Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Cotton Cardigan in Colorblock and Altuzarra Sabrina Dress

This cardigan was the first thing that caught my attention, when I perused the new arrivals on J.Crew site last Thursday:

Featherweight cotton cardigan in colorblock
I like the colorblock effect and the pink/navy combination is one of my favorites. So I have asked for measurements, decided I needed size M and promptly placed an order. I did not think I would keep it at full price, but I wanted to try it on for the blog and in case I would want to stalk it in the final sale one day.

The colorblock effect did not disappoint me IRL.  I love navy and this is a great way to wear neon pink, since the navy tones it down and separates it from being next to your skin.

Size Medium
I also guessed the size right, I think Small would be too snug.
Fit TTS to slightly small
It looks good open and closed, but I had trouble coming up with styling ideas. The vintage bateau t-shirt was accidental, I just happened to be wearing it, when I received the sweater, but I think it actually works. I can also see it with navy striped top or white top, the way it is styled on the website. I think pink would be a little tricky to match, but maybe a white/natural t-shirt with some pink/navy design in the middle?
Navy tones down the neon
The cotton on this cardi is indeed featherweight, it is very thin and airy which may make it a perfect summer layer, but I think it would also be prone to developing holes quickly.
With vintage bateau (in olive?)
I liked the yellow version of this cardi with the tonal stripes of vintage bateau, that tells me the navy one will look great with navy striped top. But bear in mind the yellow hue is pretty acidic and neon, as well.

Very thin and see through
It definitely is very see through, especially in lighter colorway. It also tends to show any lumps and bumps you may or may not have.

Overall, I am returning it, for now anyway, I definitely think the price is too high for a very thin cotton cardi, you are only paying for the colorblock design here.


I was also curious about  Altuzarra for J.Crew collection and I have ordered both Sabrina and Patricia dresses. Sabrina dress was in stock and I just received it yesterday.

Altuzarra for J.Crew Sabrina dress
When I asked for measurements I decided to order size 8 since the chest measurements was listed at only 36.5", waist 30.5", hips 42" and skirt length 24.75". 

Size 8
This was a good call, as I think 8 is probably the best size for me. Best, does not mean that it fits well. It looks better in the pictures but irl the measurement just under the bust is too wide and because of that my breasts are 'falling in' with not enough support. This would probably be better in size 6 but then the cups will not be big enough. (Full disclosure: for the sake of decency I did pick the most modest looking pictures)

It definitely creates cleavage

The hip measurement is proportionally large but I did not find it sticking out. Nevertheless, I think this dress would look better on those who are pear shaped and small busted.
I think it would be ideal if you are a B or C cup. This dress is meant to be used without a bra as it has a build in corset and boning on the sides. It does have the bra snaps but it seems silly to wear a bra and it would have to fit the mold. I was not able to fit a bra under it. I think this is best if you happen to have right proportions and can wear it without a bra .

The straps were slightly too long on me. The length was perfect, fell right to the knee ( I am 5'6).

Back view attempt
The dress seems very well made and the lining felt very silky.  The top portion of the lining is cotton and the skirt portion is polyester. I thought cotton lining of the bodice was a good choice.

inside out

bow detail

I think you could remove the bow detail if you think it is too cutesy since it seems to have gingham fabric underneath. I think the pencil silhouette and the fitted style prevents it from being too "Dorothy" or too young.  hoesIt you remove the bow that will also give you an option of wearing it with say brown or black belt to offset the Wizard of Oz effect (also, don't try wearing red Glitteratti shoes with it, lol).

I would wear this dress if it fitted me correctly. It does seem well made and the fabric is very nice to touch,
Is it worth the price? Probably not, I would think it will go on sale because it will mot fit most people correctly. So if you are lucky to have the right proportions and you are patient you can probably score it for less. Of course, it will also depend how many of those dresses they made.

That's all folks!

I will try to post a review of Altuzarra for J.Crew Patricia dress tomorrow.
What do you think?
Do you like the colorblock cardigan?
Are you contemplating Sabrina dress?

Please share, it would be no fun without you!!!


  1. Although I died when I saw the navy/pink colorblock cardi, I agree, the featherweight cotton is not the best (see-thru, clingy & fragile). I have one or two sweaters & did not plan on adding anymore to my closet. Still, I'm so drawn to it the navy/pink combo. Maybe on sale. :)

    The Sabrina dress looks nice on you but can see where the 'cup runneth over' for top heavy ladies. :) I like the thought of it but wouldn't try it for myself due to the Wizard of Oz connection; it just gives me the Dorothy feeling even if no one else thought so (but I would be thinking they were thinking it even if they didn't say it).

    Thanks for the reviews and I'm looking forward to the Patricia review! I did order that one but it hasn't arrived yet.

    1. I wish they would make the same sweater in slightly thicket cotton, it would have been perfect.
      I can see how you can have the WoO associations, I usually stay away from blue gingham but for some reason it did not bother me on this dress, I think because of the shape.

  2. thanks for the review,my fingers are itching to order the pink/navy cardigan,but i will wait for a sale:).
    i also have nominated you for the sunshine award,see here

    1. Thank you so much Ina!!!
      I am pretty sure it will end up in sale for less than half the full price.

  3. Great reviews ajc, thanks so much!
    I agree the cardigans are way overpriced but they are nice. The color combos are terrific.
    I think I could wear the Sabrina dress, I am a 32 A or B cup depending on the bra manufacturer. I also have a 37" hip so small busted pear right here.
    I like the dress, I think it has a rockabilly/ Liz Taylor look to it. I'll keep my eye on it in case it goes to sale.

    1. Dani, I thought of you when I tried the dress on, I think it would be perfect on you and it should fit you properly. I hope you can score it on a deep sale in a month or so.

  4. Thanks for these photos and reviews. I am pretty sure that the dress will not work for my shape. I wish there was a way to stop it en route and return it. LOL

    I saw the featherweight cardis in the B&M last week and you are right that they are like the bling-button from previous years. I really like the weight but they are definitely prone to holes and they lose their shape pretty quickly too, especially at the cuffs. The color combos can be easily replicated with separates.

    1. I am afraid it will not work for you xoxo, (but it does not hurt to try) I think not enough support with no bra and not enough room to wear a bra :(
      I saw that Cass twas able to wear a bra, when I tried it the big portion of the bra was showing. I wish they would make it in bra sizes I'd love to skip the bra and with the underwire you could, but it would have to fit just right.

  5. The cardigans are very cute, but that thin fabric always stretches out and drives me crazy!

    I can't wait for your review of the Patricia Dress! Do you like it? I ordered it the day it came out on the website and mine still hasn't shipped!

    1. I have other cardis in this type of cotton and they only last few times before they stretch out of control and look sloppy.

      I love the Patricia dress, working on review post right now.

  6. Thanks for the reviews. I couldn't wait to get my navy/pink cardi and was underwhelmed when I opened the box. Too thin, too snug and just not right. It is unfortunately going back. I have a pink tissue thin cardigan from a few years ago and it is wonderful, but this just didn't feel like it would hold up well. The dress is so cute, but I'd never get it to fit the girls so it was an immediate pass for me. Items with defined bust seams are can be a very tricky fit.

    1. Same here Julie. I received them in the office, I tried them on, folded them and put them back in the plastic bags. When I took them out again in the evening they were really badly crumpled mess, I think not even on sale, it would be totally disposable and I don't need more of those.

      About the dress, exactly. Like I replied to xoxox, they would have to come in bra sizes, wouldn't that be nice?

  7. your cardigan looks great on you! Nice colours :)