Monday, May 27, 2013

Denim On Denim (review of Paige James Boyfriend Crop)

I have been wearing dark wash jeans exclusively for the last decade or longer, but with the summer coming, I was suddenly craving the faded blue I loved in my youth. It would be so perfect to wear with all the whites when the sun is up and the temperatures soar.

Maybe it had something to do with the J.Crew's June Style guide that featured the light blue denim in so many pictures? In any case, I had to stop at J.Crew this weekend to make a return.  I usually look for jeans elsewhere but I have been happy with my midrise toothpicks, so I thought I will take look. 

Well, it was still not to be. The Toothpick jean in Northport wash turned out to be too medium blue for what I wanted and Toothpick jean in distressed Cone® denim was too baggy in the hips and did nothing for my butt.  I have confirmed that I only like the fit of the midrise toothpicks and that the regular toothpicks fit differently and not so great on my body.

There was nothing else that I wanted to try on at J.Crew, so I ended up at Nordstrom, where I tried on at least ten other pairs of light wash jeans. After trying on a few pairs, I knew I wanted boyfriend cut with no distressing.  I have finally decided on boyfriend cut Paige jeans, which (lucky me) happened to be on sale.
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Paige James Boyfriend Crop
The wash is exactly what I was looking for and they are super comfortable.  I wear size 27 or 28 in most of my jeans but these looked big so I tried 26 and 27.  26 was a slimmer fit and I think some people would prefer to size down but then they did not look much like boyfriend jeans. 27 is a little lose but I think that's how they are supposed to fit.  They still sit well on my hips, just a little lower than a 26.  I love the weight of the denim, they are very soft and feel like I had them on forever. I think Ema said that she likes Paige and now I can see why.

Since I bought a pair of light wash jeans that I thought I would never do again, I decided to try another never-to-be-repeated-again look.  I am talking about the denim-on-denim, could I actually pull it off?
Everly pumps reviewed here, handbag by Coach

J.Crew denim stretch jacket reviewed here

Well, I am not sure. I think the problem here is not that it looks bad, it is that it feels a little forced imo.  It just screams I-have-a-fashion-blog to me.  I don't know, I think I would rather wear it with a graphic t-shirt, a pair of sandals and brown cross body purse.  Or just forget about it, wear one piece at the time and leave the denim-on-denim styling acrobatics to the Jennas of the world.  What do you think?

Back to my Paige jeans.  The back view is OK, nothing to write home about, but I think this is a case with the every boyfriend cut, so I am fine with it. 

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The front has a nice slouch without too much bagginess or low crotch.

 top seen here, glasses by Ray Ban

I plan to wear the jeans with a variety of white tops.  And, although this is nothing fashion-blog-worthy, this is how I like it the best.

That's all folks!

Do you wear light wash jeans?
What do you think of denim on denim?

Please share, it would be no fun without you!!!


  1. love, love, love these!!! I need a pair - will check downtown to see what they have in the shoppe that sells Paige!

  2. Those jeans look perfect. I love the wash and the fit!

  3. Oh we have all gone low key this season, I love that simplicity and real life is dominating all of our blogs, I relish not seeing costumed up bloggers.

    1. Tabs it's true isn't it, I like this simple turn as well.

      ajc those look great on you! Love them with white, so pretty.

  4. Love the jeans! I am a fan of paige as well!

  5. I like the lighter jeans for summer and the cropped pair look so fresh, especially with the sandals and white tee. I've never been able to master the denim on denim except for using a denim handbag while wearing jeans. I love your red handbag, tres chic!

  6. Hi ajc, those jeans look fantastic on you. I am on a similar brain wave as I just purchased a pair of cropped light wash jeans from the Gap last week and posted about them here. I had been looking at J. Brand but they are really expensive in Canada - the Gap ones are quite decent and very affordable.

  7. Love. But AJC, I think you are reading too much into the denim jacket. It is perfect to toss on over anything- and not to worry about what it does or doesn't match. I love the sandals- but I am more of a flats wearer. Great outfit.

  8. I love those jeans, just the right color wash and the right amount of slouch. I see what you are saying about the jean jacket but I can't say exactly why it isn't my favorite with this outfit. I don't mind denim on denim at all, but I think in this case it just isn't your style, even though it looks very nice in these photos.

  9. Those look fantastic on you! The denim+denim always reminds me of the 80's (at least it's not acid washed!). I love lightweight light wash denim jeans in the summer. A few years ago I bought a few pairs of the same AG jeans from Anthropologie because they fit perfectly, were lightweight, looked good rolled up or to the ankle. I wear out one pair each summer. I have one summer left.

  10. Me too! I have worn dark denim exclusively but I really want some light jeans too. I haven't found the right park yet as I'm super picky about the color. And it would be nice if they fit. And weren't $100s. Anyway, this pair is super flattering in you. I love them. I personally have the same hang-ups bout denim with denim, although I think different washes can work. LOVE the jeans on you.

  11. Thank you all ladies!
    I think I will forget about the denim-on-denim but I love these jeans. I have to keep myself from wearing them every day. And yes, simple is the way to go for me these days...