Monday, February 6, 2012

Perfect Fit Color-Block

Initially, I was not a big fan of color-blocking but the trend is growing on me. I still cannot do two brights together and I prefer analogous combination to complementary ones.  For example, I like it the way Louise did it here with the spearmint top and citron skirt, but some of the J.Crew crazy combos are not for me.

Of course, I am most comfortable with neutrals and mine will be the simplest color-blocking you can do, but I have to say it is one of my favorite outfits, maybe because it is so simple.

This outfit looks like a dress from afar but it is a t-shirt and a skirt. It would also look good if you combine the same t-shirt with black pants, don't you think?

I am a big fan of J.Crew perfect fit t-shirts, they are simple, comfy, a little thicker so not see through and they fit me well.  My top is perfect-fit colorblock tee that is currently sold out but still pops back if you are interested.

My skirt is double serge wool J.Crew skirt from 2007 in black, one of my all time favorites but you can get this year's version  here on sale. The necklace is also J.Crew, I think it was store only and my shoes are Stuart Weitzman, because I had them available in my upstairs shoe closet, but the black Valentinas, or any black pumps, will work the same.

T-shirt size Small, skirt size 4

I love this necklace!

 Do you color-block? Are you fan of the trend? What colors do you like to combine? Please share.


  1. I love this outfit! I don't have any color-blocking going on but after seeing this I wish I did. The red necklace is perfect!

  2. Beautiful necklace on you! Lovely :)

  3. What a great outfit, very elegant! The necklace is such a nice pop of colour. I wish I had gotten that colour block tee when I had the chance, I haven't been able to catch it when it pops back.

    Thanks for the blog shout-out!! :-)

  4. I love this outfit! That necklace is gorgeous!!!

  5. Thank you everybody!!! Yes, I think the necklace makes the outfit.