Thursday, May 31, 2012

Camp Popover In Stripe And Other Fitting Room Reviews

I was in J.Crew last weekend to return couple of things from my recent online order and I decided to try on a few items.

Camp popover in stripe

I love button downs and menswear inspired shirts.  In particular I have a weakness for the blue stripes, so naturally I needed to try on the camp popover in blue stripe.

Unfortunately, they did not have a 6 or even an 8, so I picked up the blue one in a 4 and a 6 in pink, to check if this would be my size, in case I decided to order it online.

size 4 and too small
Size 4 was too small (too short and pulling across the chest). I would say this fits TTS.  It was very comfortable and I loved the feel of the fabric. I prefer the fit of J.Crew button downs to their popovers, but it was still fine.  The pink color is not me but it is very pretty and size 6 was a good fit.

Size 6
Slightly see through

It is slightly see-through, I believe the effect is exaggerated in pictures. I would still like to order the blue one in 6, but I will wait until it goes on sale or until we have a FP promo.

I know, I said multiple times that I will skip the colored jeans/pants trend, but I was tempted by the color of these Bennett chinos, since it would look so good with all the blue striped shirts and my elephant necklace.

Love the poppy color
I took size 6 in them, which is bigger of my two pants sizes, so I would say they run small-ish. I did not like the fit, very blah, and they were bunching up in the hip and rear and did not do me any favors. I was almost relieved by that, this way I can stick to no-colorful-pants-for-me rule. I did like this color combination, but I just could not imagine myself actually wearing them. 
Size 6

This is much more my style. Again, they did not have a 4, so I tried a 6 and they were slightly too big but other than that I liked the fit. I would even consider getting them in bigger size, one reason is the sheerness factor and the other is that they felt much more comfortable in the calves, while my black pair, although it fits me well in hips, always rides up in the calves area and feels restricting.
capris size 6, TTS
simple and classic



I have a similar maxi skirt that I bought last year from Anthro and I was curious to try this one:

Size Small, TTS
The skirt is very soft and comfortable and fits TTS, but it tends to show every lump and bump. It is long and I could only wear it at the high waist without stepping on it. If you are shorter you would have to hem it but it may be good news if you are 5'8" or taller. 

It is long (I am 5'6)
And yes, I bought the Tillary purse, I love it!  With 30% off the price was great. I reviewed it previously HERE.

 Lace placket tee

I have reviewed this top HERE in cerise but I wanted to try it in navy. I could not remember which size I tried, so I went with Medium but it was too big and cut too low. I would definitely stick with your smaller size and I would buy a Small for myself

Too low cut in Medium

I like it in navy, but it is overpriced

Overall, The only thing that went on my wish list is the blue striped popover.  I though everything else was either more of the same (white capris), blah (chinos and maxi skirt) or overpriced (placket tee). Most of the items were both.

I think I am pretty much done with my summer shopping.

That's all folks!

What is on your wish list?
Are you done with your summer shopping or are you just starting to stalk the sales?

Please share, it would be no fun without you!!!

Monday, May 28, 2012


Hair is definitely our most important accessory, it goes everywhere with us.

I strongly believe that a good haircut will do more for you than any dress ever could and even very expensive haircut will have excellent cost-per-wear ratio.  It is also the easiest but also most dramatic way to change your look.  Did you notice how, on makeover shows, they always save the hair and make up reveal for the final transformation?

What color is your hair? Are you blond, brunette, redhead, or rocking the silver?

baby ajc
I cannot remember what exact shade my natural hair color is. When I was little, it was dark blonde but it got darker brown as I entered puberty. Shortly after, I died it chestnut brown and has been coloring it ever since.

natural texture 

That said, I was never very adventurous and usually stayed within reddish browns range. I went platinum blonde at one point but the maintenance proved impossible and my hair very quickly resembled straw, both in color and texture, not a pretty sight. I also had an unfortunate highlight job when I paid a fortune for firework of multicolor exploding on my head.  That scared me from attempting highlights for a long time.
But last year I decided  to get highlights again. I got many compliments and since everybody liked them I kept them for almost a full year, but I never felt like myself.

My year as a Blonde (almost)

It was pretty, but just not me. I think for some reason, I could not get used to being an almost-blonde. I have nothing against blondes, I just always felt that I am a brunette. My hair also got too long and I needed a change. So I decided to go back to shorter and darker.



I have to say, it feels more like me.  Funny thing is I first got a very similar haircut in my twenties and I was going back to it every few years. 

 in my late twenties with a very similar haircut
My scanner only transfers to black and white (or maybe I don't know how to use it) but the color was also almost identical. 
So additional benefit of going back to my usual color is that now more of my closet work with it and my make up looks more coordinated as well. 

How about you?
How important is your haircut to you?
Do you color your hair and if yes, do you choose close to your natural color or do you like to experiment?
Do you think your hair color (natural or man made) affects the way you feel about yourself?

In case you are wondering, when you don't see my phone in the frame, the pictures are taken by my 9yo. She enjoys being my fashion photographer and I think she is becoming quite good at it.   

