Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Mai Tai

Sorry for not posting or commenting too often on other blogs but I have been very busy my focus has not been on fashion.  I have been attending all the school year end activities and looking for a new job.  I have tried to follow up on what everybody has been up to but there is only a limited number of hours in the day...  

I was again underwhelmed with J.Crew newest offerings, most of the newest rollout is something I already have.  I think I am really off the crewlade because I ceased to see the difference between them and the other retailers.  It used to be that I would complain but for a long time I was convinced that their offerings are unique and somehow better.  Well, not any more.  Part of the reason for it is being away from the shopping frenzy,  part is the disappointment in quality but I think big part is also their recent styling, that somehow manages to be predictable and random at the some time.

Mai Tai Recipe
Mai Tai coctail (source)
Mai Tai print did not get a lot of love or attention in the blogosphere but I was curious about it.  I often tend to fall for floral prints if they have a lot of blue in it. I decided to order a silk tee and a pencil skirt. There is also a dress but it reads juvenile to me with the pleats, high neckline and high waist.  My 10yo judged the shape as too young (for her!) and the print as too old (but I could wear it since I am old).  I also knew the capris would be too much for me. But I thought both the tee and the skirt could be doable, although I wished the skirt would be a-line knee length.  Don't know why because a-line almost never works for me but somehow I think it would be better.

Collection mai tai floral skirt
Collection Mai Tai floral skirt
The skirt is currently showing as sold out but I would think it will pop back soon. 

I ordered size 4 which is my regular pencil skirt size.  The skirt fits me well but I have lost some weight recently so I would think that it runs slightly smaller in the waist and slightly bigger in the hips.  When I measured it comparing to my other size 4 pencils it seems to be about inch difference in both measurements.  The skirt is 67% silk and 33% cotton (with poly lining) so there is no give. It will also tend to wrinkle a little bit but it is not noticable because of the print.  The fabric feels a little stiff, i think it is the silk content.  

I like the piping on the sides, it adds some interest. the back is very slightly longer than the front and instead of the back vent this skirt has small slits on the sides.  The lining ends at the beginning of the slit.

The print is pretty but not as bright and saturated as I hoped.  it somehow looks 'older' irl than in the pictures.

I don't think I love the skirt enough to keep it. What do you think?

Silk tee in Mai Tai floral
Silk Tee in Mai Tai floral
When I placed my order I actually had more hopes for the t-shirt. It is cheaper and I thought it will be easier to wear. I thought it is one of the items that you can easily dress up and down and will provide nice splash of color when worn with solids. 

This tee is cut like other 'silk pocket tees' J.Crew released in the last two years. It is boxy and short with a high neckline.  I know many of you don't like the shape, I personally don't mind it, although it is not the most flattering one. I guess the idea is that it is dressy fabric combined with casual shape.  I still think it would be better if it was slightly longer, slightly nipped in the waist and have a slightly lower neckline. Well, of course that would be probably more expensive to produce.  But here is an idea.  How about losing the pocket to save some pennies? I totally don't see the point of the pocket, it is not functional (what would you put there?) and it is hardly visible.   

I ordered the tee in my regular size 6 and I think it fits TTS, a bit loose and short, as intended.  If you are small chested I think you can size down. 

Again, I like it but I am not sure if I want to keep it. I think I may just wait for the price drop on this one.  


Since I ordered both pieces, I wanted to try the 'hook-up' look. The colors are the same so the pieces match but it is definitely a bold statement. At the same time it needs some toughening up to avoid and 'old lady' vibe. I tried it with black accessories and I think it looks ok, but I am not sure if I would venture out like this (and where??). 

That's all folks!

What do you think of Mai Tai pieces?
Should I keep any of them?

Please share, it would be no fun without you!!!


  1. I don't think I could do this print, because when I first saw it it reminded me of something the Golden Girls would have worn and/or decorated their house with. It's very old ladyish and icky to me. Do love the details on the pencil skirt, very cute! But overall, I am with you - I haven't bought anything from J.Crew in a long time. It's too bad.

  2. Well you look beautiful, but I am meh on these. They kind of make me think of Claire Huxtable, i don't know why!!! weird image, huh?

