Thursday, March 22, 2012

J.Crew New Arrivals - March 2012

J.Crew updated their website with some of the new arrivals.

Here are the pictures and  links to the pieces that I have already reviewed:

Mini delicious apple short

Apple shorts review
Tippi sweater in orchard print

Apple Sweater Review
See it on Gigi  and  AppGal 

Also see it on Gigi , on Ema,  and on shopwithM

Café capri in foulard

Foulard capris review

See them on Ema

Zip-front T-shirt dress

See it on Rose

Hilary dress


 Rope necklace tunic tee

Rope Top review

Polly popover in engineered-stripe crepe de chine

Popover in cerise ikat


 Chambray top

Chambray Blouse Review

You can also see couple of OOTDs I already posted with the chambray blouse.

Bright eyelet tank

Scalloped tank review
Linen dot popover

Polka dot sweater review
Also See it on Ema and on AppGal

Talitha Popover in feather paisley

Talitha Review

Popover in java floral


Gondola stripe top

Striped Silk Top Review
See it on Ema

Do you like anything from the new rollout?
What are your favorites?


  1. Thank you so much - this is incredibly helpful and you just saved me some money and time on returns!

    I love the eyelet tank top, I may have to get that one.

  2. What a great post, putting it all together for us. Thank you!
    I love the chambray blouse that you bought, seeing it online this morning I must confess I bought it too!

  3. Thanks so much for putting this all together -- super helpful!! I tried on the chambray blouse yesterday and think it might be a must-have for me as well. Nice option for when I don't want to wear a button-down chambray.

  4. Thanks. This is great. I really like the chambray blouse (it will be mine eventually) and the eyelet tank. No doubt the apple print is cute and whimsical, it is just not for me.

  5. Very cool. I think a one stop quick overview or IRL photos is so helpful!

  6. Thanks so much! I agree that the IRL photos are very helpful...picked up the Gondola tee last night and thought about the apple shorts all night. Yes, I just hit 40 but I love them too much---I think if I size up I can pull them down a little lower on the hip for more length: and I too love dots so I just ordered the polka dot skirt.

  7. Great post! I love that chambray top. I wonder if it's going to be tight in the shoulders, could you tell? I tend to buy a 10 in J. Crew button downs because I need the room in the shoulders, but then it is too roomy everywhere else. But I hate when my shoulders feel trapped. I think it will be gone by the time I finish debating with myself about it lol.

    1. Hi cate, I actually have relatively narrow shoulders, so often I habe the opposite problem, I think you will be OK though, becasue it is not supposed to be fitted, I think it drapes better when it is slightly oversized, contrary to button downs which look better when they are slightly fitted.

  8. IRL photos and reviews are always so helpful so thanks for sharing! I'm not getting "the feeling" with J.Crew lately but I am finding some great pieces elsewhere these days.

  9. Thank you so much for doing this, ajc! It is very much appreciated! :)

  10. Thanks much ajc, I really want the polka dot skirt and foulard capris, tried them on myself and loved both, just not the price!! :(.
    Thanks always for the great reviews

    1. Hi guys, I enjoyed reading everybody's picks and comments. ANd if I helped anyone, I am very glad, I had fun doing this!
      As for my picks I am watching the Hillary dress, foulard capris, and I am drawn to the apple shorts, however juvenile they might be. As you may know I already bought chambray blouse and eyelet tank.
      My PS has just emailed that the next collection is going to be in GSP store on Tuesday!!!
      I will try to make it there next week and report for you...