Sunday, March 11, 2012


I received my order of Cotton V-neck sweaters, Drawstring mini and Pencil skirt in superfine cotton.

Drawstring mini

I was looking for casual skirt to wear on spring/summer weekends instead of shorts or jeans. Something easy to wear, comfortable,  not too short,  not too flimsy and something I would not feel overdressed if I just go to the supermarket.  I saw the drawstring mini on Shopping with M and she gave it a thumbs up (and looked super cute in it), so I wanted to give it a try.

Like the length
I ordered size Small and it was a right call. While there is some room both in waist area and in the hips, I think XS would have been too tight. I also like the length and the weight of the fabric.  I would say it has a sweatshirt thickness, which is perfect for this kind of skirt.

Like the pockets
I am usually not a fan of drawstring waist, as it creates unnecessary bulk if you want to untuck your top and it is still not the best feature here. Pockets are great and the placement is good.

Back View

Side View
As you can see in the side view it is not very forgiving and it shows a little bit of a belly but nothing too terrible. Overall I like the skirt and I am leaning towards keeping it. My doubts are mostly caused by the drawstring.  What do you think?

Cotton V-neck sweater

The other item I wanted to try was the cotton v-neck sweater and after it went on sale I ordered it in navy and blue. I like the idea of cotton v-neck sweater in basic colors, light, comfortable and neutral.  I wanted to wear it with variety of bottoms, skirts and pants. I wanted something basic and not memorable but which will fit me well and have a flattering fit.

Navy size Small
The fit of this sweater is mediocre.  The v-neck has an OK depth and the length is fine but it is baggy around the middle and bunches up. The blue was shorter than a navy. Maybe I need to size up to a Medium and get a more slouchy fit? I actually have a Medium on backorder, so I will compare when I receive it.

Blue Size Small
The color of the blue is very pretty, I thin J.Crew has come up with wonderful rich blues this year and this is an example of it. I am inclined to keep it just for color alone. OK, I know this is not good enough reason. I am undecided but lean towards returning both.

 Pencil skirt in superfine cotton

I recently realized that with all the skirts hanging in my closet in rainbow of colors and prints there was not a single navy skirt. I like the superfine cotton pencil skirt, even if it classified as suiting skirt because it is fully lined and has a fully fashioned waistband. I also like the feel of J.Crew superfine cotton. I have some suiting dresses in it (Emmaleigh and Attache) and some trousers that I really like. It feels smooth and comfortable and does not wrinkle horribly.
With pop of belt
All navy

With silver and yellow
This skirt is very basic but this is what I have been looking for. I took my regular size 4 and it fits me perfectly. It will go with many items in my closet. I got 30% off on it as compensation for my canceled item (again). Those skirts rarely go on deep sale, so I think the price is fair.  This one is a keeper.

That's all folks!


Do you own any the items I reviewed? How do you wear them?
Have you thought of purchasing any of the skirts?
What do you think of the cotton v-neck?


  1. The draw-string stripe skirt is super cute and look very good on you. I like wearing skirts but always feel too dressed up to go anywhere. Great buy!

    1. Thanks Small Town Girl, exactly! Also, I love my jeans but I cannot stand wearing close fitting pants in the summer heat.

  2. Your navy skirt is a great basic, it looks lovely on you, very flattering.
    I like the drawstring skirt and I know exactly the kind of weekend outfit you're going for. Very cozy yet still a skirt. I like it!
    I like it especially with the navy sweater which has a good length for wearing over the skirt.
    Thanks for the reviews!

    1. Thanks Dani, I was looking for a navy skirt for some time and i forgot to look at this one, but it is exactly what I wanted.

  3. I love the draw string skirt, I bought it as well and have already worn it twice. The only thing I don't like about it is how much it stretches out when I wear it, I wish I would have realized it came in an xx-small before I wore it

    1. so looking at the pictures and taking stretching into account, do you think I should get an XS?

    2. I think so because to me it looks perfect on you right now, I am 35 in the hips if that helps any and I will try to take a photo of me in the x-small later and post a link

    3. Here are picture if me in the x-small worn after an hour to the grocery.

    4. I think you are right! thanks so much. I will order XS to compare.

  4. Forgot to say I Love your yellow shoes, would you mind sharing where you found them?

  5. I love the bright blue of the v-neck sweater and bought it at full price. Ouch. It's such a pretty color, but I agree that it's very thin. Also, it tends to show signs of wear very quickly. The directions say dry clean only, and I love the color so much that I decided to follow the directions, but after only being dry cleaned 3 or 4 times, it already looks slightly worn.

  6. The navy Superfine skirt looks great on you! I really hope that these suits go to final sale again before the end of the summer. You're right - they are a much better value than the double-serge cotton! If only they came in more colors....