Saturday, November 24, 2012

MacAlister Boots Review

As you may know, I love blue and navy. So when I saw that the navy MacAlisters were available on sale with an additional 30% off I could not resist them. I have two other pairs of MacAlister type booties and I love them both. I have almost bougth the brown MacAlisters from J.Crew two years ago but then I found the pair from Coach that I liked better at the same price, so I returned them.

Cute navy shoes are always hard to find. These only come in half sizes and I am 8.5 so I originally sized up to 9. But the 9s were way too big even with socks and my feet were sliding. So I reordered them in size 8 and they are perfect with tights. If I wanted to wear them with thick socks I think they will still stretch.

The color is very pretty medium navy that definitely looks blue and not black.They are comfortable and I actually  think I could walk some distance with them. They are not as comfortable as my Coach wedges but they are blue!

They do stick out a little bit in the back of the heel. I like the contrast of the darker shoe with the lighter sole.

Overall, I really like them and I can tell that I will wear them a lot. I loved how they looked with my Gallerista skirt and Madewell Academy blazer.

Also, see another review by Shopwithm HERE.

Here are my brown coach wedges that are one of most comfortable shoes I own. I have spend a day walking in NYC wearing them and I can vouch for their comfort. I am wearing them with my 2007 Gramercy coat in Alpine Green. I have since sold the coat because green is just not for me.

Contrary to J.Crew MacAlisters, Coach wedges are lined and padded and that definitely makes the difference.

Another pair of MacAlisters that I own is the Shearling vesion that they also offer this year. I have bought mine last year but they seem to be identical. I also sized down in these. They felt a little tight at first but they have molded to my feet. They are also very comfortable and warm.

Below is the picture of my first outfit without the blazer. Many time I would take of the blazer at work so whatever I wear under it has to work on its own. I decided to go for a plain blue perfect crewneck and I like the almost monochromatic look.

That's all Folks!

Do you own a pair of MacAlisters? How do you wear them?

How do you like the navy ones?

Please share, it would be no fun without you!!!


  1. fun booties - i've always been curious about them but haven't tried them on. with the sizing issues and returns from canada, i've never bitten the bullet. thanks for your sizing review!

    xox P

  2. I like the booties and I bet they look great with dark tights!

  3. Thanks for sharing this review! I always wonder what these shoes are like - they are so cute and would be great for winter weather while being work appropriate :)


  4. Those are really cute with the Gallerista skirt. I've found they fit TTS (I'm normally a full size, though). I've tried the tan wedges on a few times and just bought the black wedges on sale. I need to make sure I know how I will wear them before I decide to keep them. I have the tan flat Macalisters from last year. I'm not sure if the wedges are "me", though.

  5. I <3 wedges and navy shoes so have thought about the MacAlisters. Suede does make me hesitate about wearability though (Canadian climate and salt on all our sidewalks). Like phiphi, until recently my JC footwear limitation was based in part on no nearby store (shoe boxes are $$ to return from here.) Must try a pair the next time I get to the new B&M near me, that's likely post-holidays tho'.
    As always that Gallerista skirt looks great on you ajc! And funny how many JC blogger faves are the year-to-year classics.

  6. what size are your MacAlisters Shearling wedges?

    1. They are size 8, half size down from my most typical 8.5. They felt a little snug at first but are perfect sfter few wears. 9 was too big, but I am a small 8.5.