Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Diane von Furstenberg And The Morning After Dress

Asked by a French journalist back in the Eighties how she came up with her iconic wrap dress, Diane von Furstenberg replied: "Well, if you're trying to slip out without waking a sleeping man, zips are a nightmare." Remind her of this now, and the 64-year-old gives a languid smile. "Haven't you ever tried to creep out of the room unnoticed the following morning? I've done that many times. (, read more here)

My life must be a little less adventurous, because I don't think I remember trying to sneak out unnoticed out of the bedroom in the morning, but nevertheless, my Diane von Furstenberg iconic sweater wrap dress is a favorite in my closet. It drapes beautifully and flatters the curves, miraculously, without showing every lump and bump. I like the color combination of camel, black and white and the abstract puzzle print is easy to wear and timeless. It really does not need any styling and it is fun just on its own, but I like to play with different accessories.

Classic with pearls and black pumps
All neutral with Valentina printed patent pumps

With a pop of color
You can tie it in front, like above, or in the back, like below.

with coral Valentina pumps

If you think that camel washes you out, you can add a scarf in the shade that flatters your skin tone.

Soft color next to the face
Make it more playful with J.Crew dotted scarf
This is a new scarf from J.Crew, very soft, light and fun. It is not online, so I am not sure if it is store only or part of the next rollout. It comes in different colors, I definitely remember seeing a blue one as well. It adds instant playfullness to any outfit and a way to sneak in polka dots in a smaller dose.

Scarf in stores but not (yet) online

As you can see, there is a pair of Valentinas for every one of my outfits, lol. I have ordered the yellow ones that popped back in the sale section yesterday. I told you I am obsessed with them.

What was your favorite? 
Do you own a DVF dress or consider buying one? How do you wear it?

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Joining the Navy

No, you don't have to worry about me getting sea sick or getting discharged for wearing non regulatory high heels.  I just separated my reviews by color.

Cotton v-neck stripe sweater
Fits TTS but it is rather short and boxy. I felt like it added volume and was not flattering. It also felt heavy but that's just the nature of cotton I guess. I was trying a Small. I am not sure if the sleeves are supposed to be 3/4 length, but on me they fall to my wrists. I have relatively short arms so bear that in mind. Maybe a Medium would look better..

Cotton V-neck sweater in stripe

Size Small
Apple print scarf
Nice and soft but I wish the color was more vibrant. It is a washed out orange irl.
I wanted red, so I preferred the dotted red scarf that is not online yet, I will have a picture of it tomorrow..

Mini-prints scarf

Mini-prints scarf one more time

Unidentified dress
The dress below is not online yet, or maybe it is a store only or part of the next rollout. It looked horrid on the hanger, I don't know why I even picked it up.
 Sydney patent sandals in Poppy 
reviewed HERE.

But once on, it looks quite pretty. Because it is so plain, it would be very versatile. Just change accesories, add cardigan etc. It is also totally office appropriate. Has pockets, nice length and the skirt is not puffy

This is size 8.  It has pockets!

with Patent leather skinny belt
Overall, I really liked it. it is $138.

Unfortunately, as far as the fabric content,  it is 100% rayon, lining 100% poly. This makes the price a way too high. But it does drape nicely. I would consider getting it one it goes on sale.

Fabiola Dress in abstract leapard (not navy, of course, just an odd dress out)
The fit is fantastic and the print is nicer irl than online. There is a lot of purple specs in it and it is quite warm and flattering against the skin, despite having a lot of the lime. I think it can be worn quite casually. The fabric is a seersucker type and it feels soft and comfortable.

Fabiola dress in abstract leopard

Size 8. Pockets!

Cleavage check
It is not very revealing on me, I think sizing up helps, especially if you don't have a tiny waist.

Side view check: passed, no puff!
See the Fabiola dress on Ema HERE.

Are you tempted by any of these? Anything else from the new rollout on your wishlist?

Monday, February 27, 2012

Pop of Red

How cute are they?
Yes, I did it! I tried on the Apple Shorts. You have seen them in the window display picture HERE (forth down, styled with the sequin top). From the comments on JCA, it seems like many people were interested in them, so I thought I would brave baring my legs for you.

Shorts in size 6
They have the usual fit for J.Crew shorts, sort of.  I mean, my weight have not been fluctuating much in the last 10 years, but more than 3 years ago I was usually a 6,  two years ago I was always a 4, last year it was mixed 4/6, so maybe this year we are back to 6.  I noticed that with many items, I seemed to go up a size. Is that cutting down on vanity sizes (pun intended)? Or did I just gain weight? But my old clothes still fit me, so I tend to think it is the former. Have you noticed that? Or maybe I started to prefer a looser fit?

Now, I do wear shorts for casual wear in the summer but I think this print would be a little 'too cute' for me.

$54. 100% cotton.
But still, I am tempted. On sale, of course.

