Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Look# 16 Sweater and Grandpa Pants

When I saw this sweater in the J.Crew Fall Lookbook I was very excited about it. It reminded me of Oilily/Room7 knits I used to buy for my daughter (I blogged about it HERE). I always wished they would make them in adult sizes.

I grabbed size Medium to take to the fitting room, because this is typically my size in sweaters, and I usually prefer slouchy to too tight.

Size Medium, sleeves too wide and boxy
When I put the sweater on I was immediately disappointed in the fit. First of all, the sleeves were too wide and the body of the sweater was too boxy, it did not look anything like on a model.

I did like the muted colors and the intricate pattern. The knit on this sweater looks almost like you are wearing it inside out, meaning that you see how the different color yarns are connected.

KnitYarns, if you read this, please help me to explain, I am sure you know what I mean, but I don't know how to describe it properly.

The price is not too bad. Oilily sweaters were definitely more expensive, but the quality was excellent. I don't think they developed a single pill, even after machine washing for many years. I forgot to look a the fabric content of the J.Crew sweater. The knit was quite soft and not itchy.  

This is the inside part of the knit
I decided to try on the Small to see if it would make a difference in fit.

Size Small
It did! I definitely liked the sweater better in a Small.  I would say it runs large and I would recommend sizing down or taking a smaller of your sizes.

The sleeves looked much better in a Small, but it was quite snug in the belly/hip area, so that might be an issue for some. I did not notice much difference in length and I was grateful for that.

Still, I was not 100% sure about the fit and I would like to know the knit content. The sweater did not look like it would pill the next minute, but it was it's first day on the sales floor. I wish I paid attention on fabric content, but maybe somebody did and can chime in.

Overall, I would consider this sweater, unless we will find out that it will pill like crazy. It is unique and sophisticated imo and I think it would work with variety of bottoms. It could be worn with different color pencil skirts, trousers and jeans. It even worked with the checked trousers I tried it with.


Stovepipe trouser in wool check

I grabbed the pants because I thought many may be interested in them, but I did not think they will work for me. In the past, I have bought some similar trousers and they always ended up sitting in my closets, because they read  too much like Grandpa pants, too heavy, too masculine, too staid. 
Size 4 TTS
They are 100% wool and fully lined in 100% polyester. Once I tried them on, I was pleasantly surprised with the fit. They looked different than my other checked pants. The fit is very streamlined and tapered, which makes them look slim and modern, despite the checked pattern, which tends to add visual bulk and heaviness imo.

The colors are muted, dark brown, tan and, I am not sure, black or navy. They would be easy to pair with different tops, I would treat them as neutral.

This picture is a little blurry but I wanted to show you that the back view was not bad either and this is rare for me, as I have no rear to speak of and many pants may sag in that area.

Close up of the colors
In the picture above it looks like there are no front pockets but they are there (slanted) just sewn shut. I would be tempted to leave them like that as it looks very streamlined this way.

Since the pants fit me quite well, I think for those of you who are more pear shaped, you may need to size up and the pants may gap in the waist.  They are a 'favorite fit', so they have a little higher rise. Personally, I liked that, even if I like a 'city fit' too. They camouflage some of the flaws and prevent muffin top from happening, but they do feel more constricting, especially that they are wool and fully lined.

Overall, I loved the trousers but the price on them is pretty steep and I would wait for some kind of discount, sale or preferably both. 


That's all folks!

What do you think?
Are you interested in the sweater or pants?

Please share, it would be no fun without you!!!


  1. First of all, I like the colors of the sweater and of the pants. Very rich. You looks so slender in those pants. That is definitly a great cut for you! As far as the sweater goes, continual color patterning on the front of a sweater requires that the different color yarns used to form a design be "stranded" on the back of the work. This ensures that that there are no excessively long "floats" of a color, which would cause holes, pulling and snagging. If worked at regular intervals, either by a machine, or a very diligent knitter the back strands create their own regular pattern. Therefore the sweater you tried on is, as you correctly surmised, a fair isle type(although not an actual fair isle, as there are more than 2 colors per row) sewn together with the reverse side facing out. Whew. Pretty, although not necessarily my favorite twist on a classic. Definitely more prone to snagging. I bought a similar sweater at Banana Republic 2 years ago, reverse cable work, not color work, and rarely wear it, because it bothers me to hide the pretty side on "inside" of the sweater. Probably more than you needed to know! Anyway, Thanks for your great review!

    1. Thank you Pat! This is a great explanation, I knew I could count on you, you know your knits! You are right it will probably snag. Did you try it? If you stop by this weekend can you check the fabric content? I will probably not make it until later next week.

  2. I also think the trousers are really flattering on you. They might be nice to wear to work once the weather turns, they'd be warm and comfy.
    I'm curious to know the fabric content of the sweater: acrylic, nylon? I can't buy JCrew sweaters any more, I like to give my money to Brora. I bought the aran knit jumper in the tobacco color on the clearance. I had one of these sweaters in ivory 2 years ago but my daughter took it and she has worn it nearly every day since, it looks new and it's so soft.
    What did you like on the roll-out?!

    1. I forgot to take picture of the sweater tag but it was some kind of blend. No alpaca I think because it wasn't itchy. Probably acrylic and nylon :( I will check next time I am in store.

  3. I love the fit of the trousers on you but what is up with the zipper? It appears to be sewn on a curve or something, the pattern does not line up from top to bottom. I just shake my head lately, so many flaws.

    1. Maybe it is pulling on me? They just fitted, with really no room to spare. Did you blow up the picture of the pants on a hanger? To me it looks like it lines up, but you are better at this. You think it is crooked?

    2. I did check the photo on the hanger - opened in new window and enlarged. If you follow the herringbone pattern closely you can see it nips in a bit at the middle of the zipper and out again at the top. It is pulled in closer under the bottom of the zipper fly as well.

      I understand that there are quotas for people working in the factories so perhaps this pair was just sewn in a rush or maybe I'm just overly picky (OCD) but the pattern should line up straight when it's front and center.

      Forgot to mention, I love how you paired the pants with the animal-print shoes. The patterns play off each other perfectly!

  4. Those pants look so great on you! I love the slim fit...and the fact that they aren't cropped is such a plus. I'm more of a pear shape, so I fear they won't work, but we shall see!

    Thanks for all of your in depth reviews, you are such a gem to take time to post all these pictures and reviews.

    1. Thanks Kelley, I don;t know why on earth don;t they make more lined full length pants?

    2. I'm with you. Not only do I need a lining in the winter, I think they drape better and they don't seem to show wrinkles as much.

  5. The pants look awesome on you! I will definatly pick them up in my B&M store... if we ever get any "new arrivals" here on Cape Cod. Thanks for the wonderful review.

  6. Thoe "Grandpa" pants are beautiful, and look fabulous on you. They are quite flattering.... of course you look wonderful in everything.

  7. The pants look great on you. Love the streamlined fit. Too bad they aren't offered in petite. Your reviews are so helpful. Thanks.