Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Everly Pumps Or Talk Me Out Of This

I loved the Everly pumps from the minute they showed up on the website. I tried to convince myself that they are not worth it and that I can certainly get a cheaper version of them from some other retailers, but eventually (after I saw them on Tabitha) I relented and I ordered them with one of the 25% off promos, 'just to try them on' and put myself out of my misery...

By the time I ordered them, they were backordered  forever, but finally, one cold November day, they showed up on my door steps. I gently lifted them out of their black box. They looked just like I was afraid they would.

Oh-oh, I knew I was in trouble. But I still hoped they would be awfully uncomfortable or better yet, too small!

Nope, they were fine. I ordered my regular J.Crew heel size and they are perfect. Even quite comfortable. OK, lets qualify it. No narrow, stiletto type over 3" heel is actually comfortable, in my experience. We are not talking strolling over NYC whole day long here. But I would say they are just as comfortable as a pair of leather (not patent) Valentinas. That is, if the Valentinas were .75" higher. Does it make sense?

As you see, I tried them on one of those shoe bags that came with them, since I know I should return them. I don;t need them. They are still expensive. And I can probably get something similar cheaper.

I know.

But I cannot help but love them. They are freaking gorgeous. It is killing me...

Oh, wouldn't it be perfect Thanksgiving outfit??? But that will make that return gate shut and I did not have enough time to think about it. I often take the whole 60 days...


Capped toes...

These are evil!


.Help!  Talk me out of this, please...


What do you think???


  1. Okay, I am going to be a really bad influence...but I think you should keep them. They make your legs look miles long! And they look fabulous with the leather skirt!

  2. If you think you are actually going to wear them enough and not just stare at them in your shoe closet, keep them. They are special enough to make the "I can find something similar for cheap" argument a non-argument. These ARE the cheap ones ;-).

  3. Well... They are very pretty aren't they? And cap toes are so classic that you will never tire of them, and they add a little something to an outfit. Earlier this week I was in a B&M lamenting to one of my favorite SAs about how uncomfortable the beautiful Monas are, and she said, OH, you MUST try the Everlys! According to her, and backed by the store manager, b/c of the placement of the heel on the Everly (farther back than on the Monas), you feel more balanced so it's easier to walk and more comfortable.

    That said, I think I would actually return them. We've seen your gorgeous line up of Valentinas, which are undoubtedly more comfortable and better for you (feet, alignment, muscle elasticity) and personally, I they they look better too. Plus, although the cap toes are darling, I wonder if they sort of break the line that heels create? And the two colors might just slightly limit their versatility.

    Of course that is just me. Is there something else you would rather purchase with the money you spent on these? If the answer is no, I think you should keep them....

  4. I don't mean to be an enabler, but I have these (ordered them as soon as they came out) and LOVE them. I wear them all the time and get compliments on them everywhere I go. I also agree with Ema, I really don't think you can find something similar for much cheaper. They also look great with the No. 2 in Antique White, just saying...

  5. Not only do I think you should keep them but you have also infected me and though I am sworn off J Crew heels now I want these!
    You have so many outfits for these shoes already, they are so you.

  6. No offense intended for fans of these shoes, but I think the way the cap toe is executed looks cheap. I can't articulate what about it doesn't work for me, but a cap toe pump should have that "mmmm, could this be Chanel?" vibe, and these IMO do not. Maybe on super sale? Cheers!

    1. I sold my Chanels when these ones arrived, they are so much better looking!

    2. Now that is a very well-informed counterpoint!
      Sounds like they must be great IRL!

  7. I hate to be an enabler, but the only con you mentioned is the price. You'd probably spend the same amount on a few clothing items that you will get tired of soon and push to the back of the closet. Keep them, you love them!

  8. I love them! Thank god my feet would not support these!

  9. I love them! Thank god my feet would not support these!

  10. I think they're gorgeous, but I'd be concerned about the white cap getting filthy-I'm a klutz :-) If you can only wear them "car to bar", will you really get enough wear out of them? If you will and you LOVE them - keep 'em.

  11. Replies
    1. I should add that the same thing happened to me with the everlys in electric plaid, an even more impractical shoe, but I cannot bear to send them back!

  12. i think they are super pretty and flattering but i have no idea how much they cost and i'd prob faint if you told me. lol.

    they sure would look pretty in your blog header!


  13. No point asking me after they arrived I sold my black ivory Chanel ankle boots to fund them as I preferred the Everlys!

  14. You are hilarious. That is exactly how I am thinking about these exact shoes. Only I ordered them before I saw them on Tabitha and when I did see them on her, thought, oh good I already have them coming my way they are killer pretty. If it makes you feel better, I spent some hours scouring numerous online sites looking for something similar for lower price. I was not successful and thus I ordered. Oh there were some similar for less money, but they were either with much taller heels or not all-leather construction so I doubt they could compete for comfort.

    I got the shipping notice a couple days ago so I will be agonizing along with you soon.

  15. I agree they are v.pretty, but what about your knees? Not good for them unless you ambulate minimally. Sorry to play the downer opinion here.

  16. I love the style of these, they look so lovely and I'm sure they are the shoes that were initially rumored to be the Manolo Blahnik collaboration. I'm tempted by the deep violet suede version myself, even after my terrible experience with the Valentinas but then again the Vivs have been great but then again they are flats. I saw the suede version in azure in the Houston store and they did not look to be great quality so I am on the fence.

    The cap toe pump is a classic style that you could wear for years, if these hold up. I'm not crazy about the color combo as I think the ivory toe may end up getting a few scuffs but that's just my overly practical self. Good luck with your decision.

  17. I love the Valentinas because the heel height isn't too high. I think the Everlys would be too much for me. I do like the cap toe, though!

  18. Gorgeous. If you can afford them, keep them. I have to agree with xoxo that the ivory toe might not hold up so well, but if you are careful... they are so pretty! The angle of the toe is just perfect.

  19. In the majority camp. If you still love them before the holidays and will actually walk them - not just use them as closet decoration - then do keep them. I find two weeks is usually enough to know if something is a my fantasy life/ retail rush crush or a special occasions/ finishing touch investment.

  20. Thank you ladies for all your input! This helps me to organize my thoughts and weight pros and cons. Well, seems like it is mostly pros, lol.
    I am leaning towards keeping them although I decided NOT to wear them for Thanksgiving just to give myself a little bit of time before I commit. I agree they are classic and I do love them although I worry a little about scuffing the ivory tips.
    Thank you again, I will let you know what I decide soon.
    Happy Thanksgiving if you are celebrating!!!
    I will be away but I have couple of posts scheduled.

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