Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Black Dahlia

Black dahlia is what you get when you combine bright dahlia pencil skirt with black polka dot popover. Mystery solved :)

Bright dahlia is one of my favorite J.Crew colors. I have it in the double serge pencil skirt from 2010 and I swear that it goes with everything and takes any outfit to the next level.

I like to match my lipstick to the color of my scarfs

You have seen me wear both the skirt and the popover. This week I decided to have some fun and take it a little over the top, with mixed prints, a belt and a scarf. My shoes echo the color too, although it is more visible irl than in the pictures. The scarf is I believe from last year, or was it two years ago? I really liked this print, it also came in a button down.

Mixed prints

Removed the belt

no scarf

Sofft Shoes
Would you wear it with the scarf or do you think it is too much?

Update on chambray blouse I reviewed yesterday:
After trying in one again at home I decided to keep it and I wore it to work already. I styled it pretty much the same as I did in the fitting room, I just exchanged my Hutton chinos for 1035 trousers in camel.  I am wearing Sofft shoes again. I actually do that a lot because many times I commute in boots and then change, so I keep couple of pairs of pumps in the office and plan my outfits around them for that week.  

1035 trousers in camel herringbone
The color of chambray is perfect, not too dark and not too light.

you can also see my hair with no blow-dry
This is how my hair looks when I don't have time for blow-dry. Many people like it this way, including my hubby, who is a big fan of my curls, but I since I am a bit OCD type, I prefer to blow-dry, so it looks more polished and I feel in control.

The color of the shoes was called Chianti
The Sofft shoes  look almost like ballet flats but they do have a little heel (about 1.5"), lots of padding and leather lining, which makes them super comfortable.

That's all folks.

Do you own something in bright dahlia?
What is your favorite J.Crew color?
Do you straighten your curls?
Please share, it wouldn't be fun without you!


  1. Love, love, love your first outfit!!! The chambray is lovely on you too, and your lipstick always looks perfect.

    Yes! I own some tee's in bright dahlia, & love the color enough to want it in the cashmere but it's always sold out in my size now. I'd love to have the pencil skirt. Yesteday, I created a set on Polyvore which was influenced by a pic of Pippa Middleton in black & purple. Added a photo of a black dahlia, a bright dahlia boatneck, matching belt & bracelet & black sweater & pants. I'm wanting to wear this color all the time lately.

    The blues are my fav., & really love JC's hthr indigo this year. Truthfully, they do color so well I wish I could afford to buy muliple items in a variety of colors. It's hard to pick just one!

    My hair is straight but it does get fluffy & wavy in spots so I use a Hai Straightner on it.

    Thanks for asking! :)

    1. Thank you JustVisiting! I think we like similar colors because I love heather indigo too!

  2. I loved this colour but not sure why I didn't buy it. I think the floral scarf is too much with the polka dots, so I would wear it without it.

  3. Oh, and I spend copious amounts of time straightening my hair... and I have LOTS of it.

    1. it is super time consuming, isn't it? That's whyu I sometimes just leave as it is , my OCD be damned :)
      Aboout the scarf with polka dots, I am sure many of my coworkers are thinking I am into crazy clown look ;)

  4. I actually like the scarf as an accent, but then I am always suffering from the opinion "more is more"! My hair is very curly and I rarely straighten it, except when I go to the hairdresser - it is simply too much bother!

    I love the dahlia colour! I have a tshirt, the lollis and the pencil skirt in cotton that I bought last summer. It is the colour of health to me!

    1. Usually I remove something before I leave the house but sometimes I am like you and decide that more is more indeed.

  5. I loved the bright Dahlia skirt, I actually have the button down blouse that matches your scarf, wish I had the skirt!! I need to get going with more spring colors in my outfits these days, it has been so cold still that I just don't have it in me to do it!!
    As for my hair, I have long curly hair that I very rarely straighten, one cause I am not good at it and two, no time in the morning. The fun thing about my curls is that I was not born with these, the hair is a gift from my son!! My hair became curly after my son was born!! So cool. Enjoy your curls!!!!

    1. I wish I had that shirt, so between both of us we have all we wanted, lol.
      For it was my boobs, after each of my daughters they went up a cup size.
      Now you know why I stopped at two.

  6. I have the lollis as you probably now and I agree they are more versatile than I thought this color could be. It is as to purple as I can do. I am going to copy you and wear them with the polka dots silk tee soon.
    Love the chambray, it looks polished with the trousers.

    1. Oh Ema, I wanted the Lollies badly and then I tried the dahlia capris from last fall but they were too itchy for me.

  7. boy do i love this! no wonder everyone gets excited when i wear color on my blog. there is just something so happy about this outfit. and i really love the chambray on you too, v classy!

    i don't have a favorite j. crew color...yet. maybe one day i will too.

    i do straighten my hair with a blow dryer and flat iron twice a week. it's a part time job.

    1. you know that what I was thinking when I picked this, that it made me feel happy.
      lol about the part time job, so true.

  8. I have that skirt an love it. I also have the wool cafe capris and the Tippi sweater in that color. It's such a great bright happy color. Love both of your outfits.

  9. I love bright dahlia, too, and think the scarf looks great with the outfit! And the chambray top is just fantastic! I think I'm in the minority with the hair! Mine is stick straight but I do flat iron it to get the ends sleek and sometimes curl it. I always curled it when it was long. Funny how we so often make our hair do the opposite of what it does naturally! :)

    1. Kittywitty, this is so true that we always want something different, right? I was lucky that I was in HS in the 80's when the big hair was all the rage, I was totally rocking it Sarah Fawcett style, picture that! It was drawing the attention away from my pimples :)