Friday, December 21, 2012


I love monochromatic and tonal combinations. Come to think of it, just this week you have seen me in all black and gray (twice) and all brown. I usually don;t wear much green, but it seems like when I do, I just go green head to toe.

It is the kind of green that I like the best, with blue/teal undertones. I think monochromatic makes every color seem like neutral. Wearing one solid color helps to elongate your frame and draws the attention to the face and the person. I think it is better if the color are not exactly the same but have similar saturation level and the same undertones.

Of course you have to use your judgment how literally you can take monochromatic. I think green tights would have been too much but I like the green-on-green necklace.

I am wearing Brora cashmere turtleneck, J.Crew double serge wool pencil skirt in Viridian Green, Jeffrey Campbell shoes, Barbour Utility Jacket, Hue Tights and necklace bought on my trip to Jerusalem.


This is another outfit that is based on the same principle, this time in pink and purple or, in J.Crew lingo 'Bright Dahlia'.

Again, this is another Brora sweater with J.Crew double serge pencil skirt and neutralized with saddle brown. You have to excuse my hair, but in this picture I am on my way to get it done, so I did not bother.

I have worn this outfit before (see HERE). The only new thing is the tights that I just got at J.Crew. KnitYarns, this is for you (we have run into each other the day I bought them). I love the color and how they match my boots and they are actually much closer in color irl.

That's all folks!

Do you like monochromatic?

Please share, it would be no fun without you!!!


  1. I really, really like those Jeffrey Campbell shoes. The color and the little ankle straps...very cute!

    I usually only go monochromatic in black or gray. If I wear color it always feels like one color isn't enough, haha.

  2. I am with Whitney - love those shoes! I like monochromatic - for me is it easier, but I think it makes me look taller when I remember to do it!

  3. I love a monochromatic look with "good" jewelry, you know, the "state occasion" pieces. In fact, I love a monochromatic look just about any time.

  4. W ladies :)
    Please don;t hate me but the best thing about those shoes is that I spotted them at Nordstrom Rack (year ago) and with some extra discounts they were $18. They are leather lined of course.

  5. Hi AJC, you're wearing two of my favorite colors this year in your outfits! :) I like a monochromatic look too and agree it makes the wearer look taller.