Thursday, April 19, 2012

J.Crew New Arrivals Fitting Room Reviews (Part I)

Yesterday, I posted a preview post with pictures from the May rollout. I have called my PS, to find out more about prices and dates, but so far I have no other info. She is going to check it out but for now they were only sample items not available for trying on or sale and the prices/dates are unknown.   At least I confirmed that the pencil skirt in the first picture is in fact a pencil skirt, not a dress folded down, like some of you were concerned.

I realize this is a bit anticlimactic after yesterday's pictures and wish I could have tried on all of the items pictured yesterday. As soon as I have an update, I will let you know about the prices, and if I have ability to try them, I certainly will.

Here are the items I was able to try on:

Silk bow cami in stripe

Silk bow cami in stripe

This blouse also comes in floral (same as pencil skirt you can see below) and purple. I tried my regular size 6 and the fit is good but you need a strapless bra.  I think a racerback is questionable because the strip of fabric around the neck is very narrow, but I did not have one on to try it. That is a deal breaker for me but if don't mind the strapless bra it is a pretty top. Will also look great with a cardigan or blazer.

Also comes in floral and solid

Untied it works too, I think

$98, 100% silk

Café capri in geranium lace

There is quite a few new versions of cafe capri: leopard, anchor aweight, seersucker, orange red silk with purple diamonds and this one in lace.

Capris size 4, TTS
The fit is TTS, Like other cafe capris. I am wearing size 4 in the pictures and it was a good fit. I woudl not have picked them for the fitting room but my daughter who was with me insisted that I tried them on and I was pleasantly surprised taht I quite liked them. They were also rather comfortable but I would be afraid they are easy to snag.  That said they seemed pretty sturdy, just my general idea about lace pants.

Lace detail

$148, 80& cotton, 20% poly, lining 100% cotton.

Lace Top in Jade Green

This is a nice top with textural interest. The color is TDF.  I was happy to see something else than the flag colors.  This would probably match the Casbah print factory skirt.

Size M fits well so TTS to small

$69.50, 100% cotton

Striped mint green t-shirt. 

Again, another item picked by my 9 year old and rather nice and flattering. I shoudl probably pay more attention to her advice. The scoop is pretty low but not indecent. It felt very soft and draped well.

Size Small, TTS

$39.50, 88% rayon, 12% polyester

Linen mint cable sweater

Pretty color but fits big and rather shapeless. I didn't plan it this way but it actually makes a nice outfit with the striped tee and the capris.

Size Small

Thin and very see through

$79.50, 100% linen


Links to other items from this rollout I reviewed:

printed Summer scarf

Scarf Review

No. 2 pencil skirt in garden floral

Schoolboy blazer in linen
Maritime anchor dress

Lucille dress in scalloped eyelet

Other items I like from this rollout:
Featherweight cotton cardigan in colorblock
 Stripe Kari maxidress
Colorblock silk V-back dress
Altuzarra for J.Crew Patricia dress
Margate purse

Since the Altuzarra dress and Colorblock Cardigan seem to be getting some love, I have asked for measurements:

The Altuzarra for J.Crew Patricia Dress in size small:

a front bodice length of 37",
a shoulder width of 14.25",
a chest circumference of 36",
a waist circumference of 35",
and a hip circumference of 40".

The size Medium has
a front bodice length of 37.875",
a shoulder width of 14.75",
a chest circumference of 38",
a waist circumference of 37",
and a hip circumference of 42".

The Featherweight Cotton Cardigan in Colorblock in size small:
a center front length of 22.75",
a shoulder width of 13",
and a chest circumference of 33".

The size Medium has
a center front length of 23.25",
a shoulder width of 13.5",
and a chest circumference of 35".

Hope this helps!


That's all folks!

Do you see anything you like in this morning's rollout?

Do you like any of the items I reviewed?
Please share, it woudl be no fun without you !!!

I wil have more reviews tomorrow including the seersucker pencil skirt, so please stop by.


  1. I am relieved that there is nothing I have to have in this mornings roll-out. I do like the linen tessa top but I won't be buying it. I posted a few things I like but am happy not shopping these days: trying not to be bored with my clothes is working so far!
    Thanks for this post with the links to your reviews, I so appreciate the work that goes into it.
    I have to say I thought of you when I saw the colorblock v-back dress, I can see you wearing that, I think it's gorgeous!

    1. Hi Dani, nothing is a must buy for me as well, although I ordered the colorblock cardigans and Altuzarra dress to try on. That v-back dress is gorgeous an dmy heart skipped seeing it but the the deep back v would make it too complicated for me in the bra department, always a deal breaker for me. I cannot do just those petal things, I need good support. Sigh.

  2. Thanks for the IRL pictures. They are so helpful! The two Altuzarra dresses are on my radar from the new rollout. THat's about it. They are longer and that suits me. Just not sure I want to spend that much on items for casual/weekend wear.