'Are you going on vacation?' the SA asked me when I picked up the shorts.
'No' I answered 'I am just ahead of the season'.
'You are smart' she tried to fool me. 'They will sell out by the time you need them.'
 'Or a sucker' I replied  'because they will most likely be on sale by then'.
She ignored me after that.

I didn't want to say 'I am just trying them for my blog'. She might get intimidated.

Just kidding. She would just think I am nuts. And maybe I am (that's the scary part).

Sydney patent sandals in Poppy
I just grabbed these Sydney patent sandals to have something to try the shorts with. They fitted me in size 8, which is smaller of my J.Crew sizes, but they were a little narrow. Quite comfortable. Stable heel. Pretty color, although more orange than it looks on the website. I don't think they are worth $228. Wait, I just ready the copy. Man made footbed and sole? Not even $128, if you ask me. How about $82?

Next, we have another iteration of Talitha blouse, in the same print as the pencil skirt seen HERE. This seems to indicate that there may be other items in this print as well.

I still don't like how it fits on me

This is a size 4, so I'd say size down.
Now, I wanted to show you something cool about the Tillary purse

The strap is attached inside with snaps.

So you can take it off

And you have a clutch - ingenious!
I would totally get this little purse, if I didn't already have one that fulfills the function, see HERE with the polka dot outfit.

I also tried on the Spindrift sweatshirt and new capri pants as seen in the last window display picture HERE, next to the maxi dress.  Again, this looks like a repeated print. The maxi dress dress was nowhere to be seen.

Spindrift sweatshirt
The sweatshirt is a size Small and I liked it. I mean, it is pretty basic sweatshirt but for what it is, it fulfills the function. I would buy it (with some kind of promo) and I could live in those things at home and on weekends. Very useful. Also see it on Gigi HERE.
Foulard print cotton cafe capri - $118
The Foulard print cafe capri pants were a surprising love for me. Surprising, because I usually don't like capris. I find them unflattering on me. But the thing that draws me to them is the patterned trousers trend. I find most of the floral/paisley incarnations too loud and sometimes hideous but I could do this. O yes, baby, I could. Only problem, they were $118, kind of pricey for trendy pants, if you ask me.

You can see the pants on beautiful Ema from 'My closet, my baby and I', HERE. They look great on her!

Close up of foulard pattern
That's all folks.

I have more for tomorrow: Fabiola Dress, some other unidentified (yet) dress, cotton striped v-neck sweater, and more. Stay tuned!

Are you tempted by any of those items?

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Does your house look like your closet?

I think mine does, in many ways.

I like simple forms and minimalistic style, uncluttered interiors that are inviting and comfortable. I don't like anything too fussy, both in my home and my closet. I use my dining table all the time and I need to have a coffee table that would support the weight of my legs. On the other hand,  I also like crystal chandeliers and white lace bedding.  Would you say this falls into 'boy meets girl' , 'tomboy turned fashionista' sensibility?

I love color and if I decorate with neutrals, I like to add a bright accent.  I do the same when I dress. I do not have too many knick knacks and I use pattern sparingly.  Similarly, I don't like to wear more than one piece of jewelry and I dress mostly in solids.  I like older houses, hardwood floors, plaster walls, wood windows, architectural details etc.  I would compare it to my love of good tailoring, natural fabrics and classic styles.

We completely renovated the kitchen last year, it was a nightmare

My house is not decorating-magazine-worthy and my furniture and wall decor are neither designer nor antique, although I do have a few pieces of original art.  Similarly, I don't usually wear designer fashions, but I like to be inspired by the runways and may occasionally splurge on a designer purse or a pair of shoes.

If I have to pick a furniture/decorating store closest in style to mine I would probably be Pottery Barn, even if,  in reality, I do not own many pieces from there (some window treatments, many picture frames and my dining room table and chairs), but the general sensibility is there. Is Pottery Barn is the J.Crew of home decorating? Like J.Crew with its aspiration style, Pottery Barn has built his image on a strong following among those who have a generally good taste and like beautiful interiors but cannot afford to hire a professional decorator. Both have ambition to be more that 'just a mall store' and trade heavily in the business of selling us the vision of lifestyle. It is the middle-of-the-road style, while on the other ends of the spectrum antiques and designer furniture are equivalent of designer clothing and accessories, just like thrift shops compare to shopping at flea markets and estate sales.

When I look at the pictures I realized that even the colors I use in both my closet and my house are similar. Just keep in mind that brown (as in wood) is the black of home decorating. Neutrals with pop of red? And did I say I like blue as a backdrop? This is the navy of my closet. Even if it it is called 'silver sage' in Benjamin Moore lingo.

