Monday, April 2, 2012

All In The Family

Did you get anything from Bloomingdales Friends and Family sale?

I have just received pretty substantial bonus at work and my husband suggested that I use some of it to get something nice for myself. I really don't need anything and at first I wanted to be noble and just pass on it, but of course, the idea was planted in my head and once there, it kept nagging at me. I thought I should buy a designer purse or a piece of jewelry, something I would never normally buy. But it turns out I am not good at splurging. I looked at Marc Jacobs bags that I thought I wanted, but when it came to it, they just did not seem to be worth it, after all. Plus, I realized I would be embarrassed  to carry something that expensive, it is just not my style. 

I always liked the Bloomingdales F&F sale, because it is quite inclusive (although it does not apply Marc Jacob) and they carry many of the brands and styles I like, although I usually cannot afford it. During the sales they also have some sale popbacks in single sizes and with extra percent off those items are a total steal.

So here is what I ordered. I don't intend to keep all of it but I have a store near by and their returns are no hassle, so if I was already placing an order I can try a few things. Seriously, I hope I don't just LOVE everything. I am planning on selecting 2-3 things that I like the best.

I have blogged about my DVF dress (HERE) and when I did, I linked to this Spring 2012 dress. I thought I would like to try it.

DVF Julian Floral Print Silk Jersey Wrap

I did have a black evening clutch on my list. I thought this little number from Marc by Marc Jacobs (included in F&F discount)  may be just the thing I needed.
I also wanted to get a new Theory longer black jacket for some time and I caught this one on sale for $290 plus 20% off. This is a great price for Theory, comparable to J.Crew jackets but I really like the fit of Theory much better.

Theory Risea stretch-wool blazer
I also loved those little wedges when I saw them on Free People website, so of course I quickly checked if by any chance they also sell them at Bloomingdales and they did! I loved this color block concept and I remember last year pair of similar Fendi shoes that I fell in love with. Fortunately for my wallet, they were sold out everywhere in my size.  I have a good experience with Sam Edelman shoes. They are reasonably priced for quality and style. I wanted a pair of nicer sandals with the heel that is not too high.

Sophie Mini Wedge Sandal

I love the colors on this DVF scarf but I am wondering if it is practical for me. I don't usually wear scarfs when its warm. And I think this would work better if you mostly dress in neutrals and need to add some color, but I use a lot of color as it is. But since I was already placing the order....

DVF Whisper Silk Scarf

I also fell in love with this Tie Neck blouse from Alice + Olivia, but the price is outrageous and the discount would not apply.

Alice + Olivia:

Then I found this as a substitute:
White House Black Market:

What is interesting, is that while Alice + Olivia blouse is listed on their website as '95% rayon 5% spandex, dry clean only', the White House Black Market Blouse is '100% Silk. Dry clean'.

Of course I will have reviews once I receive the items.


Did you get anything at Bloomingdales F&F sale?
What would you buy if you could splurge a little?
Which item you are most interested to see a review of?

Do you think the WHBM blouse looks like a good sub for Alice+Olivia?


  1. Hi AJC!

    I do NOT like to shop in Bloomingdales B&Ms, as beautiful as some of them are. Now that I am so used to JC, department stores just totally overwhelm me (with the exception of Nordstrom, which for some reason does not give that feeling, wouldn't you agree?). But I love F&F for stocking up on basics online. I am a total flip-flop girl in summer (I'm from Hawaii where they are daily necessities -- and also why so many of us have unfortunately wide feet!) so I got a bunch of havaianas and tory burch flips. I also got four pairs of the Sam Edelman Gigis for when flip flops just won't cut it -- they seem to get good reviews, but I've never had the chance to try them on for sizing -- easy to return and free shipping so not much to lose. My picks were several very cute color combos...

    I love your DVF picks -- cannot wait to see them on you!

    1. Oh, I only wish I lived in Hawaii, must be awesome. I have never been there, I have to remedy that at some point. I love flip flops and have to try the Havaianas one day, xoxo reviewed them last year and I almost bought them, but I have too many flip flops as it is :)
      Sam Edelman shoes fits about the same as J.Crew. I do get overwhelmed in department stores but it is good sometimes to try some new options.

  2. I love the DVF dress as well as the sandals and handbag. I can't wait to see them on you. I want a new handbag very bad but can not commit to one. The problem is all the ones I want are 2k and up and I can't make myself do it.
    I bought the cutest Tibi dot dress but it was to large and they sold out of the smaller size. I also bought two pair of Reva's as well.

    1. I should have the review of the dress on Thursday, let me just tell you, I am in trouble :)
      I can never spend more than couple hundred dollars on the handbag, I get bored with any after max 3 years. I use blue patent Coach bag, black messenger BR bag or saddle brown Kate Spade as my day bags, I am pretty satisfied with them. But for some reason I did not have a black evening clutch. Last time we went to NYE party I had too get a $7 bag from TJMaxx, the chain snagged my dress in several places :(

  3. hi ajc,i love the DVF dress and i think it is totally worth the money.
    i had the marc by marc jacobs purse in a larger size(the natasha)and i really liked the style and quality.
    if i had some extra money i would buy a purse and even though my chloe was a splurge i do not regret it.

    1. I wanted this DVF dress from the moment I saw it on the website. I absolutely do NOT need another dress like this but I could not help myself. I was hoping it will look horrible on me.

  4. Wow, you got a lot of beautiful things. It's going to be tough. I usually get clothes from a French brand Comptoir des Cotonniers which has a stand at the 59th Street Bloomingdale's in NY. It's such a huge addiction for me I won't even tell. I think you got a great deal with the Theory jacket because I find their clothes better in quality and cut than J.Crew especially their blazers and pants. If I were to splurge I'd get anything from Comptoir des Cotonniers or a purse from Chanel but hey it's just a wish because isn't Chanel excluded from F&F.

    1. Joelle, I just saw Ema blogging about the brand, this was first time I heard of the but I checked the website and I was drooling, drooling I tell you. Just what I need, thanks ;)
      Of course there is no discount on Chanel, but with so many knock offs everywhere I don't want the real thing anymore.

    2. AJC,
      CdC is my fav brand right now, they're owned by the folks of Uniqlo I believe. Their past fall/winter collection was phenomenal, their spring/summer collection is beautiful but not as beautiful as last year. I blog about Comptoir des Cotonniers if you are ever interested.

  5. You look so good in the DVF puzzle piece dress you featured, I'm sure this one will look fabulous on you too. I've been looking at the DVF scarves online and I'm curious to see what you think of the one you've ordered. Saks had a huge dress markdown today, including some DVF dresses. The Tamara that I featured on my blog is about $100 off now. I need to develop more patience. :^(

    1. Thanks, xoxo, you have quite a collection of DVF dresses!
      I went and checked but I don't see the markdowns at Saks, why? Is my dress on sale? I think they would give me price adjustment...

    2. I don't see your specific dress on sale, HERE is the link to the dress event. There are two pages of dresses and I don't see the Tamara dress so it must have sold out. The Takara dress is not in the dress event but it is HERE although only left in size 14. The dress event was posted by simplydreaming in the comments on my last DVF post.

    3. Sorry for multiple comments. I see that the Tamara dress @ Saks is now listed as "in store only" so it did sell out online. I haven't shopped at Sak's online since moving to Canada but I will have to watch their sales from now on! Heaven knows I am not finding love with J.Crew.

      Anyhoo, I look forward to your reviews!

  6. Congrats on your bonus! I'll bet the DVF dress looks good on you. Looking forward to seeing that.

    1. Thanks Gigi!
      I just got the package today and yes I LOVE it, will post on Thursday.