Wednesday, August 22, 2012

A Week Of Linen

At this point retailers would only make us think about fall,  but the fact is it,  is still SUMMER!  I tend to always get excited planning my outfits, but it is good to stop and enjoy what I have gathered and planned and were excited about it not so long ago. Trying to live more in a moment...

At least around here in NJ, the temperatures are pretty stable in mid 80s. This is my perfect weather! So forget the double serge wool for a moment!

I am taking advantage of beautiful warm weather in the last few weeks and I have been wearing a lot of linen. Linen is one of my favorite fabrics. I don;t mind at all that it wrinkles, I think that's the charm of it.

Here are some of the linen outfits I have been wearing recently:  

Linen J.Crew Maddie pants and Bazaar cami

I don;t do a lot of purple, but the Bazzar print was one of my favorites. Maddie pants are high waisted and made form a hefty weigth linen that does not seem to wrinkle too much. I love them too.

I am also wearing old BR cashmere wrap and Ellen Tracy cork wedges.

Perfect linen shirt and Porcelain Paisley skirt

I love those linen perfect shirts (as you may know)!  This color combo is my favorite way to wear the Porcelain Paisley skirt. Also wearing Boden espadrilles, easily one of the most comfortable sandals I own.

Again, perfect linen shirt in white and old linen capris. Also wearing Jack Rogers sandals and Kate Spade purse.
Matching earings
I rarely wear bigger earings but I though they actually worked.

Another linen perfect shirt, this time in capri pink! Also wearing Emerson Fry linen skirt plus Boden shoes. It seems a little uninspired in the pictures but I thought that with a slight sheen to the skirt and brightness of the shirt I did not need any other accessories.

And finally, linen/cotton striped shirt with superfine cotton pencil skirt. I am matching my Lucca sandals with my necklace, I love doing it for some reason. I think those Luccas don't look so bad, I must wear them more often, lol.

That's all folks!

Have you pack away your summer clothes yet?
Do you like wearing  linen in the summer? 

Do tell me which outfit is your favorite, it is always fun to get feedback!!!


  1. Excellent hot weather outfits! I especially like the green shirt with Porcelain Paisley skirt-- looks really nice on you.

  2. These outfits are terrific! I agree that linen perfect shirt is awesome. I only have one, in the blush pink, and I've been wearing it lots.
    Thanks for sharing, I love these outfit posts!

  3. Oh I love the colours in your first outfit. Well I was out in a cashmere jumper again today, I think I've worn summer clothes about 5 times this year, it's been awful.

    1. Oh sorry Tabs :(
      But at least you went on vacations to some warmer destinations, right?

  4. Summer is going to be sticking with me in SE for another few months, then it is pleasant blazer weather for about a week before "winter" hits - i.e., cold and wet rain, bleh. ;o)

  5. My favorite outfit is definitely the last one! I love those Lucca sandals with the blue and white and the necklace that matches. Second favorite is the green perfect shirt with the Porcelain Paisley skirt. I really like all the outfits!

  6. Love linen in the summer and your outfits all look lovely! I also don't mind the wrinkle -- part of the charm! I'm wearing a linen top right now actually. :)

  7. I thought the first outfit was my favorite, until I scrolled to the bottom. I really like the simplicity of the last look. Yu put together some terrific combinations. I love linen , too! ( And, I love summer clothing.)

    1. I am partial to the first and last myself, thank you!

  8. I like the first and last outfits the best, I'm always drawn to cooler shades like purple and blue. It's been hot here lately and I love it! Most of the time it's so bloody cold here for this Southern girl, I think July and August is the only time I'm actually warm right to the bone.

    1. Oh you too, xoxo!

      I think the only thing that would console me would be the number of coats you can justify.
      Plus skiing of course.

  9. I love all of these outfits!!! I need to wear a green shirt with my porcelain paisley skirt. Thanks for the inspiration!

  10. I like the pink top..color looks good on you..and the blue earnings look good with your hair color...


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