Friday, March 2, 2012

Elinor dress, Cotton cable sweater and a few OOTDs.

I am still doing Project 333 and this is what I've been wearing recently:

  • Banana Republic gray cashmere sweater with J.Crew 1035 trousers and red patent Repettos 

1035 Trousers in Charcoal Glen Plaid (from 2010)
Banana Republic cashmere sweater
I like this Banana Cashmere sweater. I bought it last year and have washed it several times and it held up pretty well.
If you are curious about Repettos I reviewed identical pair in cobalt HERE. I am wearing size 40 and I am 8.5 US.

  • Brora Mallard dress, J.Crew Floppy belt and pearls plus Joan & David shoes
This dress is one of my favorite purchases from Brora last year. It is cotton/wool blend and lined in silk. The green is very rich and bark with some blue tones. The shape is very comfortable and forgiving. I think it looks good without belt but I like wearing it with my J.Crew suede floppy belt. I also like it with skinny leopard belt. What I also like about this dress is that it is pretty timeless, at least imo. Now, if you haven't heard about Brora you can check them out HERE.  I blogged more about Brora yesterday.
Brora Mallard dress in size 12 (UK)

Without belt

Floopy suede belt in sandy brown
I don't usually wear wide belts but this one is so soft I don't mind at all.

Joan & David very old shoes
My shoes are very old, from the last time around when pointy shoes were in style.  I had them resoled and they are good as new, or better since they are broken in and super comfy.
  • J.Crew Italian Boucle pencil skirt with J.Crew graphic tee and Talbots charming cardigan
This skirt was one of the coveted J.Crew items a few years ago. I bought it, then after some time, decided I am not wearing it enough so I sold it to another JCA. As soon as I mailed it I regretted it and started to stalk it on the website and on ebay. After about a year I finally bought it, alas in size 10, so I had to have it tailored. Since the price was right, I did not mind alteration. In fact, some of my favorite items have been bought too big and tailored. My tailor is excellent and I end up with custom fit.

Commuted in Vintage Roadsters shoes
For some reason I am not a fan of Jackie cardigans, I think it is the knit blend that doesn’t feel right. But I like Charming cardigans from Talbots and wear them all the time.  

J.Crew Fleur de Lis tee 
Imo, this tee has just the right amount of embelishments. I wish J.Crew will make more like that.

J.Crew skinny belt in silver
I have a weakness for J.Crew skinny belts. Name the color, I have it.

Target Merona shoes

These wedges are from Target’s Merona brand. They were about $15 with coupon. For the price they are excellent quality and as comfortable as many J.Crew shoes. I love them!

  • J.Crew Colorblock tee and Hutton trousers

J.Crew Scarf
I am wearing this scarf with everything, it cheers me up.

Hutton chino and Perfect-fit colorblock tee

Love this necklace

Tory Burch shoes


This was supposed to be my post for today but when I was reading the posts on JCA yesterday,  Ema let us know that the crinkle chiffon skirt went on sale and it is currently at $79.99. I have tried the skirt before and I liked it, but I did not think it was worth full price. So, when I found out about the sale, I called my store and had my size put on hold.
Of course, when I went there I had to try some other things on. I did not have time for all the reviews, but I thought I would review couple of items.

size M

Fits TTS

Size Medium

Size Small
The sweater fits TTS. I would get a Medium, this would give me a longer length and more room in the sleeves. I did not care for the sweater, although the color is very pretty. it is rather boxy and I thought it gave me 'love handles'. For a heavy sweater it was a little bit see through at the chest and showed every lump and bump. I am sure it would be cuter on smaller JCAs. I felt like I am too big to pull ot off. Other that that, I liked the knit and the cable pattern. Great sweater, just not on me.

trying size 8


attempting closeup

Didn't know what to do with a tie

I had high hopes for this dress but irl it was a disappointment.  It just did nothing for me.  It fit me fine in size 8. The tie is kind of hard to figure out, I think the dress would have been better without it and you could add the belt instead. I did not like the fabric either, it felt kind of rough and papery. I would prefer that it was a jersey dress, it would have better drape. The waist is not as high as in some other JC dresses, but it still falls above my natural waist. It is not cut too deep, but it did not offer full coverage in the chest area for me, even in size 8, a portion of my bra was showing. However, I think if you are smaller than a C cup, you will be fine. There is plenty of room in the hip area. 
Overall, it was just meh.

