Thursday, December 13, 2012

Chance With Madewell

Sometime ago I have ordered this striped tee after Chance was featured on A Cup of Jo. I was quite disappointed with my purchase.  Partially because, as a sad case of a marketing victim, I was expecting the Holy Grail of striped t-shirts, only to receive, well, a striped t-shirt with a wonked side seam.

I should have sent the shirt back immediately and give Chance a chance to redeem themselves. Possibly, the tee was a one-off defective item, but I was too lazy to bother with it. OK, maybe I did not want to admit that I felt duped, so I convinced myself that I kept it because I liked the colors and the fabric (I do) and that a wonky seam was a part of its charm (hey, who is snorting here?). 

The color is perfect with my Madewell Academy blazer (reviewed HERE).

I said it repeatedly but I love, love, love this blazer (my nod goes to the lovely Rynetta).  I never liked the J.Crew Schoolboy fit and I thought it was because of its shrunken shape, but this one is even more shrunken and it does not bother me. 

I think it is the proportions and the way how Madewell blazer is nipped in the waist, while J.Crew Schoolboy is very boxy on me. I also like that the wool is thinner, shoulder padding is minimal and I have no problem wearing it under my coat or in the office.  

Also wearing a pair of (old) matchsticks in saddle and MacAlister suede wedges in navy (reviewed HERE). I wore this outfit to work on Friday and I liked how it felt casual but still polished due to the blazer.

After all, maybe that Chance tee was not such a disaster...

That's all folks!

Do you have a favorite navy blazer?

Did you ever feel totally duped by clever online marketing?

Please share it would be no fun without you!!!


  1. I'm expecting my first order from Everlane today, and I have suddenly become very dubious, possibly because of all the PR about how wonderful the clothes are. So, yes, your experience with the tee is resonating at my house!

  2. There's nothing like a good navy blazer (except a good black blazer...or gray blazer...). I agree that you can't trust a lot of blog reviews anymore since most of the merch is either comped or the post is sponsored by the brand. Plus I always have to ask myself, "Does it look good on her because it's awesome or because she's a size 0?"

  3. I feel duped all the time by clever online marketing ! Fortunately I don't purchase very many of them, and when I do I can usually I return my mistakes so no harm done. I'm better now about not falling for it, since I think I've found my style and I try not to stray too far.

    I don't wear blazers often but my navy one is from Banana Republic and that was a great price for as often as I wear it. The fit is great. It's not shrunken but it's not long or boxy, just right.

  4. ajc, I don't have a fave navy blazer, I have a collection of them, brass buttons, silver buttons, cotton, wool, tweed, bracelet and full sleeve. I do well with the schoolboys, but have never tried the academy, must investigate. My dream NVB is from Smythe, a Canadian co. that adds great back, cuff and lining details. And it's great to see how much wear you are getting from your new MacAlisters.

  5. It looks like a cute striped shirt but the flaws would annoy me, definitely a return.

    A navy blazer is so classic and goes with almost anything. I like a good, thick wool version that can double as outerwear. The one you have fits you very well.

  6. My favourite navy blazer is from Brook Brothers and I get lots of use as it's classic. I really like the fit of shrunken Madewell on you. Hats off to your daughter . The second picture is so serene and I think you'll have to bump up the allowance.

  7. The academy blazer is awesome on you - I should check that out!

  8. Good to know about this blazer! Love how you paired it :)


  9. Your navy blazer and striped shirt combination is a perfect casual work day look. I do like the schoolboy blazers but know what you mean about the more boxy shape. The academy jacket fits you perfectly!