Friday, July 19, 2013

Webcam interviews and embracing pink

I am enjoying my last couple of weeks before starting a new job. It has been nice to be home in the summer and be able to bask in the hot weather and wear casual clothes all the time. I have to admit that when I am not working I have very little motivation to get properly dressed, especially in the heat.  I seriously don't know how some of you do it when staying at home.  I am full of admiration, because I found myself in shorts and t-shirts every time when I wasn't interviewing. But nowadays so many companies, at least in my field, do the phone and webcam interviews, all the way to the final one.  So I am glad I did not invest in getting a new suit, which I was contemplating, because, in the end, I did not wear it that many times. Actually I had this funny dilemma, whether to wear a suit to a webcam interview.  It is often advised to dress like you were going for an in-person interview but it just seems silly and unnatural to be sitting in your own home dressed up in a suit.  So unless I was directly advised by the recruiter to wear a suit, I usually opted for something like a blue button down shirt and non jeans trousers.  Yes, you do need to dress your bottom half,  you may have to get up at some point during an interview, lol.
Now that I have an office job back I will be reunited with my pencil skirts, which did not see the light of day recently, with a few exceptions. One of them is this linen skirt from JCrew.  It is lined with cotton, which is great for summer and I wore it couple of times. 

Skirt and tee J.Crew, sandals Boden

I never used to wear pink when I was younger because it seemed too cute and girlish for me.  But somehow, in my forties I decided that it just has to be the right shade of pink. I admire pale, ballet pink on others, but usually it makes me look like a 'death warmeth over'.  For some reason, neon pink  has the same effect on me but medium pink is another story and I actually like it a lot.

I remember than when I bought this inkblot skirt couple of years ago I wasn't sure what to wear with it, other than obvious white/ivory. Then, I discovered that this perfect v-neck in flamingo pink was a nice match and I think I wore it together eve since.

I thought this outfit was perfect for something like a lunch time date, comfortable but put together and pretty without trying too hard.

Have you done webcam interviews? Did you dress like for an in-person interview

Do you wear pink?

Please share, it would be no fun without you!!!


  1. Congratulations on your new job!SO hot here. I was at the mall today, just to get away from the heat. I love the tee with your skirt. I agree, pink is tricky. Only certain shades flatter me, although I am drawn to very pale pinks anyway.

  2. All good wishes for your new job!
    I have problems with pink next to my face, but I love pale pink slacks in the summer. This season's pinks have too many salmon-y undertones for me.

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  5. Congratulations on your new job!
    That skirt is one of my all time favorites. It a perfect summer skirt.

  6. Congratulations on your new job! The colors of the skirt and top are great together, and very flattering on you.

  7. Web cam interviews. I didn't know they were doing that these days. Congratulations on your new job!! :)

  8. I worked from home for a while ... and started my blog because of it, because there were days where I literally spent the entire day in jammies because I could!

  9. Congratulations on your new job ajc! Webcam interviews can be stressful and I think a bit of a detraction from the conversation so I don't conduct them myself, it's telephone (or MOC) only, no video. Whenever I've been the interviewee on the telephone I stand up and move around a bit, wearing a wireless headset or using a speakerphone. I think that would make me look like a nervous fidgeter on video.

    Pink suits you and the way you've tempered it with the dark skirt is very ladylike and not girlish. I love pink and like you I'm conscious of getting just the right shade.

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