Thursday, March 29, 2012

Ooops and No More Chances

Oops! I have accidentally deleted my J.Crew April preview part III post. I was trying to edit it from my iPhone and when I went to it again it was gone!!!  Has this ever happen to you?

At least I still have the pictures that I uploaded to Blogger, but I have to recreate my comments. In the meantime I have a post that I have written few days ago but I saved it for later because I was excited to share the new roll out pictures.

So here it goes....

Chance tee w/Lexington

I know so many of us have the stripe obsession, and I for one, am always looking for this perfect striped shirt to add to my collection.

Enter Chance, company that evolved around the striped shirt, what a concept!

Perfect striped shirts with a store behind the brand and cool website, of course I was excited to try them. I needed a navy shirt with white stripes, so I decided to try this boatneck in navy.

It is quite pricey at $68 plus $10 shipping, but if it is going to be my ultimate striped shirt that would make me forever satisfied, it is definitely worth the price, right?

WTH, I took the plunge. After all, I am an adventurous spirit.

Well, the t-shirt arrived in couple of days in a flat envelope that probably costed no more that $3 to mail, but who is counting?

With BR skinny jeans

Size Medium

OK, it is a nice shirt. Feather weight is right, it is what we call in JC lingo tissue weigth, very thin but somehow, probably becasuse it is 100% cotton, not too clingy. What really bothered me was that the seem seemed to be slightly crooked and twisting to the side.  This was driving me bonkers when I first tried it on.

I felt so duped. The shirt is really nothing special and I doubt I would select it in the blind trial. But I have already paid $10 for shipping and I would have to pay to ship it back with insurance and delivery confirmation. I tried to adjust the wonky seam and walked around for a while and it seemed to stay in place, more or less. I really like the color, not a very dark navy but with some teal undertones, that I find flattering with my skin tone.

After some deliberations, I decided to keep it, but I am not very impressed and it is unlikely I will be giving them any more 'chances'.  


My other try-it-out-just-because purchase was a pair of Corso Como pumps from Nordstrom.
I was looking for a pair with nude/black colorblock, ever since I saw similar Zara's shoes on Atlantic Pacific. I needed leather lining, the heel that is not overly high and reasonable price.

The Corso Como 'Del Quilted' Pump seemed to fit the bill.

Corso Como 'Del Quilted' Pump
I never ordered Corso Como shoes, but I went with my J.Crew heel size. In some brands I need a half size smaller, but with the free shipping and the store near by to return to, I wasn't too worried about getting it right.

leather lining and soles $90

The size turned out to be correct. The shoes are very comfortable and the heel is stable. They have a lot of arch support and supple leather lining and leather soles. However, I wasn't thrilled. They seemed to be too wide (I usually don't have that problem) and there was a space on the sides between the shoe and and my feet. I am pretty picky about my shoes and this was a deal breaker, I thought it looked ugly and mumsy. Also I did not like the quilting, I was concerned with that when I ordered and I should have listened to my instincts, they are usually correct.

I decided to return the shoes, no big deal since I knew I will be going to the mall that has Nordstrom in it, anyway.

you can see the space forming on the side

Overall, the shoes were very comfortable and I feel good about the brand. I will definitely try some other shoes from them, as they seem to be reasonably priced for quality and comfort.
I hope they are not always wide.


Have you ordered from Chance or Corso Como?
What do you think about the brands?
Do you have colorblock pumps recommendation?
Where do you get your favorite striped shirts?

Please share, it would be no fun without you!!!


  1. I think you should call Chance, tell them about the wonky seam, and get them to cover the return shipping. I had checked out their website after someone commented on them but was too chicken to order. Thank you for posting your experience, you've saved others from making the same mistake.

    You don't love it, you should return it.

    1. You are right Kristin, I should have probably done just that but I did wear it already.

    2. Tell them you didn't notice the wonky seam until you wore it. You can do much better for less $ IMO.

  2. AJC-Sorry about your new tee. I have found that my $10 tees from Target wear well-especially when I think of what I've spent at other stores. I've also had good luck with Banana Republic.
    I have a pair of Corso Comos open toe booties and they're very comfortable. I think that they're a good value, the brand offers classic and trendy styles and the quality, IMO, has been good.

    1. You know what JulieStyles, you are right about it, Target wears very well and the price is right. I agree about Corso Como, I would try them again, if I liked the style. Compare those shoes to JC man made lining and sole and they are clearly a better value.

  3. I love the t on you, it's great shape or maybe it just shows off your great shape!
    I'm not a fan of shoes like that I have an old pair Chanel flats and never wear them, I don't like the optical illusion of the foot being shortened by the black tips. I think Zara still have something like that on sale just now.

    1. Thanks Tabitha, I like this shoe style, to me it is only the foot that is shortened which is not bad. The Zara shoes are great but they are too high.

  4. I second contacting the company, however I also like the fit on you. I looked up this company when it was mentioned as a source for the cute french nautical tees in another blog. The only reason I hesitated was the price but I thought maybe the high cost is due to the quality. You saved me $ and time. Thank you so much for your reviews.

    1. You are smarter than me monica, I totally fell for their cute website and striped t-shirt timeline, serves me right, lol.

  5. I was eying that same tee from Chance as well, but couldn't pull the plug on such a pricey item. Plus, I have two striped tees from J. Crew which I love and wear weekly. I am sorry that you are not happy with the item. I say call the company and tell them the issue you have with the tee. You want to be 100% happy with your purchase no matter the price. Don't justify why you shouldn't contact the company or return the item. Other than what you said as being the issue, I think the tee looks good on you with your jeans and flats. So easy and chic!