Monday, January 21, 2013

Pink Tights

If you have been reading my blog for some time, you probably know that I can be rather conservative and not very daring in my choices.  For example, I don't usually wear colored pants. But actually, when I recently organized my closets, I realized that I did wear colorful bottoms in the past. I found a pair of green capris, mint colored cords and even a pair of pink ones. I own some psychedelic print shirts, bohemian skirts and gothic tops.  I don't remember ever questioning them or wondering if they were appropriate. Paradoxically, I became less daring since becoming more fashion conscious. I probably would not buy pink suede boots now. And it would be a pity.

That is interesting, even to me. I always thought that fashion blogging expands your sartorial horizons. However in my case, it seems like I decided to veer towards more restrained and subdued. I think it is because I associate it with more classy and elegant and this is where I aspire to be. Even if my natural tendency and taste is more eclectic and flamboyant. Or maybe it is just an age thing?

I think I made a statement somewhere on this blog about only wearing neutral hosiery. Well, I lied. I had these pink tights and I also have blue and green ones. And apparently, I do wear them. I am surprising myself.

My blouse is from J.Crew. I forgot what is was called, but I wanted it the minute it appeared on the website and I promptly acquired it once it went on sale. I am a sucker for a beautiful print. It is silk georgette and it drapes well and does not wrinkle. I machine washed it few times and it came out fine. This is another side effect of fashion blogging. I used to throw everything in washing machine without thinking about it. I did ruined a few things but 95% came out just fine. Now, I obsess more about my clothes and hand wash and dry clean. I think I need to go back to my more care free days...

My shoes are from Merona (my best Target buy) and my skirt is J.Crew. I love the skirt but I did have it altered to make it more form fitting and (!) shorter.

That's all folks!

How does fashion blogging or reading fashion blogs affect your style? Did it make you more daring or more conservative?
Please share, it would be no fun without you!!!


  1. Ouuu good question! I find blogging makes me more daring, but I've been wanting to take a step back and become more conservative lately, or rather simple. We'll see how long that last for :P

  2. Oh - I loved this blouse and missed it at the time - you look beautiful! And you know i love the pink tights! I do not have pink tights and would love some, though imagine them with the right shade of pink heels - divine! I think my style is changing because of age. I don't know. I think when you share your outfits with a lot of people who give you their honest (and kind) feedback, you do try and take a little more care and worry more. Right now, I am looking for that sweet spot - kind of like how I decorate my house - so that I feel comfortable and happy and so that it really reflects my personality. and that the colours make me look healthy!

    Have a great day!

  3. The pink tights are You, here's to going back to your more carefree days!
    I think the fashion blog thing has made me more organized and conscious of what looks good and what doesn't. The pictures don't lie.
    I have made more daring choices when inspired by others, and often it doesn't go well. I have to remember that I am conservative in dress and I am very uncomfortable when I don't look appropriate. And I'm fussy about fabric and fit etc.
    The blouse is so pretty on you. Have a great Monday.

  4. The pink looks great on you; I would not have thought.

  5. Everything is relative I suppose. I consider your style much more daring than mine, which I admit is ultra conservative 99% of the time. I like to wear colorful tights but only for tonal dressing, never as a contrast - it's too daring for me. LOL

    I haven't changed my style for the blog but I am not so comfortable sharing OOTD photos. It feels a bit too vain at times.

  6. Hi, ajc, thought of you and this post when I grabbed a pair of "raspberry" tights at the Anthro sale! I'll be wearing them with gray pencil skirt and lighter gray silk blouse.

  7. I always wanted to wear colorful tights but they don't look good on me, my legs are not thin enough (colorful tights aren't slimming!) But they look great on you and pink really is your color.

  8. Love this outfit! Are those Merona shoes suede wedges? I have those & they are great! Reading fashion blogs has probably made me more sure of my style and more self-conscious at the same time.

  9. the pink is so cheerful! you look beautiful in colours!

    reading blogs gives me a lot of inspiration. it's also made me a bit braver, but also more certain about what really works for me (and what doesn't). xox P

  10. I have colorful tights, but have only worn one yellow pair. Once. I prefer bare legs with skirts/dresses, so I end up in jeans most of the time in winter. I love the blouse. Your outfit would also achieve the elegant look w/your black Valentinas ;)

  11. You look fantastic in the pink tights, the entire outfit is beautiful. I happened to pick up some red ones yesterday, we'll see if I'm daring enough to actually wear.