Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Playing Dress Up Thursday

I have only two dresses in my working closet.  When I was picking my clothes for Project 333, I knew I would want one black and one print dress. I love dresses, but I've only picked two because, to me, dresses are somewhat limiting. After all, the dress is usually on outfit in itself and is hard to repeat more than two, three times in a month.

Is two enough?

My print dress is the Terra Paisley dress from (surprise!) J.Crew.  It is one of my all time favorites. I like the fact that I can dress it up or down and I have also worn it many times when I wasn't sure of the dress code. I like the knee length and the fact that it is sleeveless, because it makes it all year round dress for me.

This paisley print has so many colors it works with many cardigans or jackets and also with different shoes.
At the same time it is pretty subtle it is not as memorable. I love bold prints on others but sometimes they make me feel self conscious.

The fabric is 85% silk, 15% wool and lining is 100% acetate. It has a nice drape, feels smooth to the touch and does not wrinkle easily. It has the dreaded side zipper but somehow I have no problem with belts. 

It is a truly versatile dress and here are some ways I have styled it dress in the past:

Going out to anniversary dinner

Summer wedding

Casual in the fall

Pretending it is a skirt

Playing up the neutrals 
To the office
To church

Do you have Terra Paisley dress? What is the favorite way to style it? What is your most versatile dress? If you could only pick two dresses to wear what would you choose? Please share.

Oh, and no bathroom today, I am working from home.


  1. wow that really is a versatile dress!
    love all the ways you styled it.

    i would pick a black dress and a print dress too. i really don't have a versatile print dress like this one though. hmmmm.

    1. Thanks Janet, you made great choices yourself when you selected your 33 items, I remember you always looked perfectly polished but relaxed and fun at the same time.

  2. Great styling. I love the print but don't have it since the colors are not great with my complexion. Prints are tricky for me and I usually play it safe with a solid, plaid or stripe. I have quite a few J.Crew suiting dresses and knit dresses from JC and other retailers. If I had to pick two I would likely pick my JC Emmaleigh dress in navy and one of my Lacoste polo dresses, probably the turquoise.

    1. hi xoxo, I prefer solids or stipes too but there is nothing like a pretty print if it actually works for you. I love my Emmaleigh dresses, the sienna one made it to my 88 list but then lost with black dress. I may swap it in March though.

  3. That is a very versatile dress - great styling options! I don't wear dresses that often but if I had to pick 2 dresses it would probably be my vintage 1960s lace cocktail dress and my J. Crew Winsome dress.

    1. Thanks Louise, I have the Winsome dress too and I love it. You can style it the same way but of course it would be more memorable. I was thinking of wearing it on Valentines Day.

  4. Hi There--super glad I found your BLOG--LOVE how you WEAR YOUR J. CREW--esp. all the ways you styled your Terea Paisley--PERFECTO!