from Madewell with the short horizontal stripes. Other than the Liek wedges I don't think I've returned anything to Madewell but I am only buying a couple of things here and there.

    Great post!

    1. I never thought about wearing this shirt as a little jacket but I will give it a try, thanks for the idea.
      I am really liking Madewell better than J.Crew these days,never thought that would happen.

  5. Haha, this post cracked me up! One of my former roommates looked into my closet once and said, "Exactly how many black shirts do you own, anyway?" I realized that she was onto something, and have since made sure to ask myself "Do you already own this top?" whenever I try on clothes. LOVE that skirt on you - good purchase.

    1. I know. I always gravitate towards similar things and many times realize that I bough the same thing I already have in five versions. Lol about black tops.