    I am kind of overwhelmed with JC as well lately _ do fine on the basics - but anything else underwhelms me. I would love to look at the catalogues from 2004 to 2008 and then look from 2008-2013 and see if they were duplicating themselves so much in the earlier period!!! I think I am now saving my cheddah (as GF would say) for a black brora cashmere cardi this winter and maybe a nice dress from Horses Atelier if they have a nice fall offering!

  3. I am not loving either one. It's the print, not the style. I like the style of the skirt, and don't mind the style of the tee. I think the print could read "old", though. I am really surprised that J. Crew isn't more aware of the way florals can go too much toward old/couch. I agree that you could make these work if you toughen them up a bit (leather jacket? black booties?), or you could wear either one alone in a ladylike way, but I really don't care for the hookup of these two. Nice to see you back posting! You do look great in these but I think you won't be that happy keeping them. Best of luck with your job search!

  4. I agree that the print is very Golden Girl-ish and looks like it belongs on a chintz couch in the 80's (or in an Arizona retirement community). I've tried some of the J Crew florals lately and really felt they are too 80's and too curtain/upholstery for me. I wish they'd do more with Liberty fabrics. Those prints are easier for me to wear and also easier to wear to work.

  5. I agree it's a very old-looking print without the benefit of being vintage. I would love the idea of the 2 pieces together, making a dress that for once doesn't have a high waist, and I was thinking that if there were major price lowerings, that might actually work with a lightweight leather jacket in the beige family and nude heels. But right now I don't feel like spending lots of money to look even older than I'm feeling.

    Well, I have always hated job-hunting, when I was really desperate to make a change I would accept calls from head-hunters but I always felt that those guys would describe working for Hitler as "He can be difficult at times, but this could be an opportunity."

    I wish you good fortune and worthwhile interviews in your hunt!

  6. I liked both pieces on you but wait for a sale on it. I am going to hold out and if I get it then OK and if it sells out, oh well. I find myself buying things just to buy them but I need to stop doing that and focus on what I LOVE and actually NEED. Unfortunately, I NEED summer clothes and I am having little luck finding what I want, sigh.

  7. Almost emailed you the other day to see if everything was OK... Glad that you are "only" busy. I actually think you pull off the tee quite well, I really like it on you and I don't get the old laddish/couch fabric vibe. The hookup on the other hand is definitely old-ladish. I would return the skirt and hold on to the tee until you see if you are excited to wear it.

  8. Unfortunately. I personally find the print to be very dull and old ladyish, and I think you could do better. The tee is the best bet of the two items, but the only reason it looks good is because you have a great figure and you look fabulous in those jeans. Without the jeans to give it a bit of edge, the tee would look old.

    Good luck with the job hunt!!

  9. Hmm, it's too much of a Colefax and Fowler sofa chintz for me, it actually takes me back to primary school when everyone's parents went for the English country house look.

  10. Like everyone this print reminds me of the 80's or something, thought the shirt does look fabulous on you with the line of the jeans, but as Louise noted that's all you!
    I feel the same way about JCrew these days, at one time it all seemed special but now they are the same as other mall brands, though I think they do some basics a tiny bit better than say BR (for example the kiki ballet flats, the perfect fit tee, the linen schoolboy jackets).
    I hope the job search goes well. WFF's comment on that cracked me up, Fred you're so funny.
    I think I missed your post previous to this so I'm going to check it out!

  11. It seems very retro, which can be cool if you are going for that kind of look look. I don't think the skirt is very flattering on you, I'm not a fan of the shirt tail hem effect from the side view.

    Best of luck with your change of employment.

  12. I don't like either one as I don't like the print, but I must tell you, you look smoking in those jeans!

  13. while i think you look gorgeous i'm not loving it. it's just so ummm, blah. maybe in person it looks special but the photos are not conveying that. i think you look fab in blue though!

  14. I love your styling, and like the tee the best on you. I agree about the pocket. They always look especially odd to me on printed fabric. I was at the GSP the other day, and I have to say there were some pretty pieces in the early fall? rollout.Good luck with your job search. I know that is stressful. We'll have that tea soon!

  15. You wear both pieces well and the colors are beautiful, but like some of the other ladies mentioned, I'm just not in love with this print either. I miss the more unique prints from JC in past seasons.

  16. Thank you ladies for your comments, you made it easy decision for me. I returned both pieces. Maybe I will get the tee if the price drops significantly later on.