Sunday, July 7, 2013

Trying on Trends: Bodycon Midi Dress

We have been talking about longer hemline for a while.  Lamenting over too short hemlines and longing for a more ladylike silhouette. Yet, when it comes to actually pulling off the below-the-knee length, it is not always as easy as it sounds. I personally have tried it multiple times in the past, only to always somehow end up in the frump zone. I pretty much gave up on attempting to wear anything midi, deciding that it just does not flatter my figure and I that  I am better off sticking to right at the knee or slightly above length. 

So when the bodycon midi dresses started to pop up at every (European) designer this year, as tempting as they looked on models, I kept ignoring them. Well, leave it to my mother to try to make me current and on-trend.  Lo and behold, she mailed me this navy heart print bodycon midi dress.        

I tried it on and, magically, I think it works. What makes it different from other midi dresses I tried in the past?  I think most important factor is the length. This is not technically a true midi dress falling to mid-calf, it just covers the knee.  This shorter length does not hit at the widest part of the calf, which usually makes the legs look short and stumpy.  I think couple of inches below the knee length is much more flattering and I will encourage you too get your midi dress tailored to that length if needed.

Then there is the body conscious fit than sets it apart from the midis I used to wear in High School or the 'tea dresses' that just reminded me of some of my fashion-challenged older relatives.  Midi dresses that have full skirts or even a-line or just loose fitting shape tend to overwhelm me or look like shapeless sacks. Close fit tends to elongate and accentuate the curves. 

Of course, the thin jersey is quite unforgiving but, on the other hand, you can get away with it much better than with an above the knee length.  Same goes for heels, although my heels are only 2.5 inches high, if you are shorter, or if you like high heels, they would look much more demure with midi dress and overall, this style is pretty resistant to 'slutification'.    

The print is a good option to distract from some imperfection and I like the scale of the print here, it is not too small to be twee and not too big to draw too much attention to itself.  The navy hearts are fun and modern without being too sweet.  I like it better than the abstract monochromatic that can read too cold or animal prints that can read too hot.
Since the print takes a lot of real estate in a midi dress, I prefer to keep accessories to minimum, but that is usually my preference anyway. I also thought keeping the shoes and purse in the same color looked better than any 'pop of color'.

The dress is quite versatile as it also worked well with my jean and leather jacket and booties. I have seen women wear them with Converse or flat gladiator sandals but I haven't tried it yet (and I am skeptical if it would work for me).

With a cardigan or a blazer it would make perfectly acceptable office wear as well.  It could double up as office-to-dinner outfit if you ever need one (despite the appeal, somehow I never do, lol).  With an oversized sweater you could add a dress-as-a-skirt option, which I am quite found of.  And yes, it folds to next to nothing and it does not wrinkle, so it will travel well.

Thank you Mom for sending me the dress! 


So what do you think? Do you like midis? 

Have you tried any of the bodycon midi dresses? 

Do you agree that the shorter length and closer fit makes it easier to pull off the midi?     


  1. I love that length and up until my recent weight gain I loved body con dresses - give me a few months and I'll be back in them. I think you look wonderful in it, it also looks look really modern on you.

  2. The dress really shows off your great figure, AJC! It's very flattering, and I like that it can transition from dressy to casual with a denim jacket.

  3. Your mother is a smarty pants! Yay mom! I love this on you! now I want to try a floaty dress with converse..

    I never do body con dresses - never did. well, unless there is excellent draping!

  4. this looks so fabulous on you. i love it with the jeans and booties. LOVE! pretty cool mom!

  5. Seriously I love this on you! Oh my gosh you are looking great! How smart a cookie is your Momma, will she adopt us?
    All of your comments on length are spot on, you have a great eye for the measurement of a hemline in relation to the fit of the dress as a whole, I'm just loving your advice on wearing a below-knee frock.
    And the print is brilliant, you're right it's not twee and it's not too graphic.
    Big hug to you and tell your photographer she's doing a great job too.

  6. I really like that! You are right it's great with the jackets and booties. Your mom has excellent taste and a great eye for what suits you.

  7. What a beautiful dress and you wear it so well! Your mom has excellent taste.

  8. Your mother has a great eye!! You look gorgeous, the dress is perfect on you.

  9. With everyone else, what a perfect present. I think it's great the ideal scale print distracts from any jersey cling factor. Keeping it monochromatic also helps with the tall and lean visual. Enjoy your new addition!

  10. simply fabulous - I'm with dani, will your mom adopt us? I love how the print is small but somehow not "busy."

  11. Mother knows best. I love the length on you .So hip with the jacket and booties.

  12. This looks great on you. I could not wear something with clinging at the upper hip area--but you can!

  13. Thank you guys!!! You make me blush with all the compliments :) I know my motyher will be very happy to hear that the dress is a success, I will pass it on. I think I will wear this dress quite a lot and I am glad it will work in a colder weather. We are having heat wave here now so it has to wait a bit.

  14. This bodycon dress you wear is quite wonderful and elegant.