Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Joining the Navy

No, you don't have to worry about me getting sea sick or getting discharged for wearing non regulatory high heels.  I just separated my reviews by color.

Cotton v-neck stripe sweater
Fits TTS but it is rather short and boxy. I felt like it added volume and was not flattering. It also felt heavy but that's just the nature of cotton I guess. I was trying a Small. I am not sure if the sleeves are supposed to be 3/4 length, but on me they fall to my wrists. I have relatively short arms so bear that in mind. Maybe a Medium would look better..

Cotton V-neck sweater in stripe

Size Small
Apple print scarf
Nice and soft but I wish the color was more vibrant. It is a washed out orange irl.
I wanted red, so I preferred the dotted red scarf that is not online yet, I will have a picture of it tomorrow..

Mini-prints scarf

Mini-prints scarf one more time

Unidentified dress
The dress below is not online yet, or maybe it is a store only or part of the next rollout. It looked horrid on the hanger, I don't know why I even picked it up.
 Sydney patent sandals in Poppy 
reviewed HERE.

But once on, it looks quite pretty. Because it is so plain, it would be very versatile. Just change accesories, add cardigan etc. It is also totally office appropriate. Has pockets, nice length and the skirt is not puffy

This is size 8.  It has pockets!

with Patent leather skinny belt
Overall, I really liked it. it is $138.

Unfortunately, as far as the fabric content,  it is 100% rayon, lining 100% poly. This makes the price a way too high. But it does drape nicely. I would consider getting it one it goes on sale.

Fabiola Dress in abstract leapard (not navy, of course, just an odd dress out)
The fit is fantastic and the print is nicer irl than online. There is a lot of purple specs in it and it is quite warm and flattering against the skin, despite having a lot of the lime. I think it can be worn quite casually. The fabric is a seersucker type and it feels soft and comfortable.

Fabiola dress in abstract leopard

Size 8. Pockets!

Cleavage check
It is not very revealing on me, I think sizing up helps, especially if you don't have a tiny waist.

Side view check: passed, no puff!
See the Fabiola dress on Ema HERE.

Are you tempted by any of these? Anything else from the new rollout on your wishlist?


  1. I just bought the Fabiola dress in black since you look so great in the printed version. The print is a little too loud for my office. I'm intrigued by that full-skirted navy dress as well...would love to see it in red.

    1. I cannot wait to see it on you Whitney, please do a review on your blog, once you get it. Hopefully the fit is the same in solids, you never know with J.Crew. I am tempted by the blue version.
      When I was leaving the store, I noticed that the navy dress also comes in lime, so maybe there are more colors.

  2. Ah that navy dress is just the sort of summer dress I'm looking for, I really like the fit of the Fabiola on you too, I'd love that in a plain.

    1. That's what I was thinking, it is perfect but pricey considering it is a rayon.

  3. ahhh, that navy dress! why didn't they make it in cotton? why????

  4. I couldn't try that navy dress because they were completely sold out of 0s and 2s at my store, I guess people like it! I have my share of navy dresses so it for the best probably. The Fabiola looks great on you, but I am resisting! (thanks for the shout-out)

    1. I wonder if they will have it online and if it will come in other colors. I can imagine that people do like it, it seems very simple but in fact it is not that easy to find such a simple dress with flattering fit. I think I may buy it, rayon or not, once we have at least 20% off.

  5. I'm with Janet, I just cannot deal with the fabrics these days.
    Thanks for the reviews ajc!

    1. You welcome Dani, I wish it was either cotton or silk.

  6. Your reviews are always so helpful and how you manage to take such great photos is amazing. I find it very difficult but I'm usually at home with poor lighting. Can't imagine what DH would think if I set up some photographic lighting in the hallway. LOL

    I contemplated the Fabiola but I don't think it will work on my figure since I need to size up and the skirt will be too voluminous. The navy dress looks comfy but again the full skirt is the deal breaker. It's a pain trying to offset a top-heavy figure. I suppose if I had a smaller waist it would be easier.

    1. I take many pictures and a lot are discarded. I do have four windows in our bedroom and a big mirror, so that helps. On more dreary days I use the office bathroom but I try to avoid it since I sometimes feel funny about it and despite a good light the background is not too pretty :)
      For the Fabiola I think it would work for you if you can take an 8. If you need to size up to 10 it would be baggy in the hips, I think.
      I have a problem with full skirts and dresses too, for the same reason as you but I find that when the are soft and drape well so they only look slightly a-line I can pull it off. The key is that they don't flare our at the hips. If they skim the hips and don't flare much more than the width of my shoulders I am fine.

  7. Rayon is so F21 or H&M. It's not priced to move at $138. I think $98 would make more sense. Still high, but...J Crew pricing.

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