Thursday, April 12, 2012

Style Crush (featuring few Brora OOTDs)

I have not done an OOTD post for some time, but I have been taking pictures and today I decided to post the ones that include Brora.

Brora is famous for their cashmere and I have quite a few sweaters from them, including cardis, v-necks, crewnecks, t-necks and even a luxe cashmere robe, about 10 pieces in total.  I can vouch for their quality, pretty colors, great fit and excellent customer service. Their cashmere has minimal pilling, is soft, fully fashioned and drapes well. The only problem is the prices are pretty high, even on deepest sale, their basic v-neck or cardigan is more than $150, when you include shipping. The shipping charges are high but when you ship to US the VAT is removed.  This is even more attractive if you buy more than one item.

Their customer service is stellar. When you call, you get the actual human being pick up the phone and they are very accommodating and helpful. The items arrive within about a week to NJ, and I never had to pay custom charges.    

There are three categories of items that I buy in multiples from Brora: sweaters, dresses and thermals. Today I will focus on the first two.


The red cashmere sweater below is my most recent acquisition, from this year January sale. I wanted a red v-neck and this is absolutely perfect medium red, similar to maraschino cherry or chili color from J.Crew.

The fit is on the slouchy side and I know a lot of people were complaining that Brora's v-necks from few years ago had better fit. For what I wanted it is perfect and I wouldn't like a fitted red v-neck, but you can see the older fit in the pink sweater further down.

Current version HERE

I usually take size 12 UK when I want looser fit and this is no exception. I order 10 when I want more fitted garment.  This works for me in Boden, Brora, Barbour and Charles Tyrwhitt. 

v-neck jumper in crimson, size 12

Below is another Brora v-neck, this time in pink dahlia stripe.  This actually is an older sweater, that I bought on ebay for very little money. It is size 10, shorter and more fitted, perfect to wear with pencil skirt.
Goes great with bright dahlia wool pencil skirt

Size 10 and more fitted

The fit of those older sweaters is beautiful,  they follow my curves and are nicely nipped in the waist. I have a black v-neck that has the same fit, you can see it HERE

The stripes are more playful and I love them either with a black skirt or going monochromatic with bright dahlia. I get many compliments on this outfit every time I wear it, I think it cheers people up.


Aside from cashmere, Brora makes beautiful dresses, often using Liberty prints and almost always with nostalgic/romantic/old fashioned vibe.  I have to admit that my Brora dresses is a fantasy buying for me.  IRL, I like to wear clothes that are more modern and urban, but I like the idea of wearing romantic, old fashioned dresses, it makes me feel I am softer, gentler, more feminine and more balanced person that I really am.

Another reason is I want to be more like my friend DaniBP, a person that introduced me to Brora. I have a crush on Dani's style, very lady-like and 'growed up'. Dani and I have a lot in common, so it is easy for me to forget that my style maybe a little different, but on the other hand, it is good to try different hats on. After all, this is what fashion is about, making us women we want to be...

Here are a few of my Brora dresses. I actually have quite a collection and let me tell you, they are not getting enough love from me (that they deserve), but this is what happens when you buy for your imaginary self.

Brora Liberty dress from last year

Size 10, close fit

This is my kind of print

The dress above is my favorite Brora dress and something I feel like myself when wearing. It is still available HERE  on clearance. The Liberty print is subtle and reminds me of denim. The fit in size 10 is great, but it does tend to show every lump and bump.  I am wearing a slip underneath, which helps a little, but Spanks would be even better. 

Liberty carnation print, similar HERE and HERE

Size 12, it is self tied in the back
The dress above is from two seasons ago and I had it shortened about two inches. I like it, but not as much as the blue dress.  Those dresses are also super comfy and perfect for wearing about everywhere. I like it even better with black tights, boots and cardigans in the fall.