Lee Industries sofa and chair, Crate and Barrel coffee table and rug

My house is from 1920's (which was my favorite fashion decade, by the way), but my husband made sure all the underpinnings like electrical, heating, plumbing, air conditioning, etc. are super modern and up to date. We have 5 heating zones in this rather small house! Most of my furniture is modern interpretation of traditional forms.  Is this home decorating interpretation of 'classic with a twist'?
Pottery Barn table and chairs, armoire from Craig List

So what do you think? Do you think a lot of people decorate the way they dress? Is that good or bad? Is it boring and predictable or personal and cohesive?

What is your decorating philosophy? 

Friday, February 24, 2012


Shoes by Chie Mihara

I had a busy week! I am so glad it is Friday! I don't have any special plans except that we are meeting some friends for drinks and dinner tomorrow. Maybe I will also stop by at J.Crew to review those apple shorts.
But I have to do it tomorrow because in my county everything is closed on Sundays. Blue Laws. This is good for me, and even better for my wallet.   

So this is just a catch up post with some OOTDs that I wore this week. Remember, I swapped some of my clothes so I was a bit more excited to create some new combinations.


Liberty Shirt with Bright Dahlia Wool Double Serge pencil skirt.
I have worn the shirt with another skirt HERE.

Bright Dahlia Wool Double Serge pencil skirt.

Liberty Shirt


Silk Indigo is one of my favorite J.Crew prints, I couldn't believe it was not mentioned when Alexis had a post on top ten prints. This is one of the top five on my list. I am wearing a pencil skirt with GAP cotton cardigan in navy, also seen HERE, snap button elbow sleeve perfect fit tee in navy and Coach wedge booties, later swapped for Repetto ballet flats.

Silk Indigo!

I have changed the shoes once in the office. I would not wear them outside for extended periods of time (and I walk to the train and back so I always need comfortable shoes).  Read below for more about it.

Repettos ballet flats size 40 

I don't mind being matchy-matchy here

I really like the skirt and my shoes happen to be a perfect match for the cobalt in the skirt. I love the print because even if it is a big floral the colors make it unexpected and sophisticated. If I remember correctly this was J.Crew 'interpretation' of Marc Jacobs very similar print. Does anybody remember the Marc Jacobs version?

A note on the fit of Repettos, in case you ever consider them. They run at least a size small. I wear 8 or 8.5 in J.Crew Ballets, I almost always take 39 in Euro sized shoes but these are size 40 an it is a perfect fit. They will mold to your foot, as their leather is extra soft, even in patent. The tie is functional and you can tie them like real ballet flats to adjust the fit. Because of the softness and adjustable fit they don't have a side gap between your foot and the shoes and that's why they look so nice. Bear in mind that the soles are VERY thin, you will feel every single pebble if you use them outside. I always have extra rubber soles added at the cobbler to protects the shoes and to add some cushioning.


Sometimes I cannot decide on accessories. I wanted to wear my polka dot popover with black capris.  I tried few different versions:

All black and white with red purse by Coach

with a pop of green

with a  pop of  cobalt belt

with ' I wear long string of pearls everyday' attitude

even matchy matchy
 Guess which one I settled on? How would you wear it?


After I looked at the pictures yesterday I finally cleaned the mirror. Sorry!  I am obsessive/compulsive about many things but cleaning is not one of them. I am pretty relaxed here. Not a slob but that's just about where I stop. But I do think it looks better cleaned. A little bit.
Since it is Friday I can wear my flair jeans to the office! First I thought of the Dove Tee

But it is still winter!
So I will wear my perfect fit ribbon henley

I even managed to take a (blurry) back view picture!

Hello Beauties

How was your week? Did you pick up anything from the new arrivals? Or before that anything with the 20% off? Please share.

I am planning to post some pictures from inside of my house tomorrow. Would you be interested?

Thursday, February 23, 2012

J. Crew New Arrivals Online - End of Feb 2012

How do you like the newest arrivals at J.Crew online?

Here are some of the items that I have already tried on and/or reviewed: 

Dolores Dress in Peacock Paisley

Fitting Room Pictures and Review: next rollout pictures

Colorblock Stripe Boatneck Tee

Fitting Room Pictures and Review: next rollout pictures
Additional pictures on Flickr  

Long No. 2 pencil skirt in abstract leopard

Fitting Room Pictures on   if you don't know it by now and comments on Flickr

No. 2 pencil skirt in ultra eyelet
Fitting Room Pictures  if you don't know it by now and on Flickr

Long No. 2 pencil skirt in sovereign paisley
Fitting Room Pictures on if you don't know it by now and  more on Flickr

Talitha top in peacock paisley

Fitting Room Pictures on if you don't know it by now and more on Flickr

Tipped Linen Blazer
Schoolboy blazer in tipped linen

Fitting Room Pictures and Review: Fitting Room Reviews

Stripe twisted stitch henley
Fitting Room Pictures and Review: Fitting room reviews mid feb 2012 part 2
Jacquard Dot Popover

Fitting Room Pictures and Review on Polka dots make me smile

Are you planning to buy any items from this rollout? What are your favorites?
Please share!