Friday, July 26, 2013

J.Crew Stretch Suiting Tank and Helmut Lang Slouchy Blazer

Stretch suiting tank
Stretch Suiting Tank

Well, I am pleased to report that it is as expected. Not a see through and it can be worn with a regular bra. It is double layered and not tight in the mid section which helps cover the lumps and bumps. It is not too low cut and actually have a very nice neckline imo. I wish they would do it with different sleeve lengths as well, I would be first in line to order.

Nice length too, And it looks fine from the back. I have ordered it in Small and Medium but I did not even take the Medium out of the package because the Small was perfect.

It is not exactly cheap but it is so hard to find a white tank that it is not see-through so I am keeping it. I do think it should not be that hard, lol.

I wanted to review the tank for you, but the purchase I am really excited about is not the tank but my new blazer. I have been looking for a black boyfriend blazer for some time. I tried the one from Theory some time ago but I eventually returned it since it was too much of a suiting blazer. What I was looking for was a blazer I could wear outside of work, over the jeans, tank top and a pair of heels.

Well, after my recent disappointing visits to J.Crew, I decided to stop at Bloomingdales to look at the latest offerings from Vince.  I am a big fan of Vince and the 'minimalistic cool' but it tends to be very expensive and out of my budget. Nevertheless, I tried on few t-shirts and blouses. I really liked this one, which actually looks more like something from Tory Burch except for the colors.

Vince's blouses are very slouchy and oversized and although I liked the idea of them, they were not that flattering on my figure.  The t-shirts were nice but not enticing enough to pull the trigger.  There was a lot of offerings mixing leather with other fabrics which made me glad I bought the Regan tee from Club Monaco some time time ago.

I was browsing trough the Rag and Bone collection (which btw has a lot of cool stuff that I would gladly wear, if I had the budget for it), when I spotted this blazer in Helmut Lang section:

I was just going to try it on, it is not going to hurt, right?  Well, it turned out not so easy, because it was exactly what I was looking for...   

A blazer that feels like cardigan but with the structure and chic factor I love. It is slouchy and cool, lightweight and effortless. 

Looks good open and closed and has just the right length. 


I love the scrunched up sleeves. They are sewn like that, so you dont have to worry about them coming undone, but I suppose you could remove the stitching, if you'd like to control it yourself. For me they are perfect.

I also love the super narrow faux lapels and the single button and perfect pocket placement.


The fabric is lightweight 77% wool blend, which feels great in warmer weather and drapes well.  I took my regular size 6 and it fits me with a just right amount of slouchiness.

I love the blazer but it wasn't exactly in my budger so to fund my purchase I decided to return everything that was still returnable and get the extra money from my ebay sales. I was still off but it was now under $100, which I was OK with.  This was something on my list for a long time and I know that I never regret buying things that I really love and I would probably regret more if I did not get it.

I think I am going to wear the blazer tonight, for a night out in the city, including some live music.  It is supposed to be around 75 degrees, so it should be perfect.  

What do you think?

Do you like the suiting tank?
Was I right to splurge on the blazer?

Please share, it would be no fun without you!!! 


  1. Love the blazer! I am looking for something similar for fall, so I think this is well worth your pennies!

    1. AJC - I was completely unfamiliar with Helmut Lang till this post (I know - what rock am I under?) - LOVE their stuff!!!

  2. I love the Helmut Lang blazer! I have their tuxedo blazer and it is probably my favourite purchase of all time.

    I think there is a suiting tee in 3/4 sleeves:

    Not sure if it's the same or not, but it looks like it!

  3. loving that blazer on you!

    I got the suiting tee in the pink, with the 3/4 sleeves. I got a medium, because my usual size small was too tight across the chest. I'll wear this as a transitional outfit with pencil skirts or tailored slacks, but not with a blazer because 3/4 sleeves under jackets make me crazy.

  4. I see why you bought the blazer, it really is perfect. The shirt is nice too, fits very well.

  5. The tank looks to fit perfectly. You should get a lot of use out of it as a tank and as a layering piece. I'm a big fan of blazers for casual wear. When you find the right one it becomes a fast favorite.

    I like how you have tied together the black blazer and brown handbag with the black/brown Valentinas. Great outfit.

  6. Both are absolutely perfect!!! You look sooo good!

  7. I love Helmut lang period. You scored a great blazer.

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  9. The Helmut Lang is perfection. Thanks for the review of the J Crew tank. It really looks great and solves the annoying white tank problems that you listed.

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  11. Great outfit love every bit of it. Think both are worth spending money. The white tank emphasises your tiny waist and great figure and the black jacket looks smart, incredibly cool and comfy - too often in the past I've bought jackets that feel too constraining and I never wear them.

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