Saturday, June 8, 2013


If you are like me, you can never have enough perfect fitting black and white tees.  I am always on lookout for the next best simple tee. You know, the one that is not too sloppy and not too clingy, looks sexy but does not show cleavage, has the sleeves with just the right length, drapes like a dream, makes you look effortlessly chic, does not cost a fortune and isn't made by children in the sweatshop ready to collapse.   Is it even possible?

Enter Everlane, company that only makes limited items with 'radical transparency'. Read more about it here. Their t-shirts only cost $15 and I wanted to try them for a while but they were sold out. So when last week I got an email about their u-neck tees being in stock, I immediately placed an order for black and white.  Good thing that I did, because when I checked two days later, they are all but sold out. And ordering two items from them gives you free shipping, gotta love it!   

The Women’s U-neck White Main Image
The Women’s U-neck White
Well, the tees arrived today, so I thought I will review them for you. I have ordered size medium, which should be my size according to their size chart.

Medium was the right choice, giving the shirt just the right amount of slouch.

I would say the cut is great, if you are looking for slightly slouchy.  It has raglan sleeves with nice length and the u-neck is not too low or too wide.  The fabric is rather thin and, in white, it is slightly sheer, but I think it looks more opaque irl, I find that the camera usually emphasizes the sheerness, especially in white.  In my experience, it is very hard to balance the drape with the opaque-ness when it comes to white tees.

 It has the subtle high-low cut but nothing too extreme, I think it makes it drape better.

Lower hem also looks better in the back imo.

The Women’s U-neck Black Main Image
The Women’s U-neck Black
The black shirt seem to be very slightly smaller than the white one. 

Black does not have a problem of sheerness, so it photographs better.  Btw, regardless of sheerness, I find it very hard to photograph white, if you have any tips, please let me know.

These  t-shirts also look great under blazers, I did not take a picture, but the neckline and length work very well with the longer jackets.

Overall, I am quite satisfied with my purchases.  In fact, I would order duplicates if they were available.

I am now awaiting the arrival of their redesigned Ryan tees that should debut in August, according to the website. Of course, you'd be first to know if I get them.

That's all folks!

Have you tried Everlane?

What do you think?
Is radical transparency and made in US important to you?


  1. These t-shirts look great and for $15 and made in the U.S., an excellent deal. I have been looking at the silk blouses at Everlane but have yet to order from them. I think it's great to support "local" businesses and if I can find nice things made in Canada, I will pay the extra money for them if need be. I have a bunch of older items from Lululemon that say on the label, "Made in Vancouver, BC". After Lululemon was sold to US investors and most of the production sent off-shore, I haven't felt the same about them. Thanks for the review!

  2. Yes, I ordered a V neck Tees in black and white-- very happy with them-- and a navy cashmere cardigan, unisex so watch out for too large a size. Shipping was quite swift as well. I'm eyeing a silk blouse, too.

  3. I agree with you and Louise. A flattering tee is such a wardrobe staple, and it is a pleasure to see something made in the US.

  4. I have a bunch of Everlane tees -- I like to run in them because they don't cling (I dislike clingy running shirts) and they are lightweight and they wash/dry easily and don't fall apart like J Crew's vintage or tissue tees. I also like Everlane's weekender and their totes. The tote folds up easily, is strong, has a snap at the top, and looks streamlined. The weekender is more like a 1week trip bag for me (I travel light) and I like its shape and sturdiness. I get compliments on it every time I travel with it.

  5. The tees look great, I am loving your style choices this summer. I've never shopped Everlane and although I like to see Made in the US or CA for that matter, I don't actively seek it out. I don't mind purchasing from developing economies because that's how they develop. Still, it's a challenge to find out whether people are treated fairly and have a safe way to make a living.

  6. I keep putting things in my Everlane cart but have not checked out thus far and some things have since sold out. Think I have to not let a sale be the reason for my purchases.

    You look great in the T, looks to be the perfect neckline. I'm amazed they're sold out, the email introducing them was dated June 4.

  7. I haven't ordered with Everlane either. I'm glad I haven't because the u-neck and sleeves would not be for me. I may try the Ryan tee when they release the udpated style. Seems like it will be more of a match.

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  9. i'm so glad you posted this. i have ordered from everland (what's not to love about their business practices?!) but i ordered the wrong size. i ordered small and they were too tight. so i sent them back and they were sold out since. so you were lucky!

    i was just dreaming of emptying my closet and filling it these everlane classics as they become available. i love the fabrics and cuts and they have such a cool vibe to them without being trendy.

    i want everything they make!

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  12. I certainly must vote for the black tee! It really looks hip, casual and perfect for my complexion. I’m not fond of whites but I definitely adore black colored shirt, dress or blouse. I love it because you look slimmer when wearing it. Plus, black can be worn in any occasion. Thanks a lot for sharing!

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  14. These look great on you! I have a couple of their vneck tees but I have given them to my daughter, I wasn't wearing them, they were slouchy through the chest but somehow too short on me, it's my body type I'm sure, I just didn't look cool!
    Like the black with your necklace!