Friday, August 31, 2012

White before Labor Day

I have nothing against white after Labor Day.  In fact, I believe winter whites are very chic and pretty. But for now, I am trying to hold on to the ever fleeting last days of summer and wearing as much linen and white as possible.

Scout chinos, perfect linen shirt, Valentina pumps and BR necklace.

J.Crew perfect fit tee, necklace and belt, Brooks Brothers cotton voile skirt and Michael Kors peeptoes.

 J.Crew superfine cotton Attache dress, BR cashmere wrap and Joan & David shoes

J.Crew scout chinos, silk striped top and elephant necklace, GAP denim shirt and  Repetto ballet flats

J.Crew superfine cotton pencil skirt, Talbots slinbacks and BR top.

We will be away for most of the Labor Day weekend. We are planning to go the the beach to spend time with some friends that have a summer house at the Jersey shore and on Monday we are heading for a BBQ with some other friends. 

It should be a nice break from the soccer craziness that recently overtook my house. My daughter will be on a travel team this year and she is currently doing two weeks of all day soccer camp. She will also play recreational soccer which means 3 practises a week and games on Saturdays and Sundays. We just went to a MLS soccer game, my husband is watching soccer on TV, my dayghter is playing soccer in the backyard AND in the living room, by herself, with her friends, with my husband and with even with her stuffed animals! At night I am tripping on soccer balls left in the hallway. 

That's all folks!

Are you truing to use the rest of your summer outfits or are you ready for fall?
What are your plans for Labor Day weekend?

Please share, it would be no fun without you!!!


  1. I know what you mean! I feel like I need to wear my white summer dresses as much as possible now! I don't really want to dress for fall just yet, I haven't felt very inspired too - I'm having too much fun with my summer wardrobe (and shorts!). Sounds like you have a lovely Labor Day weekend planned :) Definitely hoping that I can just relax and take it easy.


  2. Soccer balls everywhere! Oh my goodness.
    As far as the whites go, I love these outfits and I like that you stick to a theme for the week, I tend to do that too without even meaning to.
    Have a fun weekend, it sounds terrific. We'll be moving our son to his apartment and then I'll be cleaning. We're having a party on Labor Day so I've got to get the menu organized for that.

  3. Too funny about the soccer! Good for her - that is a big commitment!

    We arrived back in Paris and it is markedly cooler than last Saturday - could fall be en route soon? I anticipate a few more weeks before I have to totally ditch All of my summer shoes, but we shall see! I think you look smashing in these outfits! Have a great weekend!

  4. Great outfits. I love white, and hold on to my pieces as long as I can. The outfit with the BR blouse and yellow pumps is TDF. Have a great weekend. I was at the GSP store this morning- you are not missing anything! LOL about the soccer balls. My entry way looks like a locker room, despite my best efforts!( No soccer balls- just bat bags , basketballs, footballs and golf clubs year round. No wonder I seek refuge at the mall:) )

  5. Love all of your outfits, especially the last one with the BR blouse and yellow pumps...absolutely gorgeous! :)

    It sounds like you have a lot of fun things planned for you holiday weekend away...enjoy! :)

  6. i'm cramming in the white too! you look stunning in all of these outfits. i think my favourite would be the first, all white on white.

    have a great weekend! xox P

  7. Cannot tell you how much I love your white with everything, those trou look so chic with the pointy toe shoes. I am just getting used to this US rule not to wear white after Labour Day (taken me a while, have been here nearly 11 years...) does it apply in Ca as well? My Southern friends say they won't even wear grey-white after Labour Day, it's ingrained!

  8. Nice outfits! Our "summer" is going strong with likely another month of the highest temperatures we'll have all year, though I do start to feel a little out of place with pure white and linen after Labor Day. I was just about to wear white on white with the very same printed valentinas ... you know what they say about like minds ;) I'm going to ignore the rules, at least for another week or two.

  9. nice you got all your whites in!!

    come and visit me!!!

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