Friday, April 20, 2012

J.Crew New Arrivals Fitting Room Reviews (Part II)

This is a continuation of my J.Crew New Arrivals Fitting Room Reviews.

No. 2 pencil skirt in seersucker

Size 4
The skirt fits TTS, I took my regular pencil skirt size 4 and the fir was perfect. I loved the pockets and the skirt felt very comfortable. The zipper in the back is hidden. If you scroll down you can see this skirt tried on with few other items which should give you a good idea how it will look.

Ring-around eyelet top

The blue grotto color of this top immediately caught my attention, it is so pretty. I tried on size Medium which is bigger of my two t-shirt sizes but I think it would have looked better in Small.The fit is rather boxy and not very flattering (at least in Medium) but the eyelet texture adds interest , I think this top would look great with a pair of white capris.

Top size Medium

Navy Paisley shorts
Shorts size 6
The navy paisley shorts are not yet available on the website but thought they were very nice. I absolutely do not heed another pair of shorts but if are in the market for longer shorts these may be just the thing for you, The paisley print seems similar to last year orange paisley skirt only in navy. Not sure how long those shorts are but I would say maybe 7 inches. I might be wrong of course, I would swear the Porcelain Paisley skirt was at least 24" but kikky cee says it is only 21-22 inches :(

I took size 6 in shorts to try on and it was a good looser fit, I did not want them too tight.

$69.50 98% cotton, 2% spandex.

Whisper Gauze Peasant Blouse
Size M and huge
They did not had size Small so I took the Medium but it was huge. I should have tried XSmall. But truly, I should not even show you those pictures, I think this is the worst fitting top I tried in along time. I actually thought it was cute on a hanger, but after trying it on I wouldn't wear it if they paid me for it.

It. Is.Just. Hideous.

$69.59, 100% cotton

Another unidentified top with lace/embroidery detail.

Now, this top I really liked. I thought the fit was great and I liked the neckline. It was not too low. It came in other colors, I remember the lighter blue and white I think. I thought the orange one looked great with the shorts.

Top size Small

$52, 60% Cotton, 40% poly. Lace 100% cotton, lining 100% silk
Funny, I don't remember it being lined, maybe it was only the front? I remember that I thought it felt good against the skin.

Vintage cotton V-neck tee in bold stripe

This was another of my 9yo picks, and again I was surprised that I liked it a lot. Like Gigi said, I have to pay attention to the youth. I was afraid it would be too neon but it wasn't super bright, just flattering.

T-shirt size Medium
I took a Medium so I would say it fits TTS to small.  It is rather thin and see through but still , I liked it.

$34.50, 100% cotton. Nice but overpriced.

Lemlem scarf that I don;t see on the website

Add caption $125
This scarf has pretty color but it was too bulky, especially for summer. It was just way too much fabric  and it felt a bit rough against the skin. Definitely not my thing and for this price I much rather get a DVF scarf (with 25% off that you can probably score somewhere, sooner or later).

I liked the seersucker skirt and the lace orange top the best. I wonder if the same top in blue would go with my Raj Paisley skirt...

I have ordered the Altuzarra for J.Crew Patricia dress and Featherweight cotton cardigan in colorblock ( in yellow and pink) to try on and review.

I also ordered some items from Madewell and I have visited Banana Republic, where I bought couple of items with my 40% coupon (thank you Gigi!) and I have to say their new arrivals were very interesting.


That's all folks!

Do you see anything you like?
Please share, it would be no fun without you !!!


  1. Thanks so much for posting all of the great pictures of the upcoming releases. Love the eyelet top in that gorgeous blue and the paisley shorts and orange lace top look very promising, too. My wish list is getting long! I agree with you re: the red striped top. It's horrible!

  2. Thanks for your hard work ajc!
    I always size up for shorts too, hot and sweaty with the waistband digging into my midriff does not make for a happy Tabs.

  3. I like the seersucker skirt, very nice. Nothing is grabbing me from this roll-out, I guess my crewlade is running out. I can't believe it.
    It's still cold here and I'm wearing my navy cashmere Brora dress and wellies!

  4. loving the seersucker skirt. it looks so preppy but not too young. i agree with tabs, thank you so much for this info and pics. you're such a doll. xo janet

  5. I am with Dani, there is nothing in this rollout that I need to have, at least from
    the online pics. I have last year seersucker skirt that I still love (I actually like the exposed zipper in the back) and I really love the outfit with the striped bow top but I don't like to wear silk tops in the summer. I actually like the factory new arrivals better because the prices are more manageable.
    The one thing that I really like is not online: it's the new Brompton mini-hobo in canvas in a cheeta print. Did you see it? I like it a lot.
    Thanks for the pics and hard work ;-).

  6. I am interested in the ring-around eyelet top, but I will have to try it on. The fit seems like it might be off for me. Love the seersucker skirt, but will pass for lack of need. I am all about the sandals right now. I am in love with about 4 different pairs in the newest catalog. I'm craving the yellow flat ones and will probably spend my money in that direction instead of clothes next. Thanks for the reviews, they are appreciated!

  7. Where's the special? These $50-$70 tops are really awful..the quality truly looks like F21. No reflection on you or your choices, I think they just don't have a lot to love lately.

    Skirt is nice on you!

  8. Great photos, it's nice to see the newest items because they were not in the store when I visited last night. That baggy striped top is a mess and you are brave for showing the photos but we all know it is the top that is terrible and not you. It's probably going to look adorable styled online so you'll save some people from making a mistake I'm sure.

    Like Dani and sweetsy, my crewlade has run out lately. I did get the Valentinas last night, succumbing to sale impulse shopping for a change but at least could try them on first. Nothing else appealed to me even though I tried on about 20 items. The scarves looked promising but the wool/silk were itchy and others were polyester, which was a huge disappointment. I don't care for the current direction so I'll save my pennies for the next rollout.