Friday, February 3, 2012

J. Crew Next Rollout Pictures!!!

I went to the mall last night and of course I had to stop at J.Crew to try some of the new arrivals.
My J.Crew store is a 'concept store' and gets the new arrivals couple weeks ahead of other stores. I was told it is so they can test the customer response and make store inventory decisions.

I was wearing Dove t-shirt - Size Small

I have checked on the new  arrivals last weekend and I have posted pictures with my impressions on Flckr.
If you haven't seen it yet, you can check it out here.

Today, I am posting some of the items I did not get to try previously. Hang on because there is a lot of pictures, so my descriptions will be short and sweet. If you have specific fit questions please let me know and I will try to answer them.

For the purpose of judging how the items run I am 5'6, 135 pounds (on a good day), 34D, 30" waist, 37" hips. I almost always were size 4 in J.Crew pencil skirts and city fit pants, 27 in denim, 6 in high waisted items, size 6-8 in dresses and tops, and I am between Small and Medium in non numerical items.

I tried this t-shirt in green previously (posted on Flickr), this one looks like azalea pink. Quite fluorescent in real life.
Size Medium

I would prefer Small

$45 ?!

I have mentioned this Paisley dress on Flickr when I tried the Talia blouse in the same print and I knew the cut will not work for me but I tried it for this blog. I think the cut is the same as Dolores dress.

Too short

Too high waisted

This is size 6. It looks even worse IRL
$148 30% silk 70% cotton lining 100% acetate, back zipper

I also wanted to try the new schoolboy blazer. I don't like schoolboy cut but the color is gorgeous.

The dress looks better once you don't see the cap sleeves imo

Rumpled, boxy and slightly shiny

This is size 8, they did not have 6

Now, some new arrival sweaters that are already online:
I know some JCAs (pathos?) asked about this Cashmere waffle colorblock sweater:

Size S Runs TTS

Soft and comfy but more fuzzy than other cashmere, pill alert

SA wanted me to try this scarf with it.

The scarf above is pretty but I definitely have more scarfs than I need already.

Below we have cotton waffle pullover in navy . Meh. It is not too roomy, I wouldn't size down.

Basic but comfy, size M

$79.50 and 100% Cotton


Next, new Ripplestitch cotton cardigan in casablanca blue. Runs big and it is thick and heavy. Those cardigans always tempt me with an idea of wearing them on a cool summer night. One problem. There is no cool summer nights in NJ. It is hot and sticky. If you live in a climate where in gets colder in the evening during summer this would be great.

Color goes well with dove t-shirt

$95 and 100% cotton

Better when buttoned up. Actually these are giant snaps, not buttons

I tricked you a little bit with the first picture because this dress was only display, so I couldn't try it on and I have no more details. I think it is jersey but I am not sure. I know many of you like polka dots this season.
I think this is my favorite, but maybe it is because I did not try it on. Am I getting grumpy or what?

It is navy it has polka dots and decent length!!!

Oh, and I checked Eddie Attache bag.

The lack of zipper or secure closure is a deal breaker for me. I would worry that my stuff would get wet if it rains. Too bad as it is beautiful and nice size. I liked the Tillary much better. They had a canvas with blue and red leather version in store for $228. It is bigger than Attache. You can see it beautifully photographed by Fshnonmymind here.

That's all folks. I did not buy anything. Nothing added to my wishlist either. I am surprising myself.
I have rewards card to spend and there is nothing I want. That has never happened before.
I would usually spend the rewards the day they were mailed.

What are your favorites? Have you spent your rewards card if you get one? What is on your wishlist? Please share.


  1. I don't know what is happening to me either but there is nothing I want and I have a rewards card as well. I think I will order the Tillary in blue however with my card, it would come in handy for my upcoming vacay.
    The Tillary is the only thing on my wishlist. The Viv pumps are on sale this morning 30% off and I love them but I have to be realistic: they are probably too high for me and final sale! That'll save me $ anyway.
    Thanks for the reviews ajc!

    1. Dani I usually respond later in the evening but I have to say don't buy the Viv pumps. I tried them when they came out and they are way too high for my comfort level ant not comfortable I don't think you will like them. They are very beautiful but only buy them if you want to put them on a shelf and state at them. IMHO

    2. Thanks for the opinion on the Viv's! I ended up losing out on the Tillary in navy for my upcoming trip, now it's back-ordered until May. Arrgh. I used my rewards card for the mini brompton in the coral, a perfect color for Florida. It should arrive the end of the week, I hope I like it. I'll share pictures on my blog!