The last dress is my least favorite of the three, I think it may read a little mumsy with the ruffle and wrap style but it is very comfy and the berries print is just scrumptious.
perfect for the beach???
The picture above may seem a little strange with wearing boots and all on the beach but it was taken in February at the Dead Sea and I just came back from Jerusalem where I needed to be covered up.

Size 12, needs a pin or a cami, here is one also from Brora

All those Brora dresses were bought from clearance, and they were about 40GBP, I think they were definitely worth the price.


Do you like Brora? 
Have you bought anything from them or are planning to?

What do you buy for your imaginary self?


  1. Oh I love Brora too, but it is pricey and is a splurge for me even with a shop in Edinburgh. Funnily enough a red Brora sweater is at the top of my list for next autumn/winter. They are all so friendly in the shop too.

    1. It is definitely pricey and I am trying not to even look. DO they have in store deals or better than online sales?

  2. Thanks for the mention and you know what it is fun to emulate another persons style and we do have so much in common, now I am finding myself leaning towards items you would buy, like a red pencil skirt and those red Valentina pumps! See it works both ways!
    I agree that the Brora dresses are great and I don't wear mine enough either. I have actually ruined my mallard green Brora dress in the washing machine, I can't believe I did that. My other Brora dresses are stored in a special box and even if i don't wear them all the time I wouldn't give them away, I think they are heirloom quality.
    My run at Brora is complete as I have enough and the majority of my winter things (cashmere sweaters and mohair skirts, a tweed suit) are all from Brora. I don't need to buy more because they last and last and are so classic in style. So everything I have bought has been an investment.
    My run is also over because of the duty my husband was charged at Christmas on my gift: $400 on a gray cashmere sweater, navy cashmere sweater dress and navy pattered wool wrap. So now we are both terrified to ever order again! But because I have lots I don't mind.
    I am happy you also love Brora and that red sweater is the PERFECT red.

    1. Dani, I sympathize with the huge duty paid. I no longer order from Boden as the last shipment was a king's ransom in duty. I know Brooks Brothers adds quite a bit of duty as well so now I am shipping to a service in Oregon (no sales tax state) and forwarding to Canada. Nine times out of ten I am not charged any duty using USPS. Of course I have a bunch of things shipped to my hotel in Texas that I'll pick up next week. There is sales tax in Texas but it's a lot less than duty and the shipping is cheaper too.

    2. Thank you Dani, I think there is nothing wrong in inspiring each other :)
      OMG, $400! My husband would have a heart attack, he would think this is already too much for a gift, never mind the duty/taxes!

  3. I've almost purchased that stripe sweater before on ebay! It looks wonderful on you. I may have to start stalking it again. Thanks for the sizing info too.

    1. Kristin, so I was probably lucky that you decided not to pursue. I had my highest bid set up much higher than I paid but I have no competition. I don't remember exactly but I think I got it for some ridiculous amount, like close to $20.

  4. I am cracking up at the dead sea picture. When I was there it was soooo hot (May) that I can't even imagine being dressed. I love the sweaters and the first dress. I need to check it out.

    1. A, I am cracking up myself, I took the pictures at home but didn't get the colors right with no enough light and then I remembered that I already had pictures in it. When I saw the background I hesitated but I thought you guys can use some laughs...

  5. Your sweaters and dresses look luxurious. I love Brora scarves but the clothing is not my style. I have started a collection of the puckered plaid chartouches and wore one almost every day this winter.

    When I first saw the beach photo I thought perhaps you were standing in front of a sign but then I saw your shadow in the sand. At least in Israel no one would look twice at you fully-clothed on the beach. Well, maybe some tourists might but the locals wouldn't bat an eye.

    1. Thank you xoxo! I love Brora scarves but I don't wear scaves enough to justify the high prices, especially without seeing them in person, since scarfs are all about the right color imo.

      Yes, nobody batted an eye... I was shocked by the temperature change between the Jerusalem and the Dead Sea it was at least 20 degrees difference and I didn't bring the bathing suit. I did changed into shorts, cami and flip flops later on.