Friday, February 24, 2012


Shoes by Chie Mihara

I had a busy week! I am so glad it is Friday! I don't have any special plans except that we are meeting some friends for drinks and dinner tomorrow. Maybe I will also stop by at J.Crew to review those apple shorts.
But I have to do it tomorrow because in my county everything is closed on Sundays. Blue Laws. This is good for me, and even better for my wallet.   

So this is just a catch up post with some OOTDs that I wore this week. Remember, I swapped some of my clothes so I was a bit more excited to create some new combinations.


Liberty Shirt with Bright Dahlia Wool Double Serge pencil skirt.
I have worn the shirt with another skirt HERE.

Bright Dahlia Wool Double Serge pencil skirt.

Liberty Shirt


Silk Indigo is one of my favorite J.Crew prints, I couldn't believe it was not mentioned when Alexis had a post on top ten prints. This is one of the top five on my list. I am wearing a pencil skirt with GAP cotton cardigan in navy, also seen HERE, snap button elbow sleeve perfect fit tee in navy and Coach wedge booties, later swapped for Repetto ballet flats.

Silk Indigo!

I have changed the shoes once in the office. I would not wear them outside for extended periods of time (and I walk to the train and back so I always need comfortable shoes).  Read below for more about it.

Repettos ballet flats size 40 

I don't mind being matchy-matchy here

I really like the skirt and my shoes happen to be a perfect match for the cobalt in the skirt. I love the print because even if it is a big floral the colors make it unexpected and sophisticated. If I remember correctly this was J.Crew 'interpretation' of Marc Jacobs very similar print. Does anybody remember the Marc Jacobs version?

A note on the fit of Repettos, in case you ever consider them. They run at least a size small. I wear 8 or 8.5 in J.Crew Ballets, I almost always take 39 in Euro sized shoes but these are size 40 an it is a perfect fit. They will mold to your foot, as their leather is extra soft, even in patent. The tie is functional and you can tie them like real ballet flats to adjust the fit. Because of the softness and adjustable fit they don't have a side gap between your foot and the shoes and that's why they look so nice. Bear in mind that the soles are VERY thin, you will feel every single pebble if you use them outside. I always have extra rubber soles added at the cobbler to protects the shoes and to add some cushioning.


Sometimes I cannot decide on accessories. I wanted to wear my polka dot popover with black capris.  I tried few different versions:

All black and white with red purse by Coach

with a pop of green

with a  pop of  cobalt belt

with ' I wear long string of pearls everyday' attitude

even matchy matchy
 Guess which one I settled on? How would you wear it?


After I looked at the pictures yesterday I finally cleaned the mirror. Sorry!  I am obsessive/compulsive about many things but cleaning is not one of them. I am pretty relaxed here. Not a slob but that's just about where I stop. But I do think it looks better cleaned. A little bit.
Since it is Friday I can wear my flair jeans to the office! First I thought of the Dove Tee

But it is still winter!
So I will wear my perfect fit ribbon henley

I even managed to take a (blurry) back view picture!

Hello Beauties

How was your week? Did you pick up anything from the new arrivals? Or before that anything with the 20% off? Please share.

I am planning to post some pictures from inside of my house tomorrow. Would you be interested?


  1. You are so adorable! I love all of these outfits but especially the first one. That combo is to die for.

    1. Hi JCrewJD, I couldn't wait to get reunited with my dahlia skirt to wear it this way.

  2. i really love that liberty print shirt of yours. it looks so good with the pencil skirts. and yes, yes i'd love to see some pics of your place! have a great weekend. xo janet

  3. oh and i forgot to add i really love the black and white polka dot outfit with all the different accessories. they all look fantastic!

    1. Thanks Janet, I just posted house pictures, I'd be curious what you'd think :)

  4. I agree about the silk indigo print! It is gorgeous. I only own one item in that print (a one-piece bandeau bathing suit that I scored at a warehouse sale) but would definitely consider it one of the better j.crew prints. The indigo shoes look perfect with the skirt!

    I love all of the polka dot outfits but I think my faves are the ones with the green and blue pop of color.

    1. You know AppGal, I ended up with the cobalt belt outfit and a black purse.

  5. Of course I love the Chie Mihara shoes, they are always perfect aren't they? I had the silk indigo skirt but only wore it once, I just couldn't work it with my wardrobe. Sold it to another JCA who loves it so was happy about that. Nice outfits, especially like the blue and bright dahlia. Have a great weekend!

    1. I am surprised you couldn't work this skirt, you have so much blue in your wardrobe, but it was probably the big flower print that you didn't like.

    2. It was the brown that really stumped me. I tried several combinations and ended up wearing it with navy but the sweater was so dark next to my face. I would normally add a colorful scarf to offset the dark sweater but I didn't have the right shade of blue and I wasn't about to add another pattern. Some things are just not meant to be. Funny thing about selling it though, the same JCA and I have bought quite a few items from each other and that started it all off. Now, if only we wore the same size shoes...

  6. Love your new header! And the polka dots!!! The silk indigo is a really a pretty print, the brown and blue is so striking. And I'm with you and xoxo, I love my Chie Mihara shoes too! : )

    1. Thanks lisabfashion! Love my Chie Miharas, they are the best to spice up otherwise boring outfit.

  7. Beautiful outfits, boy I don't think I could hack"going" to work I just couldn't put clothes together every day I am such a tinker! I love your casual look too and yes please to house pics.

    1. Hi Tabitha, you know I can hardly do it myself. This work stuff interferes with my life, I tell you...