    1. Desert Flower, first of all sorry if I mislead you with the Porcelain pencil skirt, I swear they made it look longer on the mannequin, I am bummed myself, eeven if the shorter length is not a deal breaker but still.
      I have ordered the Altuzarra Patricia dress to try on. It is 37" in size Small. I agree it is too much for a casual knit dress.

  3. Wow you kept yourself very busy in that change room! Thanks for sharing all these - I looove that Alturzarra dress *drool*


    1. Hi Tasia,
      Me too. I ordered it so I will report when I get it but it is backordered until 4/30.

  4. More awesome pics! I was wondering about the striped top, if I should do a pre-order. The cut sounds like the giraffe cami from a few years ago where bra straps are an issue. I like the silk colorblock dress for you. Hope you get to try that on. I like the Lucille eyelet dress, too.

    1. p.s. Yes, listen to the youth. She knows what she's doing ;)

    2. Thanks Gigi!
      I have just used the BR coupon I got from you yesterday. They let me use it on multiple items. I really liked several BR new arrivals.
      I wish the cami had a bit more fabric around the neck that woudl allow for recerback, I have no problem with racerback . Maybe halter style would do?
      Same issue with the v-back dress, I wish I could go braless but it would not be a pretty sight, I think ykwim, haha.

    3. I rectified that situation with the giraffe cami by wearing one of those newer cotton bandeau bras (they often come in various colors along with the neutrals)it's been wonderful and comfortable as well. Oh and they aren't just for smaller busts--worth a check!

  5. man do i Love those pencil skirts. can't wait to see one in seersucker. oh my i bet that is pretty! hope you are having a wonderful day. xo

    1. I will review seersucker tomorrow, it is definitely pretty but rather pricey for this type of skirt.

  6. Thanks for the pics and reviews! I'm not over the moon about any of it...maybe some deep markdowns might change my mind. I like the red/white striped bow cami but having to wear a strapless bra doesn't excite me.
    The one thing that did catch my eye is the featherweight colorblock cardi...hmmm, perhaps. :o)

    1. yeah, I hate strapless bras, they give me uniboob and slide down making me hitch them up all day long.
      I should review the colorblock sweater next week.

  7. I like the lace pants, but not sure where or when I'd wear them and on me they would be too long to be capris. The mint/coral striped tee is cute too

    1. Kate, lace capris were surprisingly nice, alas I have no use for them. Striped top I may get, I don't think I have anything like it, (or at least I don;t remember. Knowing me I probably have 3 similar tops hidden in the depths of my closet, lol).

  8. Thanks for all the reviews and pics, ajc! :) I looked through the new arrivals earlier today, but didn't see any 'must haves', and didn't add anything new to my list, either. I was hoping that the tunic and striped skirt in your photos from yesterday were going to debut, but I guess it's too early for that. Hopefully they'll be in the next rollout. :)

    1. no must haves for me either, I am holding off for the porcelain pencil skirt and the tunic dress but now I am afraid they are both shorter that I thought, boo :(

  9. Thanks SO much for these reviews!!! I think I need that stripe bow top. I always layer with a sweater over sleeveless tops, so the strapless bra shouldn't be an issue.

    1. Rynetta, I am in love with those bow tops. I think it will be perfect with a cardi or jacket. I love my White House Black Market top with the jacket but sleeveless is actually better for that look. But what if you want to take it off? Thinking that I cannot take it off bothers me.

  10. Thanks so much for your great reviews, ajc!

    Boo to the Bow-tie top! Actually, boo to my stupid figure for making it too much of a pain to wear strapless bras :p. I like that fun green lace top, and the Tessa top does nothing for me online but I like it on you irl. I wish I had somewhere to wear the colorblock silk dress - how pretty. I think we'll see blog images later this year of weddings where the bridesmaids are wearing that dress (you mentioned the low V-back situation to DaniBP above...longline bras are the answer when it comes to formalwear, but they're not comfortable enough for every day). I was going to order the white Linen Schoolboy Blazer, but Madewell rolled out a cotton/linen blend version that I decided to try first to see if the cotton blend helped to lessen the wrinkle factor a bit.

    1. Nevermind about the Madewell blazer - I just got the dreaded e-mail telling me that it sold out before they could ship it to me. I bought it *the same day* it rolled out :(

    2. What a bummer Whitney, that was a very nice blazer. I also like the white blazer from Brooks Brothers, but I think it is all linen.
      I have ordered Academy Blazer from Madewell, I really like it but the arms are short, I think they are supposed to be bracelet length (or just shrunken?). I can get away with it because I have disproportionally short arms... I will do OOTD next week.

  11. That silk bow cami is sooo pretty - bummer that a strapless bra is needed with it though.