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Trying on Denim at Anthropologie

I love wearing jeans. But the funny thing is, I only own 2 pairs I like (and wear), one pair of skinnies from True Religion and one pair of flares from People's Liberation (a great brand but no longer existing, I think).

My jeans are several years old and probably have the best cost-per-wear ratio in my closet. This is because as much as I like wearing jeans, I do not like shopping for them.  It is a painful process, usually requiring to try on about 20 pairs, before giving up and deciding that my old jeans will do just fine.

Last week I was in an Anthro store with a friend. I can never find anything I like at Anthro, everything there always seems to have at least one embellishment too many.  So while she was browsing ecstatically and trying on things like a mad woman (or like me at J.Crew)  I thought I would check out the home section. Then, I had this great idea that I can occupy myself with denim try-ons. And why not?

I took five pairs with me to the fitting room, all in size 28, which is my regular size in denim.

AG Simona    

The Simona jeans were very comfortable and casual. If I needed jeans for hanging out on the deck and barbecues they would be just fine, but I would not wear them on the date. That said, they would definitely benefit from some styling.
Look OK from front

hmmm, not so hot

Pilcro Petite Edit Slim

Gave me hips!
I quite liked these Pilcro jeans but I was a little shocked by the look of my hips. I never thought I could feel big in this area but I did. The back looked good.  They were comfortable and soft, and no muffin top.

Not bad
Now I just realized that maybe they are supposed to be for Petites? I am not sure. I am 5'6" and they did not feel petite, just ankle length. For those who are maybe more familiar with the brand, what do you think, is Petite just in the name or are they meant for Petites?


Horrible in calf area
I know many people rave about their J.Brand jeans I always wanted to try them on.  The denim felt great, form fitting but very comfortable and I liked the dark wash. They did not give me a muffin top but the raise was high, almost too high for me.  I was satisfied with rear view. However, I did not like the length on me, it was cutting off my legs in unflattering point.

Like the back view


J Brand Super Skinny Ankle

Super Skinny!
they feel like jeggins
Supers skinny they are, for sure. I thought they were too form fitting and jegging-like, maybe I should have tried a 29, but the fit was good in the hip and waist so I think bigger size may just sag. I think I would have like them more in darker wash.

Form fitting
Are you a fan of J.Brand? How do you think sizing up would work? Do tell!


AG Polka Dot Ankle Stevie

This was another style I always wanted to try. Before entering the store I saw a girl wearing a navy Stevies with bigger polka dots and she looked super cute but I think I would feel too conspicuous in them, so I tried the more subtle version with less conspicuous polka dots.

these are comfortable
These were very comfortable and I liked the color for the summer.

Like the subtle polka dots
Everything looked good until I glanced at the back view. My butt was OK but they were bunching up horribly in the thighs, and it looked ridiculous.

Do you own Stevies? Do you think they would look better if I sized up? 
But they bunch up in the back of my tights
Eventually, I did not get anything and decided to stick with the jeans I already own. But I thought all the brands were interesting and they seemed to work well with my figure.


That's all folks!

Do you like wearing jeans?
What are you favorite brands?
Have you tried any of the jeans in this post?

Please share, it would be no fun without you!!!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Anchors, Poppies and Indecent Exposure

If you cannot get enough of anchors, this is your year at J.Crew!

Anchor cardigan

Size Medium
This cardigan is cute but I am totally saturated in the anchor department, which is quite a feat, considering that I did not buy any item in the anchor print. Just looking at different renditions J.Crew has been churning up this season is enough for me. I decided that navy/white stripes is as nautical as I am able to go without feeling silly. 

Fits TTS
The fit of this cardigan is similar to Jenna/Jackie cardigan, I take my bigger sweater size in them and I took it here as well. It is 100% cotton, so with recent J.Crew quality, I will be worrying that it will fade, stretch out, develop holes or all of the above.

Sorry, I am trying to summon a little more enthusiasm here, but the spark is not coming.

$88, 100% cotton

Poppy print scarf

Pretty print
This is better. I like the print on this scarf, it is fun and playful and the scarf is soft and does not create bulk around your neck. I don't wear scarf in the summer,  but I do like this scarf.

soft and easy for summer
$69.50, 70% Modal, 30% silk

Linen short sleeve sweater

Size Medium
This sweater looks really cute in Looks We Love paired with deck stripe skirt in blue and When I saw it in store, I liked the colorblock effect and short sleeves. But it is extremely sheer and if you don;t want to advertise your bra to all the willing and unwilling spectators (like I am doing in the picture above), you would have to wear a cami. No, thanks. Other than that it fits TTS.

You can also see the Soludo espadrilles on me, I reviewed them previously HERE. Too bad they are flimsy, because I thought they would be super cute to wear in the summer. If you are tempted, remember to be careful and treat them as disposables. If my feet are looking funny in the pictures, it is because I am wearing to left shoes that I grabbed accidentally from the basket.

That's all folks!

What do you think?
Do you like anchors and have you bought any this year?
Do you wear scarfs in the summer?
Do you mind wearing camis under too sheer to wear alone sweaters?

Please share, it would be no fun without you !!!