I have more reviews coming, including Fanfare popover, Jules dress in fanfareFrances dress in raindrop lace, new chambray Talitha blouse, new striped knit dress and more.
Also, find out if I came home with Crinkle chiffon skirt or something else.

Stay tuned!


What was your favorite OOTD?
What do you think of cotton cable sweater and Elinor dress?



  1. thank you so much for your review of the cotton cable sweater!
    i am still debating if i should order it or not,because the blue color is just so beautiful.
    it helps a lot to see it IRL and get your opinion,because if i order iam stuck with it.

    1. Ina, I think you will look much better in it, you are tiny!

  2. Thanks for the reviews! I am like Ina - was curious about pullover - don't think it will work for me- you have saved me the hassle of returning it!

    1. I was thinking of you and Ina when I was publishing it.

  3. All of your ootd are winners, so I can't pick a fav. Any chance you're wearing the poppy king lipstick in the pic. with the scarf? The bright color goes so well with your black/white/khaki outfit.

    Thanks for the reviews! The cable knit pullovers don't do me any favors either.

    1. This is not Poppy King (not sure what it is, I carry about 5 lipsticks with me at any time, lol), but I do have PK and I like it a lot.

  4. i love the first outfit on you. it looks polished and yet cozy at the same time. does that sweater have 3/4 sleeves and a striped t under it or is it one piece. either way it's a great look on you with the trousers and the red flats are perfect.

    have a wonderful weekend!

    1. This is a long sleeved sweater with a shirt under.

  5. Jealous of that beautiful BR cashmere sweater -- looks fabulous on you. I am debating the cable sweater; love, love, love that color but those heavy cotton sweaters usually end up languishing in my closet. Thanks for the reviews; anxiously awaiting the fanfare popover review.

    1. I don't buy much from BR but some of their items are my favorites. And of course you cannot beat the prices once they have those 40% coupons stacked with 25%.
      Yes, I never wear those heavy cotton sweaters anymore.
      I loved the Fanfare popover, I am working on review.

  6. I like the first one too. I have that Savon Fleur de lys tee and I agree it's one of the best that they made. I also like the colorblock tee on you.
    I agree on the polka-dots dress, it is a bit dowdy. Did you come home with the Fabiola, maybe?

    1. Thanks Ema, I called to cancel my backorder of Elinor but it just shipped, another return to make. No, not Fabiola although I like it a lot.

  7. 1) Oh, you have Repettos!!! I want Repettos. I've gone through 4 pairs of black ballet flats in the past decade and I keep telling myself that if I just pony up the cash for THE black ballet flats, they will last longer. And yet I keep trolling Zappos for the cheapos....
    2) I posted it on my blog: my Merona shoes like yours were soaked through in a freak thunderstorm and were totally ruined. I tried to get another pair, but they were sold out :( I miss them.
    3) J.Crew used to have the cutest graphic tees! I don't know why they decided to switch over to grammatically incorrect French ones. My favorite is a gray one with "England" written in black sequins over a map of England. I used to be able to wear it all the time when I worked in DC, but I can't at my current job.
    4) Thanks for reviewing that cotton cable sweater. I always get tempted by them, but then I put them on and I'm like, "Oh look, my stupid chest looks *even bigger*." Will now remove it from my wish list.

    1. Love Repettos, they look so cute and tiny, everybody always compliments me when I wear them. Oh no, the Merona shoes, some shoes at Target are great!

  8. Great outfits ajc. Of course I love the pencil skirt and cardigan, one of my favorite all-time looks. The Jackie cardis used to feel a lot nice but they are still OK, unlike the Jackie pullovers, which feel creepy on my skin.

    I suspected the cotton sweater would be a bit bulky with that chevron pattern so thanks for the review!

    1. Thanks xoxo, yes it is bulky. Chevron, not cable, you know your stuff:)

  9. Oh, the Frances Raindrop Dress! Please post a review. It looks gorgeous.

    1. I just did. But it may not be what you think :)

  10. ajc, thanks for all your great reviews and posts! thanks for the chuckle too, that dress is somethin' else!

    I too, have been lusting after a pair of repettos for the longest time. Do you have a good source on where to buy them? besides paris?!


    1. I got my Repettos from, they have great sales!

  11. LOVE your red patent Repettos. I just bought this pair of Red Tory Burch flats;

    Great post, thanks for sharing.