Wednesday, April 11, 2012

In Search of Comfortable Sandals (Sam Edelman's Sophie Mini Wedges)

It is hard to find a pair of comfortable sandals that are also stylish.

Last week I have received Sam Edelman's Sophie Mini Wedges that I ordered from Bloomingdales Friends and Family sale.

Sophie Mini Wedges
I wanted a pair of comfortable wedges. I like the colorblocked trend that has been everywhere recently. In fact, lat year I fell in love in colorblocked Fendi sandals and almost spent a fortune at Bloomingdales to get them, but they turned out too small, which left me heartbroken, but it was quite fortunate for my wallet.

Sam Edelman Sophie Mini Wedges really remind me of another high priced sandals that I really like, but couldn't afford, this time from Pierre Hardy:

Pierre Hardy Two-tone leather wedge sandals

Sam Edelman Sophie Wedges in coral

Do you see the resemblance?

The coral colorway is gorgeous but I was looking for something else. My other pair of good looking comfortable wedges are the cork sandals from Ellen Tracy. I bought them last year in spring and I have been wearing them a lot. They are perfect when you want the neutral sandal to tone down colorful outfit.

See how they have a different vibe, with Sam Edelman wedges 'toughening up' a sweet print of DVF dress? 

same with a pencil skirt

I took size 8.5, my regular size in J.Crew.

The sandals are very comfortable. The wedge is only 2.25 and my foot was secure and not sliding. They have decent amount of cushioning and the zipper in the back lets you slide into them without undoing the buckle. I love this feature!

I like how they add a little pop to an outfit, especially in black/brown version and they go almost with everything in this color combination. With the discount, the price was reasonable and I don't feel like I am spending a fortune on something that is rather on the trendy side.

I think they are a keeper!

What do you think?

Do you like the colorblocked trend in sandals?

What is your favorite pair of summer sandals? 

Please share, it would be no fun without you!


  1. The sandals definitely give the dress a different vibe. I tried some wedge sandals from Madewell recently but they didn't work out but I do have some wedge espadrilles. In general I much prefer heels. My Chie Mihara Dura sandals are the hands down favorite.

    Is it sandal weather in your neck of the woods already?

    1. it is not yet a sandal weather here but I hope it is close. I love wearing sandals and my work place is casual enough that I can wear them. I don't have anything similar to SE wedges.

      I do have a couple of Chie sandals and they are great. I love your Dura sandals, they are beautiful!

  2. Those sandals definitely reflect the colorblocked trend, I love them on you! My favorite pair of sandals are actually from a rather unknown Spanish brand Argila, they're not wedges but flats similar to some of the flats seen at Madewell. I'll def have to try the wedge at Bloomingdales. Thanks for the review.

    1. I have few pairs of flat sandals but the like the ones with heels or wedges because I can wear them to work. I have to check out Argila, I never heard of them...

  3. Those are very cute sandals but they look better with the skirt than with the dress IMO (too many colors I think but I am a matchy-matchy person. For example I hated the look in the catalog with the gondola-striped skirt, the blue linen sweater and the green sandals, I was tempted to take my daughter's staples and color those shoes blue or red).

    1. Thanks Ema, I hear you on the matching... I am a former matchy matchy girl but I have warmed up to the not matchy styles but I agree it sometimes just looks random, there has to be something unifying the look... To my eye the dress is fine with the sandals especially with a black purse. I also have the kate Spade purse with exactly the same brown as the shoe strap, I thought that looked good too with a black bracelet.

  4. Utterly love them! Rats I bet I can't get them here, the camel and black are such a classic combo, I think you'll get years out of them.

    Now I have to go check out the look Ema's talking about!