Monday, February 20, 2012

Cheap Treats

Happy Presidents Day everybody! I hope you are having a day off and are enjoying it!

Last week I was busy doing all the next rollout preview posts but I am still doing Project 333 and I thought I will do an update on the few OOTD I have worn recently, in no particular order.


I bought this striped navy boat neck from Banana Republic in January for $25 and I am very happy with it. It is form their Heritage collection and more substantial that my J.Crew vintage bateau t-shirt. It has long sleeves, longer length and more defined waist. I has some spandex in it which is good for keeping its shape but it does make it more clingy and prone to show any lumps and bumps.  I have worn it HERE before, scroll to the bottom to see the outfit.

Size Medium, necklace J.Crew
Hutton Chinos, size 4
I also love my J.Crew Hutton chinos  in beechwood and have been wearing them with everything. They are high waisted so not for everybody but I like that I can tuck in a shirt and it will stay there. Also, higher rise is great in eliminating the dreaded muffin top. You can get them very cheap and although they are showing sold out at the time of this post they pop up pretty often.

there is nothing better than cheap treats!

I added my cheap long cardigan I bought from GAP last year for under $20. I have to say it has been very high on my list of favorite sweaters. It is 97% cotton 3% spandex and I have washed it at least 20 times and it held up very well. It is a perfect light layer and with longer length and ribbing it has an instant slimming effect. I have added my beloved red Valentinas to spice up this otherwise a very plain outfit.

Red shoes make every outfit pop


Another one of my favorites is my wool double serge pencil skirt in Ochre. You have seen it HERE before,  and it truly is one of most versatile pieces that goes with about everything. Here I paired it with Brora lace thermal and Jeffrey Campbell shoes (hurray for Norsdstrom Rack and their awesome coupons and promotions, they were under $20!). The shoes have zipper in the back and you slide your feet in, they are also lined in leather.

wool double serge pencil skirt in Bronzed Ochre, size 4

Perfect shoes for under $20

Brora thermals can be quite sheer, since they are meant to be an underwear. But they are so pretty, I can not resist to wear them standalone with perfect fit tank underneath. I love the lace details, such a nice feminine touch. I bought five of them last year on super sale in January, they were about $25 each and worth every penny.

Brora thermal, similar here

Below is the outfit I worn for Valentine's Day to the office. Bear in mind that my office is very flexible and diverse as far as the dress code, most people do not wear sweats, jeans are usually Fridays only and nobody wears suit and ties but everything in between is good to go. I love those perfect fit ribbon henleys, they don't get much exposure in blogosphere but they are perfect casual wear. This one is in maraschino cherry which is a rare shade of red I can actually wear.
Perfect fit ribbon henley, medium
I am also wearing my 1035 wool trouser in charcoal glen plaid. Too bad they are not lined this year. I am wearing last year's version which was fully lined. My bracelet is very special. My husband bought it for me when he was walking the Camino, two years ago. It is a very interesting concept and you can read about it HERE.  It is called St James way and over 6 weeks in the summer he walked across Spain from Barcelona to Santiago de Compostela. Maybe one day I will do it too, I would certainly love to.


This is another outfit with black double serge pencil skirt and again, my cheap Gap cardigan, this time in black. The skirt is from 2007 and I always say they had even better fit then, with fully fashioned waistband. My boots are also older, I think 2008 Glenbrae? in black. I am wearing a last year tank top and J.Crew pearls which are my fav piece of jewelry. I am cheating a little on Project 333 here because I did not count the tank since I consider it an undergarment. I would not remove the sweater so this was my rationale, I also use it with my camel colored v-neck. 
cheap GAP cardigan again

Is this cheating?


This is my casual Friday outfit, featuring my True Religion jeans and J.Crew striped waffle thermal, another super cheap treat that costed me $14 on sale.  Those thermal actually work for me and I love them. I know may taller, skinnier JCA hated the shrunken fit but they are perfect on me because I have proportionally shorter arms and I am wearing a Medium.
My shoes are patent Stuart Weitzman pumps and my necklace us from Ann Taylor. I usually like to wear nice shoes and some jewelry when I am wearing jeans to the office. A little trick I have with multi strand the necklace: this is actually a shorter choker length and I make it longer by simply hanging it around my neck with one of the strands. 

Waffle thermal in Medium
Choker necklace made longer

That's all folks. I am getting ready to swap some of my 333 clothes and I am debating what to swap. I think I will swap some of my skirts and dresses and maybe a pair of pants. You can peak into what I currently have in my closet HERE.

What clothes do you think you would you swap if you were doing Project 333?
What was your favorite from my OOTDs? Have you shopped the President's Day sales?
Do you have any of the cheap finds like my GAP cardigans that you wear to death?

Please share, it is only fun when you are around!!!


  1. i love your outfit with the ochre pencil skirt,it looks beautiful on you.
    my favorite cheap find are some merino wool scarf,that i have in like 6 colors and wear them for years already.they still look brandnew.
    i received my sunflower bracelet today,you can see it on my blog if youre interested.

    1. Hi Ina! The sunflower bracelet is nice wear-with-everything piece. I bet you will be wearing it all the time.
      Thanks for the review!

  2. I admire your ability to do Project 333. It's something I might consider down the road but right now I am trying to build up my professional and personal wardrobe in a structured manner so focused on that.

    I like your idea of lengthening the choker - very smart. I'm with you on the older pencil skirts, the fit was better and the waistband on the new ones will sometimes roll if I have a really long day sitting at the desk. I love the ochre more than I ever expected, it's such a great neutral to use as a starting point for an outfit. Enjoy your day off!

    1. xoxo, I never thought I could do it but actually it is surprisingly easy, at least at first. I am already swapping quite a few items. The biggest benefit for me was freeing up my mind. This was the point when I started to enjoy what I have and love instead of being on never ending quest.

  3. I just love the maraschino cherry henley, too! I bought it in several colors and it is so versatile. THe double serge pencil skirts look great on you and yes, the 2008 version is so great. I have all the colors they released that year except bright blue... it still eludes me!

    My favorite is the outfit with the glenbrae boots... I love those boots! I wear the Old Navy version of the perfect fit tank constantly... most I purchased for about $4. Love them!

    1. Aren't those henleys great? I guess nobody talks about them because they are such a basic piece but they are workhorses of my casual wardrobe along with perfect fit v-necks.
      I missed the bright blue skirt too, I ordered 2011 version but I just didn't see myself wearing it, it was too bright and I was puzzled what to wear with it because it did not work with the colors I had in mind.