  2. Thanks for the reviews and photos, I love a sneak peek. There are only a couple of items I want to try so far and they just the rugby dress and super 120's suiting. I plan to add a careful measure of spring color to my work wardrobe this season.

    Most of the clothes don't resonate with me lately, I feel like a lot of it is too trendy or not the right cut for my taste. The bags are cute but I have sworn off J.Crew bags because I have too many already and need to pare down. There will be a few things for sure, there always are.

    What jeans are you wearing BTW? They look great on you.

  3. Awesome photos & good review-ing. :) I looooove the colorblock Tillary. Hope to get up pics this weekend.

    1. Gigi, isn't the color lock Tilary nice? It is also lighter and cheaper of course. I'd love to see your take on it.

  4. Thanks for the in-store preview! I am going to check out the Toronto store today and see what's new. I am really curious about that polka-dot dress, it looks very nice!

    1. Hi Louise, please let us know what you find. Is that other Toronto location going to work better for you? Yes the polka dot dress looks nice. I hope it is jersey and not overpriced. Although , I have to say that as much as I like the longer length in theory I find it hard to style irl without looking frumpy. It is one thing when you are willowy 20 yo and you make it look ironic. I cannot pull off ironic anymore.

  5. That is so cool that you live so close to the concept store. I think there was another blogger back when who lived near it, and I was always marveling at her photos!

    That dress is darling, but if it is short on you at 5'6", it will be too short on 5'8" me. Sigh. But it is lovely. I also really like the striped tee with the neon, but yeah, the price is pretty high!


    1. Hi Dina, you'd be surprised, the dress may look dry similar on you because I think we have opposite le proportions, you being the model type long shinned and me with longer tights I was surprised couple of times whe I compared your reviews to my look on the mirror.

  6. Hi ajc, today is the second time that I posted a comment and it disappeared. I saw it go up before I closed the page so it wasn't an issue with the verification. Please let me know if I am saying something that offends you or if it is a blogger glitch. You can email me at if you don't want to put it on your blog. Thanks.

    1. Oh I just posted a comment on your log about it, I don't know what happened . I also replied about the jeans, they are True Religion. Sorry about your lost comment.

    2. It's odd that you got the comment in your email but it disappeared from the comments section. I guess blogger ate it. Oh well, thanks for responding on my blog and thanks for the photos and reviews.

  7. you deserve an award or something for this post. i'd never have the patience to do this in a store. thank you!!!!

    i'm new to j. crew but i can say there isn't anything that has knocked my socks off yet that i've seen this season. except that liberty print blouse that i can't afford.

    this is actually great news b/c now we can all save money!

    have a wonderful weekend!

    1. Hi Janet , for me it is easier to do it in the fitting room because i don't have to try things on separately I am doing it anyway. The worst part is the impatient SAs that would constantly ask me if I need anything . I want to say I need you to leave me alone for a moment please. But that would be rude so I keep saying no thank you. Lol. I don't want to guess what are they thinking hearing the constant clicking camera noise :)
      Have a good weekend too!

  8. Thanks SO much for these reviews!!! I always look forward to your reviews!

  9. Thanks for the reviews and pic's! It's great to have another JCrew review blog! :)
    A quick question for you: has JCrew always used the mannequins shown in your picture, or are they new? Thanks!

    1. thanks for visiting! I never even noticed the mannequins, are they freaky, you think?

    2. I don't think they're freaky in real life as much as I think they look down right strange modeling clothes on JC's factory site. Thanks for responding to my trivial question. :)

  10. Great reviews and pics! Thank you!

  11. Thanks for the reviews! Me too... rewards card sitting in my wallet. This has never happened to me before... ever.

  12. I asked my personal shopper about the polka dot dress above. She said it will be called the Elinor dress, available only in navy and "approximately" $148. She doesn't know fabric or sizes or a release date BUT you can preorder. I just don't see the benefits in doing so if I don't know key information. So frustrating with Jcrew's ways recently...

    1. thanks for the update Em, that is simply ridiculous. Preorder 'mystery items'? Why would we? Would they charge approximate amount?