Friday, December 28, 2012

Knitted skirts

Some time ago I was inspired by beautiful knits from Chloe.

Love this, like the lovely FFM would say. So chic and understated....

This too...

But, like everything from Chloe, way out of my reach in terms of money.  However, I do have some sweater skirts.  They are not based on Chloe designs, but I treat them as a loose, on-the-budget  interpretation.

As you can maybe guess, they belong to 'my mother made this' series.

The pictures are from couple of weeks ago, I just never got around to post them. It was warm that day but in the end I decided to add some brown tights before I left for the office. It made the skirt more winter and office appropriate. It was after I walked my daughter to school, so she was not around to take pictures after I changed. I thought of snapping good old bathroom picture but things got crazy that day and I completely forgot.

You cannot see it in the pictures but the skirt has some flecks of blue in the wool so the combination looks more coordinated irl. The sweater is from Hanna Andersson, I bought it several years ago and I love the color. It is 100% cotton so maybe not as warm but very comfortable. My daughter used to have a matching one, but of course she outgrew it and I didn't (thank God!).


Another sweater skirt I own is more of an a-line. This is a better shape if you are concerned about getting out of shape. Chloe skirts are cashmere but my mother convinced me that cashmere will look lumpy, especially in pencil skirt and we picked more dense and stiff wool. It is not as soft, but it holds its shape beautifully.

This skirt goes with everything. It  has similar shape to Sterling skirt and I like the slight flare, it is a bit flirty and fun.

Here, I went for colorblock effect and I think it works. This outfit was a hit among the ladies in my office. Thank you Mom!

This is also from couple of weeks ago. Right now I will go for a run, trying to get in back in shape to wear a sweater skirt after the Holidays, lol. One thing about them is they are not very forgiving and the lumps are coming back with vengeance :(


That's all folks!

Do you own any sweater skirts?

Have you 'recovered' from the Holiday madness? 

Please share, it would be no fun without you!!!


  1. Love these, especially the second one (although maybe it's because I can see that one better?). Your mom is talented! I still have an Eileen Fisher sweater skirt from a very long time ago. It is long, probably halfway between my knees and ankles, and I am 5'4", so it's not the best look on a short-ish person. I haven't worn it in forever but I continue to hang onto it because I kind of like it.

  2. They are lovely and so is the cotton jumper, I prefer cotton to wool next to my skin. Knitted skirts aren't great on me, my bottom is so flat and it really shows in knitted skirts.

  3. Those are gorgeous skirts. Really they do look made for you, which of course they were. Your mother is a wonder, so talented!
    I wore a sweater skirt yesterday and I'm planning to post on it this morning, I'll link over and we can have a sweater skirt party. Mine wasn't made for me sadly, it is Eileen Fisher and I bought it on sale last month. I do like it though, well come on by a bit later and see!

  4. The brown mini looks so college prep, I love it! Especially with the booties. The grey skirt is perfect for work and I can see why your colleagues found the outfit a hit. It's so nice that your mother creates these lovely things for you, each one unique and special.

    I have a blue merino knit mini from marc cain that is actually lined and a black merino knit pencil skirt from Escada that isn't lined but doesn't itch when I wear it with tights. Both hold up well and are so comfortable. I will probably be wearing the Escada one next week, I think I'll need a stretchy waistband when I go back to work.

  5. I love your sweater skirts. Your mom is very talented, and you put together some lovely outfits. You also have the right figure for them, lucky you! Cashmere is very soft for a skirt, and would pill from the rubbing. Your mother was right. I wish I had someone to knit for me!

  6. You look so lovely in your sweater skirts, ajc! They are both beautiful and extra special having been made by your mother. My mother does not knit, but is a really good seamstress, so I do have many hand-sewn items from her that I treasure. :)

    Thank you for the lovely mention, btw. I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  7. i love these skirts - and your mom is amazing!! you look wonderful in both outfits, and they look so classy yet comfortable! xox P